1. Knot Right


    Ready golf is BS if you are in a match. Furthest away.
  2. Knot Right

    2021 Round Count Thread

    Zero. Plenty of nice days, but no confidence in the wrist surgery I had. The doctors say I'm healed, but any impact at all in the wrist sends shock waves all the way up my arm. Sucks. :(
  3. Knot Right

    Mid size grips?

    I'm trying the Tacki-Mac "jumbo's" right now due to arthritis and wrist surgery from a broken carpal that didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I'm doing a lot of putting and chipping right now, but I'm still petrified about taking a full swing even though the doctors said that I should be fine.
  4. Knot Right

    Help needed

    The Ping's can be a PITA some times, even with a good shaft extractor. When I run into a Ping iron shaft that is being difficult, I set the shaft and head in the vice in a vertical position with the hosel about a 1/4" off the vice pads while use a lever to create upwards pressure at the hosel...
  5. Knot Right

    The Home Renovation Thread

    I just finished scraping and skimming 5 popcorn ceilings this past week on a flip house, and I've probably done a couple hundred ceilings over the years. I use the USG low dust compound for these jobs. It's a bit thicker than the USG "blue top" or "lime top" lightweight compounds and bit...
  6. Knot Right

    Oldest Club in Your Bag?

    2003 Taylormade 580 driver with 10.5 loft & stock stiff. I have 3 of them. It's just a great match for my swing. I have tried many other loaner drivers from my friends and golf shops and still haven't found a better one to replace it with.
  7. Knot Right

    Funny every day things you see at the course. ( and good friends)

    A beautiful day in the Tidewater area, so I stopped at the course to see the guys over coffee and watch them tee off for the morning blitz. The course was already backed up. The first group goes off and are in the fairway waiting for their seconds shots. The short hitter in the second groups...
  8. Knot Right

    Tip / Butt Trimming Graphite Shafts to Length

    It happens. (y) Some trimming charts can be a bit confusing to hobbyists who only do occasional work.
  9. Knot Right

    Your Walk Out Music?

    I like to mellow out before my rounds.
  10. Knot Right

    any fishermen here?

    Southern Cal is a great for salt water fly fishing just in case you didn't know. The beach is a great place to learn how to work your line for casting without trees and bushes catching your line.
  11. Knot Right

    any fishermen here?

    If you guys are ever down here at the VB area, there are still plenty of "cows" in the bay. My son with a 52" Striper on his kayak.
  12. Knot Right

    Ever had a shoe failure on the course?

    I had the sole break loose on a almost new pair of Nike's last year. I had to go back to my truck and get my sneakers.:mad:
  13. Knot Right

    Grip Tape Difficulties - Old Adhesive?

    Ditto! Plus the solvent will gel the adhesive on the tape some times in cool temps.
  14. Knot Right

    Grip Tape Difficulties - Old Adhesive?

    Different rubber (especially cord grips) compounds expand differently and are less pliable at cool temps.
  15. Knot Right


    I've been beating up on this 13' Prowler in the Lynnhaven Inlet chasing Puppy Drum, Flounder, and Speck's for the past 15 years.
  16. Knot Right

    Would you want a Happy Gilmore 2?

    The only part of Happy Gilmore that I liked was when Bob barker whooped his ass.
  17. Knot Right

    do you expect to mishit the ball ?

    Well, if your the type of player that uses a club for a set yardage I can certainly understand your point. But I prefer to use my imagination. Choke down shots. Hooded face low running hook shots. Ball forward open face for high cut shots. Punch shots. Blocking fades.
  18. Knot Right

    do you expect to mishit the ball ?

    I hit the club that goes the yardage I want. I can comfortably hit a 8 iron from 130-155 yards depending on the wind and the type of shot I want to play. Why would I want to play for a mishit? It's self defeating frame of mind to place yourself in.
  19. Knot Right

    do you expect to mishit the ball ?

    I never expect to miss on any swing, and I only concentrate on hitting it as pure as possible.

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