1. Graz

    Now that is a hoop beatdown

    Holy crap!!! Tennessee just beat UNC-Asheville by 75 points in basketball!!! OUCH!!!
  2. Graz

    Hockey stick question

    Just a quick question for you hockey players on here. I use Easton one piece sticks and have to get a new once since I destroyed my Synergy on a slapper. Is there a huge difference between the 2010 Stealth S19 and the 2009 Stealth S17? The price at my local shop for the S19 is $249 and the S17...
  3. Graz

    David Duval going to Q school?

  4. Graz

    My New Wacky Socks

    Just picked up a pair of these bad boys tonight. Broncos throwback AFL socks!
  5. Graz

    Allenby is looking like a real cry baby

    I wonder if I am in the minority thinking that Allenby is looking like a cry baby.:crying: http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=4611021&campaign=rss&source=twitter&ex_cid=Twitter_espn_4611021
  6. Graz

    Blackberry Storm 2

    Well I decided to upgrade from my original Storm that I got on release day last November. I got the Storm 2 today (on release day). It just wanted to do a quick initial review for those that care. The first and most obvious change is the Surepress touchscreen. It is far more stable as it...
  7. Graz

    Blackberry Storm Owners OS 5.0 Available!!!

    Good news if you are a Blackberry Storm owner as OS is now available view desktop manager (even for Mac users). I will be upgrading tomorrow as I left my cable at the office. I have seen the leaked beta version and it is a ton different visually and it also runs much much quicker and smoother...
  8. Graz

    I hate crooks!

    Well I came home to find that someone had made their way into my garage and took my prized mountain bike. It was a team issue Yeti 575 mountain bike. Damn thing cost me a fortune! It will cost me $7,500-$8,000 to replace it as it had all the top line components (it was initially built for a...
  9. Graz

    A look inside Ian Poulter's closet & garage

    Here is a cool little video from the Footjoy twitter feed. A look into Ian Poulter's garage and closet. He shows off his clothes and some more of his new FJ Icons. Enjoy! http://www.footjoy.com/community/blogs/footjoy/archive/2009/10/19/exclusive-access-to-ian-poulter-s-closet.aspx
  10. Graz

    Ian Poulter's new Fottjoys per his Twitter

    These are pics from Ian Poulter's Twitter account this morning. I hope I am not violating any terms of service by posting these. The link is below. I am sure you will dig these JB. I know I do. http://twitter.com/ianjamespoulter
  11. Graz

    About time I introduce myself

    :hello:Hello, Been a member for a few weeks and have posted a decent amount. I figured I should shed a little light on who the heck I am. My name is Jesse and I hail from Denver, Colorado. I stumbled upon this forum while searching for a good golf forum/site. I was overwhelmed by some and...
  12. Graz

    WTB: I-Mix shafts

    Hello, I am looking for a couple of I-Mix shafts. I am looking for the Diamana Blue, Red and White shafts in regular or stiff flex. I am also looking for a Fuji Speeder 757 in regular or stiff flex. Please throw me a message if you have any of these to unload. I can do PayPal. Thanks!!!
  13. Graz

    Callaway making a "whiter" ball?

    While putting with a Callaway tour Ix, a Bridgestone B330 Rx and a Bridgestone E5+ the other day on the putting green I noticed the Callaway ball was less white than the Bridgestone balls. While paying a visit to my local Golf Galaxy I asked them what was the news on the new Callaway stuff and...
  14. Graz

    Ian Poulter headcover

    You would have to be a huge Poulter fan to sport this on your bag.
  15. Graz

    Scotty Cameron Cash Cover?

    Does anybody have one of these and if so does it do a good job holding cash and cards?
  16. Graz

    My apologies for my prior Hybrid prejudice

    I used to think hybrids were for the older guys and for that I am sorry. I decided after struggling with my long irons to purchase my first hybrid, a Callaway FT 3h. Boy was I wrong with my prior ignorant point of view. I immediately hit my new hybrid with ease and confidence. I can not say...

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