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    FS: TaylorMade TMX Stand Bag

    Used a hand full of times. 9/10 $135 obo shipped (remember shipping won't be cheap). Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
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    Sun Mountain Hybrid Stand Bag

    Any one have one? If so how do you like it?
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    What happen to the health insurance thread?

    I was gonna post some info and it's deleted? Poor kid can't get any due to pre existing conditions?
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    Who's been banned from an internet forum?

    From where and how many times? Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
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    FS: New Leupold GX-1~$200

    I have a New Leupold Gx-1 that I never used since I decided to go the SGX route. My loss is your gain. $200 Shipped.
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    FS: R11 Goodies (Driver, 3wood, Rescue)

    Driver saw the course roughly 6 times. 9* with TP Aldila RIP beta stiff 60 shaft and the stock non-TP blur will be included along with the wrench and headcover. Club is in 9/10 condition. $200 SOLD Next is a R11 3-wood 15.5 in Stiff (non-TP version). Hit roughly 12 times and is in...
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    Nike Method Concept

    Any word on this putter or it's release date? GD testers seemed to really like it.
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    FS: Original uPro on the cheap cheap $60 shipped

    Not really using GPS (sticking with my range finder). Unit works flawless and can get me through 27 holes easily. $60 but if I'm high on price I'll listen to offers.
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    FS: Brand New Taylormade TP pro MC's

    Irons never made it to the course, my VR Pros are just too good to get knocked out of the bag. I did regrip with Red GP VDR's (STD). Irons are standard L/L/L. Not sure what these have been going for here as I haven't seen many sets. Will start $600 OBO shipped and PP'd. Realize I may have...
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    Hello from Crook County IL

    Actually just found this site, hard to believe I didn't know about it long before. This is my 3rd golf forum. First one didn't go so well, but if any of you know (I'm sure you do) about BSG it doesn't take much to get banned. Disrupt their forum *cough* business *cough* and you will be taken...

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