1. nicklongdrive

    do you expect to mishit the ball ?

    I have gotten more comfortable with taking the club up on approach shots and swinging easier. I used to just club up and do a full swing and then go in the woods long. The only reasons I would be okay with going short would be 1.) it's gonna run off the back and need the shorter club for more...
  2. nicklongdrive

    Contest: Ask Jamie Sadlowski and Win

    What was the hardest habit to break coming from hockey to golf? Was there something that made developing your swing more difficult?
  3. nicklongdrive

    Joaquin Niemann's look-a little too casual?

    Looks fine to me, looks like what a soccer player would wear when it's cooler. Pro golfers should be seen as athletes and clothing that accentuates that shouldn't really be looked down upon, IMO.
  4. nicklongdrive

    Tell me about your first round with your irons

    Got mine in winter this year and it's been 20 degrees or so, haven't been able to use them in a round yet.
  5. nicklongdrive

    Are you open minded to smaller companies?

    Completely depends whether I can try it or not, always willing to give something a try.
  6. nicklongdrive

    What would realistically happen is a 20+ handicap played blades

    I could manage a similar score with blades on a good day but on a bad day it would be a wash, I'd manage to thin a lot more shots and lose a ton of distance (would have to grab the less lofted club more often). Although, when I was shooting some of my best golf I was playing AP2s which is one...
  7. nicklongdrive

    Which 2021 Driver for You? Why?

    Interesting, your tempo is probably much different than mine. I played a Smoke Black in X and it felt like a pool noodle to me, thought it felt way too flexible for an X and I generally have a delay going from takeaway to transition and load/lag my downswing pretty hard through impact. The...
  8. nicklongdrive

    Were You Fit For Your Current Driver?

    Somewhat, tested the viable options and ended up with three finalists (TSi3, Radspeed, G425 LST) and went off and purchased a G425 elsewhere since my local shop didn't have it stocked and it was going to take like 4-8 weeks to come in. I tend to go off the reservation with driver selections but...
  9. nicklongdrive

    PING G425 Drivers and Irons

    Picked up a G425 LST 10.5* and it's a cracker of a driver, feels like I can swing it fast with much less consequence compared to other drivers I have tested. Oh so stable and gives me the right feedback and numbers for a gamer driver that I need right now.
  10. nicklongdrive

    Which was your favourite TaylorMade driver?

    Wrote a lengthy answer in the other thread, haha.
  11. nicklongdrive

    Which 2021 Driver for You? Why?

    When I use it there is a specific reason, it's an 8* and I want low bullets from it that I can wail on. So, I use either a Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 60g X or HZRDUS Smoke Green 70g X. However, I don't recommend this for most people, I just have a problem tinkering with all of my gear. The Smoke...
  12. nicklongdrive

    PGA Superstore Customer Service

    I'm on work calls for the next 3 hours and was curious if anyone had an experience with this. Sent an email to their customer service to see if they get back to me there first.
  13. nicklongdrive

    PGA Superstore Customer Service

    So, I purchased a G425 LST driver this weekend and received it today but there are a couple of things wrong and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them rectifying customer service requests. Basically, I ordered an extra stiff but received a stiff and there was no head cover...
  14. nicklongdrive

    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    It was on Sunday, but, I purchased a G425 LST since I was struggling with the 8* SIM for general play. I was looking for some better consistency and less of that low bullet flight in a play driver, trying to maximize a positive angle of attack on an 8* is a bit tiresome for a gamer swing. The...
  15. nicklongdrive

    Some Like It Hot - What's Your Favorite Temp To Play?

    I'd play perfectly happily in 60-80 degree weather.
  16. nicklongdrive

    Would you choose a different career path if you had to do life again?

    I'm still relatively young so I could probably change my path again but I did change a bit recently. I have been doing some form of sales for the past 8-9 years selling primarily ski/snowboard equipment, alcohol, cars and IT hardware/software. Almost 6 of those years I have been on the IT side...
  17. nicklongdrive

    The One Thing You'd Like to Change About Golf Where You Live

    A good start would be actually being playable for more than 8 months a year. Greens and fairways go to crap real fast by November.
  18. nicklongdrive

    Shaft Manufacturer You Gravitate Towards?

    I've always preferred the KBS profiles in irons and I'm really liking Fujikura for graphite in driver, woods, etc. Runner-up would be Mitsubishi for graphite options, they always surprise me for the cost.
  19. nicklongdrive

    Grip Size and Swing Speed

    There's 2 components here and one is more likely than the other: - A shaft change where different stiffness profiles can provide better strike reproduction for your swing (centerness, degree of face angle, angle of attack, etc.) would also affect ball and launch characteristics is probably where...
  20. nicklongdrive

    It's time to regulate equipment.

    Sounds like a personal problem, lol.

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