1. dacatalyst41

    Tour Striker PlaneMate

    I just ordered this training aid after watching a video from TXG and reading some strong reviews. That video is below. This training aid in particular is focused on helping you maintain width and face control in the swing while properly rotating. Have any of you THP'ers tried this?
  2. dacatalyst41

    Why Not Soil vs Sand?

    I was having a discussion with some friends and was curious about this. Why don't golf courses keep soil on the tee boxes and carts for divot repairs instead of sand? Seems like it would make more sense in terms of the groundskeeping. Price? Drainage?
  3. dacatalyst41

    Lead Tape or No?

    Do you use lead tape on your irons? I was thinking about how complex swing weighting can be if you decide to change grips or length. One of the more widely used alternatives is utilizing lead tape. Personally a HATE the look, but I love the feel when it's right. How do you find that perfect balance?
  4. dacatalyst41

    Is the Road to the PGA Tour TOO difficult?

    I was having this conversation based on another thread and wanted to bring it to the forum. In basketball or football, you can essentially play in high school or college and if you play well, you can be drafted to play with the pros. You also have the option of trying to "walk on" with teams and...
  5. dacatalyst41

    Kyle Berkshire Transitioning to the Tour

    The reigning and seemingly unbeatable Long Drive Champion is considering making a run at a PGA Tour career. Considering all of the distance conversation that followed Bryson this past season, this has the makings of a big story if he can chip and putt. Do you see his game translating well to the...
  6. dacatalyst41

    #OnceandForAll: Which Wings Reign Supreme?

    I was having a discussion with a buddy and it came time to settle the debate once and for all. In the world of wings, which reigns supreme? Drums or Flats? P.S. - I added a third option for those have no preference, but it's also the wrong answer. :ROFLMAO:
  7. dacatalyst41

    Faces of Your Brand: Build Your Stable

    It’s YOUR brand. Have fun building your stable of players with one caveat. Your pockets are deep, but not bottomless. Build your stable of players that you’re signing to a full bag deal while staying within a MAX of 35pts. What major golf equipment brand are you representing and who are you...
  8. dacatalyst41

    For Sale Callaway Apex Pro 19 Smoke Irons 5-AW

    Callaway Apex Smoke Pro irons in great condition. Set has 5-AW in TT Elevate Tour shafts, stiff flex. Played four rounds. Standard loft. Lie Angle 2up. Length is +1/4”. Midsize Tour Velvet Plus4 grips. 5i has rubbing on the hosel as shown in pic. Asking $old shipped. No trades at this time.
  9. dacatalyst41

    Golf Lies: Which Give You the Most Trouble?

    At my course, the 18th hole plays down hill towards the water with a carry over the water to the green. If you hit your drive more than 250yds in the fairway, you are left with a downhill lie to an elevate green. I'm sure it's mental, but I have split the fairway on this Par 4 hole and still...
  10. dacatalyst41

    For Sale Fujikura Ventus Black 7S

    Up for sale is this like new Fuji Ventus Black 7S with Velocore. Manufacturer installed Callaway tip. Plays to 45”. With midsize Tour Velvet Plus4 grip. Asking $OLD shipped.
  11. dacatalyst41

    SWAG Headcover

    Up for sale is this brand new SWAG cover. Asking $OLD shipped OBRO to CONUS. No trades.
  12. dacatalyst41

    For Sale Garmin Z82 $OLD

    Excellent/Like New Condition Garmin Z82. Minimal rounds on it. Asking $OLD. Comes with original packaging, case, and manual.
  13. dacatalyst41

    Too Cold for Golf?

    A twitter exchange full of 7 clothing layer references and wind readings led me to ask post this simple question to THP'ers. Under what conditions is it too cold to golf? What's your breakpoint and where do you live?
  14. dacatalyst41

    Shout Out to Budget Golf!

    I reached out to Budget Golf on Twitter, just trying to see if they could help me track down a club that had been discontinued. I'd been struggling to find one in new or like new condition so I decided to reach out. This wasn't the first time. I'd done the same in the past on a pair of shoes...
  15. dacatalyst41

    Changing Your Stock Shot/Ball Flight

    After seeing some real issues with snap hooks a few times this year, I set out to change my stock shot shape to a cut/fade. The draw (and the snap hook for that matter) have been fairly easy for me to play but increasingly harder to control. Some of that was grip...ball placement...path. Okay...
  16. dacatalyst41

    For Sale Callaway Mav Max 3+ -Like New

    Like new - Mav max 3+ with Ventus w/ Velocore 7s. Asking $475 Shipped.
  17. dacatalyst41

    For Sale Toulon Chicago - Like New *SOLD*

    Up for sale is this Toulon Chicago at a steak of a price. $295 Shipped to CONUS. It’s 35” with standard loft and lie and stock pistol grip Included headcover. No trades.
  18. dacatalyst41

    Best Golf Tip For You?

    A lot of times, there are huge changes needed in mechanics and technique to really start seeing progress. Other times, a small tweak can change things pretty significantly. For me, it's a tip I received recently from a buddy of mine who shoots low regularly and it was really simple. Keep my...
  19. dacatalyst41

    For Sale SOLD New Callaway Mavrik Driver w/50g Riptide Stiff

    Selling brand new Callaway Mavrik Driver with 50g Riptide inStiff Flex. Asking $OLD shipped to CONUS. Not splitting head and shaft unless I have a buyer for both.
  20. dacatalyst41

    100YDS & In: Pickers, Diggers & Everything in Between

    I'm curious as to how many THP'ers are pickers, ditch diggers, or are surprised on every swing. Haha! Where do you categorize yourself? I tend to dig, but not nearly as much as I use to. I don't take many full wedge shots anymore, but that doesn't stop me from serving up footlongs of fairway...

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