1. Knot Right

    Funny every day things you see at the course. ( and good friends)

    A beautiful day in the Tidewater area, so I stopped at the course to see the guys over coffee and watch them tee off for the morning blitz. The course was already backed up. The first group goes off and are in the fairway waiting for their seconds shots. The short hitter in the second groups...
  2. Knot Right

    Any suggestions for a 1/2 sleeve wind breaker?

    My 2 Foot Joy 1/2 sleeve wind breakers have seen better days. I can't stand any rain & wind gear all the way down to my wrists when I'm swinging, so I always wore my 1/2 sleeves with light sweaters underneath. Any suggestions on collared 1/2 sleeves. I don't see much when I'm searching online...
  3. Knot Right

    How Did Your 2020 Golf Season Go? (the good and bad)

    With the season beginning to wind down for many of us, I hope everyone here on THP had a great golf season with many more to come. I'd love to hear about how everyone's year went. Goals achieved, or not? Interesting and funny situations. etc. etc. etc. My year: I got back into the game for...
  4. Knot Right

    I'm looking for a deep face 3 wood.

    I've been searching online, but I don't see much out there in regards to a slightly deeper face 3 wood. My misses are more towards a couple grooves high and low instead of heel and toe. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  5. Knot Right

    Can A Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

    Hit a all time low on the course last Sunday. 12/14 fairways and hit 4 greens. Wedges in hand on 5 approach shots and stuck them right into the ground. Two outright chunks on par 3's with a 6 & 9 iron. I couldn't recall being that humbled in 40 years playing this game. So on Monday I decided...
  6. Knot Right

    My good deed for the year (just paying it forward)

    Went to the range this morning and saw my favorite WaWa store coffee counter lady there with her 14 year old son paying for a couple buckets. We speak every morning for a few minutes when I go in to get coffee. She's a single mom and works 2 jobs around 65 hours a week. My wife and I love her...
  7. Knot Right

    For Sale Free Iron Heads (just pay shipping)

    Titleist 962 iron heads (3-PW) in very decent overall condition. Old school lofts. Play like blades. 1 degree upright. Titleist 775 iron heads (3-GW) in fair to decent condition. These are the red headed step child in Titleist's history, but a decent overall game improvement set. Old school...
  8. Knot Right

    Ole Time Club (with a facelift)

    Here is what happens some times when I'm left alone for too long out in the shop (with beer) I was always curious to see what a Ping Eye 2 or a Zing would look like with ferrules. I might just do the set with ferrules (3-SW) They look great at address. Yes - No ?
  9. Knot Right

    Old Ping KT & KT-M Shaft (Question)

    Does anyone know the butt diameter of the old Ping KT & KT-M shafts?
  10. Knot Right

    60 Degree Wedge Distance

    I added a 60 degree wedge with a 10 degree bounce to the bag today. I have never played one in the 41 years I have played the game. I just wanted to ask everyone who plays a 60, what their normal yardage is on a full swing? I know that it will vary from player to player.
  11. Knot Right

    Still Thinking Old School ( and welcome to the new millennium )

    I need to crawl out of the 1990's mindset and get into the new millennium with club making. I ordered lead powder & corks last week because I was stuck in my old ways for swing weighting without giving thought to how convenient tip weights are. After giving it some thought, I could set a tip...
  12. Knot Right

    Vice Pads For Club Makers (by Bessey)

    Just thought that I would share a nice little (diamond in the rough) for those of you who like to do their own club work on the cheap. These pads have grooves/slots that can hold a shaft or club head in any position that you like and they can handle a little heat in case you get carried away...
  13. Knot Right

    Building fishing/crabbing skiffs

    I enjoy building these Earl Brockway skiffs.
  14. Knot Right

    For Trade MacGregor 1983 M85 Colokrom MT (wingbacks)

    One of MacGregors best forgings ever. I played a identical set off and on from 1983 to 2010 until I finally wore the faces concave. This set makeup is 4-PW SW and in very nice condition. No deep scratching or gouges and the copper faces are excellent. Just your typical small bag chatter...
  15. Knot Right

    Opinions on some Taylormade 320 Irons

    I finally got around to cleaning out the garage attic after years of putting it off and came across a set of 1983 Macgregor M85 wingback ColoKrom's, a set of Titleist 775's, and a set of Taylormade 320 irons. The Macgregors made me laugh because I traded a nice set of Titleist 990-B irons a few...
  16. Knot Right

    New Eyes & Equipment Tweaks

    Vision.... As some of you may already know, I quit the game about 5 1/2 years ago due to a right eye problem that developed out of no wheres. I have a grey circular spot in my right eye vision, and straight lines look a little jagged. I went from playing in the mid 70's to the mid nineties...
  17. Knot Right

    A Step Back In Time (Golf Balls)

    A seller on Ebay sent me these two balls with a purchase I made from him. I played both of these for years back in the 1980's, and they bring back a lot of memory's....... good and bad. The Top-Flite was like hitting a brick in comparison of today's economy balls, but they were almost...
  18. Knot Right

    Wilson 8813 (grab) off of Ebay

    Been flapping my gums for 2-3 months on here about coming out of the 1970's in regards to the putter. I have been experimenting recently with some of the modern style mallet's, along with different sized "coke bottle" grips. I almost pulled the trigger on a couple, but just couldn't do it. I...
  19. Knot Right

    Bought a Miura K Grind SW yesterday.... and kicked a friend to the curb.

    I was driving home on a chilly day a couple weeks ago after giving a lady a estimate for some repair work. I ended up driving by a local course where I saw a old "drywall" buddy walking on the last holes of the back 9. (I have known the guy for years and he has thrown a lot of work my way)I hit...
  20. Knot Right

    Any Boat Builders?

    I have built a few crabbing skiffs over the years ranging from 14' to 18'. I learned most of it from a man named Earl Brockway from Old Saybrook Ct. back in the 1980's while stationed in Groton/New London Ct. My shipmate rented a place right down the road from Earl and I was always curious as...

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