1. KellyBo

    Haney's Key to Low Scores

    I just watched a video of Haney's Keys to Low Scores where he says to lower your scores/handicap, a player must eliminate: 2 chips, 2 pitches, 2 sand shots to the green penalty shots 3 putts In my case, I'm currently working on sand shots. I've studied how to play all types of sand shots...
  2. KellyBo

    Bounce on wedges

    I'm in the market for a 60* wedge and I'm considering buying a lower bounce (maybe 8) to use in difference circumstances. My SW is a 56/12. I think some of the ways I could benefit are as follows: wet sand downhill pitch shot tight lies Opinion(s)?
  3. KellyBo

    Pictures of your back swing

    I know my back swing gets too long and I break my elbows, etc. I would love to see pictures of your back swing and have Freddie and others discuss what is good and bad about it and what we might do to improve it. I'll post mine soon but if you have a picture, please post and let's discuss the...
  4. KellyBo

    Anyone with Luck Converting Velcro Putter Cover to Magnetic?

    I keep losing my velcro putter headcovers and really need a solution to keeping my current putter cover on during a round. It's a unique sized cover and I don't want to lose it. I found an old article from 2009 on THP where a velcro putter cover was converted to magnetic. Has anyone had any...
  5. KellyBo

    Impact Tape - I'll show you mine if you show me yours

    After JB started the thread asking how many times you hit the sweet spot of your driver during a round, I was really curious about it so I ordered some impact tape to see how I faired. Yikes! I went to the range and was all over the face until I really started focusing on everything and I got...
  6. KellyBo

    Share Your Short Pitch (10-30 yards) Tips

    I enjoyed reading the thread on chipping tips and even went out into the yard and chipped a good while yesterday trying out some of the suggestions. One of the areas I really need to practice more is the short pitch shot so tell me what techniques you use to make you consistent in these shots.
  7. KellyBo

    Heel pain (Bursitis) and Plantar Fasciitis

    I saw a wonderful podiatrist today because I've been having a lot of foot pain lately. I've seen others comment about having similar pain so I thought I would share what the doctor told me. I have tried expensive inserts, better shoes, stretching, night splints, NSAIDS etc and I wasn't getting...
  8. KellyBo

    Tip Needed for Keeping Left Arm Straight on Backswing

    Hi Freddie! Yep, I'm back out on the course after almost 6 months and already have a question for you. Bill took a series of pictures of my swing yesterday on the 18th hole and the first thing I noticed was how my left arm completely broke down on my backswing. I've always had problems...
  9. KellyBo

    Poll: Have you ever thrown a club while playing because you were mad?

    Now's your chance to confess (anonymous poll). Have you ever thrown a club?
  10. KellyBo

    Poll: Does your spouse or significant other play golf?

    Poll: Does your spouse/significant other play golf?
  11. KellyBo

    Who have you influenced to play the game?

    I'd like to think I had some influence over my children loving the game now that they're grown. As a family, we used to go to the course and hack it around. They would laugh at me because I would get so mad. We still play when possible and it is the best time ever. Here's a picture of them...
  12. KellyBo

    Is the way you think consistent with the level of golf you'd like to play?

    Quoting Bob Rotella in the book, "Your 15th Club" "Is your present way of thinking consistent with the level of golf you'd like to play? Does it help you in a clutch, or does it handicap you? Does it enable you to find out how good you could be?" I love this book and would venture to say...
  13. KellyBo

    Lack of female golfers on this site

    As a female who loves golf, I wonder why we don't have more females actively talking golf here. I know there are a lot of women who love the game as much if not more than me, but why aren't they here? What's your opinion?
  14. KellyBo

    Questions for 2013 Morgan Cup Participants

    I've been reading and watching the MC recaps but thought it would be fun to have a thread for forum members to ask participants some questions about their experience. Here are a few of my questions. What did you do to prepare for the MC? How much would you say your game has improved because...
  15. KellyBo

    3 Clubs + Putter tomorrow - Which ones should I take?

    Our LGA is having a fun tournament tomorrow where you can use any 3 clubs + your putter. I'm a little torn but I'm leaning towards driver, 5 hybrid (will be plenty for fairway shots on par 5s if I hit a good drive), and 7 iron (perfect for the par 3s, chipping, and approach shots). I'm not as...
  16. KellyBo

    Putting - Zero Line a/k/a Fall Line - How many look for it?

    My biggest weakness is putting. I've taken putting lessons before and my stroke is decent but I struggle reading greens. I remember my instructor talking to me about the zero line that Aimpoint teaches but I figured I would need to take the class to really understand it. Since that's not...
  17. KellyBo

    Fs: Odyssey versa 1 white hot insert 35" blade putter

    This is a brand new (still in plastic) Odyssey Versa 1 White Hot blade putter/headcover. My son won this in a putting contest and loves his current putter so he gave it to me to sell since I don't need a putter either. The benefits of babysitting for him. :) The putter is 35" long and...
  18. KellyBo

    Five Warning Signs of Basal Cell Carcinoma

    In lieu of my diagnosis today, I thought I would share this article with everyone so they can be aware of the warning signs of basal cell cancer. I have a very small sore on my nose that has been bleeding off/on for a while now so decided to get it checked out. The biopsy showed it was basal...
  19. KellyBo

    Tee box - where do you tee it up depending on shot?

    I've been experimenting with setting up on different places on the tee box and have seen great improvement in some of my drives as a result. I'm still a little lost on where I should set up on some holes. I hit a straight tee shot for the most part. I can hit a fade pretty easily if needed...
  20. KellyBo

    THP birdie/eagle tree

    I was attending a LGA meeting yesterday and the ladies are making a birdie tree. Thought it would be fun to start our own where you come in and report your birdies and/or eagles for your round. Also tell how many you've ever had in a row. I've had one "hat trick" (3 birdies in a row) and 5 in...

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