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    Do Dress Codes Bother You?

    I'd draw the line at this: Otherwise I'm OK
  2. Grins

    Trying to Break 100

    Welcome to my world. If I have a long layoff, sometimes I swear it's like I have never held a club in my hands before. In all seriousness, I think (at least for me) this is where my fundamental lack of skill comes in. I'm not uncoordinated, but I watch my brother play, and he just has a...
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    Trying to Break 100

    Nice! Congrats! You can definitely get to 90 & lower. From what I've seen in my own game (& those of others in my HC range), it's more about eliminating the horrible shots more than hitting great shots. The guy I play with is a great example. I can outdrive him by 30-50 yards, but he...
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    Trying to Break 100

    Have you tried getting a lesson before? Sounds like you could benefit from another set of eyes - they might notice something that requires a small tweak & would speed up the process & make the range time more effective. Good luck!
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    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Made a few in the 10-15 foot range
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    What’s your favorite shot to hit?

    Pretty much the same for me. Except partial shots for me are 70-80 yards and in. And it's always cool to hit that great recovery shot low under trouble & back into a good position.
  7. Grins

    Covid vaccine - what were your side effects?

    Pfizer First shot - surprisingly sore arm. Had a hard time sleeping on it, but no other symptoms. 2nd shot - not as much of a sore arm, fine after that. no other symptoms to speak of.
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    McLovin's Journey to Improve - 2020 Edition

    So great to have such a knowledgeable guy be so accessible. Keep working on it!
  9. Grins

    I’ve been away so long

    Welcome back! Hope everything continues to improve for you - in golf and life in general
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    Trying to Break 100

    Good to know the lessons are paying off! Keep up the good work!
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    Trying to Break 100

    I signed up to play in a competitive Saturday traveling league, so I'm working on improving and getting consistent. I'm hoping this improvement will drop the HC & gain some early season points.
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    2021 Better You Fitness Thread

    I have to assume the weight training & rowing sessions have added some distance to my drives. It's early (only 3 full rounds), but I've already hit 3 "longest drives ever on this hole" on 3 different holes, and just seem to be getting it out there around 240-250 yards (vs 220-230 at best last...
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    Trying to Break 100

    I walked 18 holes 3 consecutive days & didn't hurt myself. I'm gonna count this as a big win. Mon: my home course(Fox Den: par 71; 6029 from the whites) is not super-tough, but narrow in places: 47/47 for a 94. Tue & Wed: Nearby course (Kent State golf team's home course) - Windmill Lakes...
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    High School Golf Thread

    I'd say she should play as much junior tournaments as possible this Spring/Summer. Get used to competing & the pressure involved - and hopefully make some friends out there. And focus the majority of her practice time on putting & chipping/pitching. If she knows her distances on partial shots...
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    Trying to Break 100

    I saw that & was gonna send you a warning lol!
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    Swing Align Goal Post Review

    Nice review James! Pretty cool idea. Price is low enough to try it without feeling a ton of buyer's remorse. Do you think some electric tape at the contact points could be a solution to eliminating potential scratches? (I know it would be better if they fixed this issue at the factory)...
  17. Grins

    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    It’s consistently inconsistent right now. Need some practice time
  18. Grins

    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    The Mavrik Max 7W continues to be a freaking star in my bag. Anywhere from 185 yards down to 165 (choked up, I.e., gripping down a couple of inches). Ball just goes straight and high and stops quickly on the green. The 3W is still a mystery - it’s totally my fault as I’m struggling to hit any...
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    Trying to Break 100

    I’d listen to snickerdog- he’s pre-med. You can trust him

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