1. Sooner21

    Mizuno (lack of) customer service

    I'm typically not a complainer, but thought I would post my recent problems with Mizuno because they seem to not want to stand behind their product one bit. A few months ago I ordered Hot Metal Pros. When they showed up the swingweights were random and ranged from C5-C9, but in no particular...
  2. Sooner21

    Indoor vs Outdoor iron fitting

    The only true fittings I have access to are indoors. I know it's better than nothing, but would it be more beneficial to just find as many demo days as possible, and utilize Mizuno's shaft optimizer? I would hate to pay for a fitting and order clubs only to find out the turf interaction isn't...
  3. Sooner21

    OnCore golf sweepstakes

    Here's a good one from OnCore and some of their affiliates. https://www.oncoregolf.com/pages/sweepstakes
  4. Sooner21

    FS: SeeMore PTM1 and TEE EXS Driver with weight kit

    Pricing these to hopefully move quick. SeeMore is 34" and comes with a new Lamkin i-line grip. I bought it off the BST a while ago and never used it. It looks torched with some really cool colors. $65 shipped for this one. TEE EXS Driver comes with two shafts and the full weight kit from Tour...
  5. Sooner21

    Recoil 95 question for the experts

    I've been playing Recoil 95 F4's in a set of Titleist clubs for 3-4 years now. I've really smoothed my tempo and swing out recently due to past health problems, so I went for a fitting a couple of weeks ago. The Mizuno 3D shaft optimizer recommended Modus 105R as the #1 shaft, but Recoil 95 F3...
  6. Sooner21

    FS/FT: Tour Edge EXS driver with weight kit and extra shaft & 5 Dozen good balls

    Need the funds for an iron set I just ordered. EXS driver comes with the Tensei Blue 70 stiff and Aldila Rogue Black in regular flex. Both play at 43.5", but the Pure grips are blown on so it would be very easy to extend. Comes with full weight kit straight from Tour Edge, but no headcover - it...
  7. Sooner21

    WTB: Odyssey O-Works 7s red 35"

    Let me know if anybody has one - preferably with a flat lie, but will take standard depending on price and condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sooner21

    WTB: Seemore DB4 335 gram

    Preferrably 35"
  9. Sooner21

    FS: Balance Certified back weight kit

    Don't know what it's worth, but it has to be quite a bit considering one 50g weight is $45. All 9 pieces included. $125 shipped CONUS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sooner21

    WTB: PING Redwood Anser

    If anybody has one of the sitting around let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sooner21

    FS: CURE RX2 and PING Karsten Craz-e

    Looking to offload a couple putters. First is a CURE RX2 35" ordered directly from CURE. Gamed about 5 rounds - looks just like I got it. Brand new Pure Big Dog grip to match. $SOLD shipped CONUS. 2nd is a PING Karsten Craz-e 34" used about 5 rounds - brand new Pingman blackout grip. Will come...
  12. Sooner21

    WTB: Seemore putter

    Looking for a nice SeeMore. Would like a face balanced at impact model and also prefer a lighter head like the PTM or lighter mFGP models. For some reason I also really like the m3 and m5 models. Let me know what you have - I also have a PING Karsten Craz-e for trade bait if anybody is...
  13. Sooner21

    FT/FS: Scotty Cameron GoLo 3

    Very lightly used 34" Scotty Cameron GOLO 3. It's in excellent condition with only one small blemish that I could find. To me it just looks like it rubbed on something - no ding or indent. It's on the bottom by the heel so it's hard to see (tried to capture it in pics) and cannot be seen at...
  14. Sooner21

    WTB: Swingweight Scale

    Title says it all....
  15. Sooner21

    FS: Tour Edge Exotics DG V1.1 Tour Proto putter

    Only used on the practice green. 100% milled and plays at 35". I've removed all the paintfill and it is a very clean looking putter. New white Iomic midsize grip that looks good on the putter. $125 shipped in the conus.
  16. Sooner21

    FS: 8 KBS Tour Black Nickel Shafts - Stiff Flex 4-GW

    I have an extra set of these that I ordered and can't decide what heads I want to put in them, so instead of just gathering dust I'm going to sell them. The plastic bag they're in hasn't even been opened yet. The size is .355 and the specs are all listed on the order sheet shown. Looking for...
  17. Sooner21

    FS: Adams Idea A12 19* 3 Hybrid

    Used for 3 rounds, and decided I like my 3-iron better. UST Mamiya ProForce VTS stiff shaft. Comes with the stock headcover shown. $60 shipped in the CONUS.
  18. Sooner21

    FS: SCOR 50* Wedge

    +1/2" with a brand new Black Widow Widow Maker grip and custom paintfill. KBS Genius staff in firm. Not looking for any trades at this point. $85 shipped in the CONUS.
  19. Sooner21

    FS: PING G20 12* Driver

    I've been experimenting with a few G20 drivers with different shafts and lengths and found the one for me so the others have to go. This one has never been hit, plastic still on it, and has an upgraded TFC 700 shaft in stiff flex cut down to 45". It was ordered through the PING WRX department...
  20. Sooner21

    FS: Adams Pro A12 Hybrid

    Need to clear up some golf funds so this has to go. Used for 5 rounds and a couple of range sessions. 20* with the magnetic closure headcover shown and the Aldila VS Proto RIP'D hybrid shaft in regular flex. SOLD shipped in the CONUS.

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