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    Official Car Thread

    Why don't we have a car thread? Or maybe I just missed. Either way, I give you my dream car. Barbus E63 AMG Wagon. 0-62 MPH Top Speed 217 MPH
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    Any English Teachers?

    I am currently writing a college application for the Common App and am struggling along. I was wondering if anyone who felt qualified would like to proofread what I have so far and give me some feedback and guidance. Thanks.
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    Rate the swing

    What do you think? Looks pretty efficient to me.
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    Who here loves chess? I just learned how to play earlier this week and already love it. As expected for a new player I suck. I have a hard time thinking ahead and setting up traps, so as I play more, I hope to improve. I'd also like to get a super cool chess board or make one in woodshop this...
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    The Official Banter Away thread

    As I'm watching back to the future...
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    How did you hit them today?

    We have a best shot of the round, what did you score? But no general banter about how your round went! Today was weird. Streak of doubles, then streak of pars. Ended up with 94, not too good. But man did I kill the driver today. I have been hitting that thing unbelievably lately. Struggled big...
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    Math Help!! Trigonometry.

    I don't if anybody is good at trig, can't find any other help so I'm asking here. thanks. Simplify: cosx/(secx-1). Thanks!
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    Woods Projects

    I need some ideas for a project for my woods 2 class. I can build pretty much anything (we have every tool imaginable) but I wan't to keep the cost under 100$ and not overly complex. My hobbies are snowboarding and golf. I already have a 12 ft rail I built so I pondered building a box but don't...
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    Black Friday

    How many of you are black friday/cyber monday shoppers? What will you be picking up this year? I may ask my mom to pick me up some video games at 1/2 off as she usually goes and then I won't have to get out of bed! Also I think the local golf shop has mashie+'s at 44$ a piece and I may need two...
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    The Men Who Built America

    Watched a few of these already on the History channel. I really like it. Good, accurate, portrayals of "the men who built America". These men were absolute geniuses. Ruthless, but they really did build America. Great show. Features people like Carnegie, Morgan, Rockefeller, Ford etc...
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    Converting belly putter to standard length.

    If I were to buy a belly putter such as the Scotty Big Sur S and convert it to standard length (47" -> 35") how much would this affect swing weight. If I took out or put in the lightest possible weight plugs would it feel like a normal 350g mallet putter? Would I have to do a lot of backweighting?
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    FS: 6 Black Widow Tour Silk Midsize Grips

    Brand new Black Widow Tour Silk grips in white and midsize. I no longer have any use of these. Asking 20$ shipped.
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    FS: Cleveland CG15 58* w/zip grooves

    Used Cleveland CG15 58* wedge. Oil can finish and has the dynamic sole grind. Great wedge but shows a fair amount of wear. The grip is getting close to needing replacement (super tacky stage where it leaves a little bit of black on your hands) 50$ shipped.
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    FS: 4 Dozen New ProV1s

    Won these but I need the cash for Scors. They are all brand new, no logos. Tried selling locally but the season has ended so nobody wants them. Pricing, 35$/dz. We can discuss shipping costs based on how many you buy. Thanks guys! ***Note there is 6 dozen in the picture but I only have 4 dozen...
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    WTB 53* & 57* SCOR Wedges

    Title says it all. Prefer new but if they are in good condition we'll talk. I would prefer a firm flex, plus 1/4" would be perfect, but not necessary. Also if you have three in a similar loft combination I may be interested if the price is right. My budget for two wedges is 200-220$. I can go a...
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    Help my high school!!!

    I would greatly appreciate if everybody could quick vote on this poll. It's a contest for what football game is featured and were barely down. Contest ends in one hour (6pm) (couldn't post it earlier, just got home). Thanks a lot...
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    Great Scotland Golf Giveaway! -Freebirdee

    Freebirdees doing a pretty sweet Scotland golf giveaway. I know a THP'er deserves this! Also if you sign up with the link provided you can help me win some Scor wedges I've been trying to get! Thanks http://www.freebirdee.com/prizes/2013-great-scotland-golf-giveaway?code=d030142d
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    WTB Scor 54* Wedge

    Looking for a 54* Scor wedge. I would like it to be in fairly good shape overall and I may also be interested in buying a 58* if i like the 54*. We can discuss price depending on the condition. Thanks
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    Heel strikes on driver

    Lately I've been struggling with my driver. Well golf in general. I think it may have to do with tennis starting up and me playing a lot of that. Regardless, all of my tee shots were struck on the heel today robbing me of some distance. I can see the tee marks where the degree is listed on my...
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    Lead Tape

    Going to experiment with lead tape. Few questions. 1. Is there a difference between what is labeled as High Density lead tape or regular lead tape? 2. How much should I apply to increase my swingweight 1 or 2 points? 3. Where should I put it? If I add it to the heel with this create more of a...

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