1. jeremyheslop

    FS: 4-PW Dynamic Gold X100 with NEW Golf Pride VDR grips - Pulled by Golf Galaxy

    Pulled by Golf Galaxy Dynamic Gold X100 4-PW with NEW midsize Golf Pride VDR grips. These got pulled as soon as I got them in. Pulled from a set of Mizuno MP-63. So practically new shafts and grips came in new. Hit a few times on the range. $65 shipped PW is 34.25" to tip (would make...
  2. jeremyheslop

    FS: Mizuno MP-30 3-PW RH Irons Golf Clubs S300 Lamkin Grips

    These were like new when purchased and used for 2 seasons and a good amount of range sessions. No browning accept on the 7i and vary slight almost not noticeable. 6i has a few little rust spots that do not effect grooves. All other clubs are very nice with typical bag chatter. Shafts are S300...
  3. jeremyheslop

    FT: Assortment of 36" Waist Golf Shorts, Nike, Adidas, Champion, PGA Tour

    Couple pairs of like new shorts. Each are 36" waist. Some have been worn more than others which I will indicate after each image. All have been well kept and washed appropriately with moderate wear. All zippers and buttons work and are like new. Looking to trade for 33" or 32" golf shorts. Any...
  4. jeremyheslop

    FT or FF: Ashworth blue pinstripes large golf shirt

    This shirt is to large for me. I've worn it twice and it has been through the wash once. It is a large and is a straight cut. Super soft material and breathes very well. However I am swimming in it since I've lost weight this year. The length is great as I'm 5'11" and it tucks in nice and stays...
  5. jeremyheslop

    The Official THP Biggest Loser Contest

    Smile, If your less the man/woman you use to be! One of my fav low carb high fat breakfast meals. Tapatalk on iPhone4S
  6. jeremyheslop

    Tour Tempo Total Game App Review

    Tour Tempo Total Game App Review Intro When you think Tempo on the PGA Tour who do you think of? Freddy, the Big Easy, Oosthuizen, Rory? Many people, myself included, wonder what makes a good tempo and rhythm of a golf swing. And more importantly how do we achieve good tempo in our own swings...
  7. jeremyheslop

    Removing stains from golf shirts?

    What is the best method to remove stains from a golf shirt? I had a pen explode and got a few spots on it. Any other tips for general wear and tear are appreciated as well. Would love you hear your guys thoughts. Thanks! Tapatalk on iPhone4S
  8. jeremyheslop

    Played two holes with Carl Whyte from Big Break

    Carl played big break Indian Wells. He was ahead of me on the 5 th hole and waved me up. Played 6 and 7 with him. Then needed to keep going so I went ahead. I was in a cart and he was walking (thought it was going to rain). He is a really cool guy. Down to earth. He said he was hurting from...
  9. jeremyheslop

    Win the Travis Matthews VW Bus

    Just follow bubba and Travis Matthews on twitter to enter. http://www.travismathew.com/vwbus/ (Sorry if this was already posted, but I couldn't find it)
  10. jeremyheslop

    Lateral Hazard ruling correct? Hit green and rolled off right side [PIC]

    I played 9 last week and thought I made the correct ruling at the time, but I am now questioning myself. I was hitting my drives well that day and decided to go for the green with driver on a par 4. I hit the green across a lateral hazard (red stakes) and it bounced right into another lateral...
  11. jeremyheslop

    Driving Range Etiquette

    I know the basic rules at play when at the range, but wanted to get others ideas on what someone new to the game should or should not do. The range I frequent the most is a grass range and it saddens me when it looks like a mine field between the ropes. TpItaRl8tjk Thoughts? UPDATES from...
  12. jeremyheslop

    PDF Version of THP Mag

    Any chance I could buy a PDF version of the magazine? I'd be willing to pay full price since I missed the printing of the December version. You could make a few extra dollars and save trees at the same time :)
  13. jeremyheslop

    #9 on my mind

    So I've researched putters and hit every putter at the local Dick's Sporting Goods. I feel the #9 style putters from Odyssey really have a great feel. Dick's only had the White Hot XG #9 not the White Hot Tour or the Black Series i so I have limited testing with these. Does any one here have an...
  14. jeremyheslop

    Hello from the Eastern Shore of Maryland

    I got a pair of clubs for fathers day and my wife wishes she didn't purchase them now! I'm trying to get out on the course more and work on my distance control. The GolfCard iPhone app has been helping with that. I'm also trying to get under 90 and getting those 3 putts out of the score card...

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