1. -CJ-

    Struggling with a new to me HOOK and unable to correct.

    Let's preface with, I have an lesson scheduled in 3 weeks he is booked then out of town also so that's as soon as I can get. Until then I need some help from you all. I used to be a 5-7 yard offline fade with occasional straight pulls to the left sprinkled in. Which I was okay with as it was...
  2. -CJ-

    Walkers - Ping Hoofer Lite or Sun Mountain 2.5?

    I have played around in store with the majority of the stand bags and have narrowed it down to 3, The regular Ping Hoofer (heaviest), Hoofer Lite, and the Sun Mountain 2.5+(lightest). As those three feel like they have a good balance when just using one strap, have very comfy straps, and most...
  3. -CJ-

    Hello from Chi Town

    Would like to start off by saying thank you to all on this site, I just found it about 3 weeks ago and it has been a great resource! As for me I just got back into golf after a 17 year break. Started again this past August 2018, and got hooked again. I hope to learn much more and contribute...

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