1. KingsKraken

    Mile High Executive Course - 9 hole course I made in a city building video game I’m playing

    I’ve been totally addicted to the city building game Designer City on my iPad for the last week. As soon as I unlocked the golf course tiles yesterday, I had to build a 9 hole executive course. Tile selection is super limited, but I still had a lot of fun making it. Combined with the airport...
  2. KingsKraken

    Sun sleeves - worth it?

    I know we’re in the wrong season in North America for this discussion, but maybe someone from Australia is reading now. I have full sleeve tattoos and the pigment in the ink heats up uncomfortably in the sun. Sub block helps, but I have to remember to keep applying it. Sun sleeves seem like an...
  3. KingsKraken

    Tell us about your experience on the most difficult course you’ve ever played

    I’m curious to hear about all of your experiences on the toughest course you’ve ever played. For me, there’s no question. Hands down, it’s Wolf Creek. A friend of mine grew up with one of their groundskeepers who offered to comp our green fees. I had never even heard of Wolf Creek, but free...

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