1. Snickerdog

    The dad joke thread

    What is the fastest milk? Pasteurized
  2. Snickerdog

    The dad joke thread

    What do you call a jungle cat who can't hear? Def Leapord.
  3. Snickerdog

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    Got my 2nd Moderna shot today at 10:30 this morning. Boss kept me pretty busy loading and operating equipment so arm feels pretty loose but a bit sore right now. Hoping I have no more effects than the sore arm.
  4. Snickerdog

    How many lawyers are on the forum?

    I know of two, both great THPers who I can call friends.
  5. Snickerdog

    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    Oh so now you want to gamble too!!! Feel like I am being suckered into coming up to Montana. Probably be like it was at the Grandaddy and playing @Luke WilliamsCG and being 50 yards behind him off every tee box but the par 3's. But if you want play some skins, I'm up for that my friend...
  6. Snickerdog

    Is Whistling Straights worth the $$$?

    Depends on how much you put on the price of golf on a premier course.
  7. Snickerdog

    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    Yep I will be getting pops!!!!
  8. Snickerdog

    Bernie Madoff Dead

    Now he will pay the price.
  9. Snickerdog

    Do you remember your first ever golf shot?

    Yep, almost broke a window on the garage. :eek:
  10. Snickerdog

    What do you think of this?

    Definitely different, but interesting.
  11. Snickerdog

    CONTEST The Golf Ball: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    I always choose the Regular Chrome Soft and the selector chose:
  12. Snickerdog

    Introducing the THP Limited Series

    Quite the twist on things.
  13. Snickerdog

    What club are you hitting here?

    If there is no trouble up front then the full 9 is a go, otherwise I use the 8 and take a little off and smooth it.
  14. Snickerdog

    Favorite Par 3 Length?

    Put me at the 145 range and I'm quite happy.
  15. Snickerdog

    What is the Second Best Major?

    The Open. Fun watching them battle the winds, and pot bunkers.
  16. Snickerdog

    Callaway has done it again (in an amazingly good way)!!!

    Glad they went above and beyond to take care of it. I never have anything delivered to the house, everything goes to the office.
  17. Snickerdog


    Ban it, no putter longer than 40 inches.
  18. Snickerdog

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    2nd shot tomorrow. Hoping it goes smoothly.

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