1. Snickerdog

    Slow Play Fine

    Why isn't the PGA doing this? You hear about how slow they are all the time but nothing seems to ever happen. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/lpga-rookie-yealimi-noh-hit-224258954.html
  2. Snickerdog

    For Sale Graphite Design

    I have a Tour AD Graphite Design IZ-5 R1 for sale. Callaway tip, shaft measures 44 3/8”. GP MCC+4 grip that is new. No trades. SOLD LOCK IT UP.
  3. Snickerdog

    2 HIO in the same day in tourney

    This guy hit 2 HIO in the same tourney. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/florida-golfer-makes-two-holes-174858121.html
  4. Snickerdog

    For Sale. Graphite Design

    For sale is a Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-5 stiff. Measures 44 3/8. Align Grip. Callaway tip. I’m the 4th owner so has some bag marks but very light and hardly noticeable. No trades PayPal only. SOLD
  5. Snickerdog

    For sale. Blue Ventus Velocore

    I have a Blue Ventus 5R Velocore shaft. 44 1/4”, new Golf Pride MCC+4 grip green Asking $240 shipped NO trades PayPal only. Callaway tip.
  6. Snickerdog

    What’s for dessert

    Didn’t see a thread so here ya go, tell or show us. I’m having peanut butter silk pie tonight with milk
  7. Snickerdog

    Golf Tip of the Day

    My wife got me a desk calendar so thought I would share every day. Might help might not. Today is about alignment
  8. Snickerdog

    Christmas Cover songs

    Okay lets see videos, Christmas cover songs only
  9. Snickerdog

    Contest : Name the food

    Okay so this will be a contest and the first correct reply will receive a small prize package from me. Could be anything, I will look thru my stash and see what I have to give away. All you have to do is name the 1 food that I won't drink milk with. Good luck, and go. Winner...
  10. Snickerdog

    Favorite cookie

    Staying with the food theme here and a simple one. What is your favorite cookie? For me it is a Snickerdoodle. The cinnamon taste is great.
  11. Snickerdog


    I can eat chocolate in small amounts. Not something I crave. Dark chocolate is just terrible and won't touch it unless it is called for in a recipe. Milk chocolate is the way to go for a snack, and since @Canadan says chocolate is good for mental health he is probably right, maybe. I...
  12. Snickerdog

    Milk what is your pleasure

    Everyone knows I like milk. I have it every day several times a day. As a kid growing up I preferred milk over soda. To this day I like it with a snack every night and with breakfast and dinner. We probably go thru at least 2 gallons a week minimum between the step son and I. For me as...
  13. Snickerdog


    So every year here at the elevator we get tins of popcorn for Christmas from different vendors or other companies we do business with. They are the 3 way type with Cinnamon, caramel and cheese popcorns. Which is your favorite? Caramel is my favorite.
  14. Snickerdog

    Teaching the game

    I have read several thoughts about how a new player should learn the game. We know everyone likes the big stick and it's awesome to see long towering draws. Also great to see someone who can handle any green with the flatstick. So the question is this: Should the game be taught from the...
  15. Snickerdog

    5 year anniversary

    So today marks my 5 year anniversary here on THP. Like most I found this site searching for iron reviews, every time I would do a search on an iron THP would come up. @Jman @Canadan @ddec kept showing up in reviews every time I looked at THP. They just kept sucking me in!!!! So I...
  16. Snickerdog

    Christmas tree cakes!!!

    Yep the holidays have arrived!! Christmas tree cakes are on the shelves and one of my favorite snacks.
  17. Snickerdog

    From Graphite to Steel

    I made the switch from steel to graphite (Recoils) after a minor elbow injury and some tendonitis. After the Grandaddy fitting I bought an extra set of Jaws Wedges but went with steel to try them and have had good success and not elbow issues from them. The thing I noticed also was that I...
  18. Snickerdog

    Quit trying to golf

    The last two months I have only been able to play one round a week on Sundays because of the busy harvest schedule. Something I have noticed though is that I have been much more relaxed and don't try as hard but have been playing better golf. My scores have been closer to my HC and has...
  19. Snickerdog

    Marine Corps

    Happy Birthday Marines, 245 years old today. Semper Fi to all my brothers and sisters that have served in the Corp.
  20. Snickerdog

    Planet observations

    Anyone like to look at the planets or the moon? Mars is the closest it will be to earth tonight until 2035. Easily seen thru a small telescope. As we approach fall/winter here in the Northern hemisphere it is easier to see as the sky clears considerably.

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