1. fairwaynut

    Just When You Think You've Seen Everything

    Got out yesterday for my first 18 of the 21 season. I played at a course call Blackberry Oaks in Bristol, Illinois. Most every bunker on the course had tarps around them. I suppose it's a fairly common practice for courses to try and protect the bunkers in the winter. First time I've ever seen...
  2. fairwaynut

    How Many Use A 20* 5W

    Just wondering how many of you THPers use a 5w set at 20*? I know yardages vary with each individual who uses a 20* 5w, just curious what kind of yardage to expect. This will be a new experiment for come this Spring.
  3. fairwaynut

    What Are Some Great Graphite Shafts to Use For Wedges.

    I'm gonna be looking for some graphite shafts to reshaft some wedges I'm buying from Bettinardi. Looking for something other than UST Recoils or Graphic Design Tour AD? Shaft weight must be around 85 grams. What choices does that give me?
  4. fairwaynut

    My Man Cave (Den) Is Now Complete

    My future son-in-law came over this last Sunday and added the last touch to my Man Cave. the wife doesn't like the word Man Cave so if she asks you guys, please refer to as my Den. It has taken six months to complete and get things just the way I want them. I really think that it has come off...
  5. fairwaynut

    Bag Boy Revolver XP Cart Bag

    Just wondering if anybody here uses one of these bags? How do you like it, and cons to it. One other thought is do the clubs fit in the slots with their headcovers on with no problems? Am contemplating buying one of these bags but would like some opinions first, before I pull the trigger. Pic...
  6. fairwaynut

    For Sale Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5* (Head Only)

    Have the head from my Mavrik SZ up for sale. Loft is 10.5*. This head has seen about about eight rounds of use and it still is in excellent shape. The headcover in the pic is included. Will not be including the wrench. $old
  7. fairwaynut

    No Golfing Today Here In Chicago

    We had 5" of snow overnight. :laughing:
  8. fairwaynut

    Asking For A Recommendation On Which Iron Set

    I've got a golfing buddy who interested in getting a new set of irons. He's trying to decide between the Srixon ZX5 or the Apex 21 DCB. He's a mid handicapped golfer who likes to work the ball some. He can hit a 7i about 175 yds. I'm just not knowledgeable enough to advice him. So what advice...
  9. fairwaynut

    For Sale Bettinardi T Hive Wood Set

    Putting up for sale this Bettinardi T Hive Wood Set (driver, fairway, and hybrid covers) for sale. They are brand new, never having been used on the course. Asking $300 shipped. ConUSA only. No trades.
  10. fairwaynut

    For Sale Cobra SZ & P&S Driver Heads

    Have moved on from Cobra and have the Speedzone and Pars & Stripes drivers heads for sale. Both driver heads are used but still in good shape. Am including driver cover for each driver head. Speedzone loft is 10.5* $old P&S loft is 9.0* $old Asking $150 for each driver head shipped. ConUSA...
  11. fairwaynut

    Seeking Some Electrical Advice

    Since the wife and I have made the move to a condo I've noticed that when I put a plug in an electrical outlet I'm getting a spark. Is this an indication that maybe the electrical outlets in my home are not grounded? Or is this nothing to worry about. I'm not an electrician so I have no...
  12. fairwaynut

    Wonder Woman: 1984

    Watched this movie last night on HBO Max. Didn't quite like this movie as much as the first one, but still enjoyed it. I think Gal Gadot was a perfect cast for the role of Wonder Women. Anybody else seen it?
  13. fairwaynut

    Looking For Some Suggestions

    I'm looking for some kind of rubber grommet to use in the holes in my putter display rack. The holes are approximately 1 3/4" in diameter. I tried using a 2" grommet, but it is too big. So what I'm kinda of looking for is something that will hold the putter is place and not let it move around...
  14. fairwaynut

    What Are You're Putter Plans For The Spring

    Just wondering what you THPers will be doing with your putters for the coming golf season in the Spring. Are buying a new one, keeping what you have, reshafting, new grip................ect? Myself I've already gone into Bettinardi for a putter fitting. I will have a couple of brand new putters...
  15. fairwaynut

    Piretti Irons

    Picked up my Piretti Forged irons from the local Golf Shop after they had been reshafted. I love the look of them, the ferrules look awesome also. Now all that remains to be seen is how the play for me. That's only a few months away right?? :(
  16. fairwaynut

    What Golf Shot Surprised You The Most From This Last Year

    Have you ever hit a golf shot and was totally surprised at the result of the shot? I had one back a couple months ago that the results was so unexpected that I just couldn't believe it happened. I was playing a course called Fox Bend not far from where I live when this shot happened. It happened...
  17. fairwaynut

    For Sale Gauge Design Red Dragon

    Putting this beauty up for sale to raise some funds for future purchases. The putter is 35" in length and is in mint condition. Has never touched grass or a carpet. Asking $650 shipped. ConUSA only. No trades. Any questions, please PM me.
  18. fairwaynut

    Happy Turkey Day To Everyone

    Hope everyone has a great day. Don't eat too much!!! ;) Ohhhh, I forgot, that's implied, goes with the day. :laughing:
  19. fairwaynut

    For Sale Ben Hogan PTPro Irons 4-PW

    Putting these irons up for sale as they were an experiment that didn't work out. The 4-5i are brand new, never having been gamed (original grips still on clubs). The 6-PWi have two rounds on them, so they are in excellent condition. Have any questions, please PM me. No trades. Right / 4-PW /...
  20. fairwaynut

    For Sale Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Club Tour Staff Bag

    Time to find this awesome golf bag a new home. So it's up for sale. This bag is brand new never have seen a golf course. Asking $325 shipped. ConUSA No trades.

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