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    Review Maxfli Tour Golf Ball

    Hmm. Hadn’t realized 2020s might be out. Would love to see some ‘19s closeout pricing :) thanks.
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    Review Maxfli Tour Golf Ball

    Great under the radar ball. Figured I’d grab some more with black Friday deals coming up. Went to DSG and discovered that unfortunately Dick’s did the opposite and raised their “2 for” price from $50 to $60, lol. So much for holiday savings ☹️
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    FS: DMV Local Only - Big Moss 3x12 Putting Green Plus Putter Display Racks

    MOVING SALE!! Too heavy (and large to ship), and not coming with me on move, so here are some great deals for the DC Metro guys around Maryland/Virginia. Delaware might be a bit of a ride. Steal this Big Moss Competitor Pro Model (3"x12"), for only $100!!! Currently on sale at Big Moss for...
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    FS: Alial Fital Polos, incl Bettinardi Social KoolAid (2xl-3xl)

    !st - I have NEVER worn these on golf course. Basically, were used as dressy dinner shirts and worn likely 3-5 times each at most. The first two pictured - Navy and Gray - are size 2XL. The Bettinardi Social with KoolAid sleeve is a Black 3XL - I did wear it but, as a pretty standard 2X guy, it...
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    Where is Your Driver Impact?

    Seems I'm an Equal Opportunity Screw up, though mostly wide and low. Looks like 1 high outlier from about 15-20 strikes. Any tips/suggestions welcomed.
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    WTB: Scotty Mid-size/Medium Putter grip

    Looking to replace skinny pistolero-type on my Notchback. Lemme know what you might have available. Thanks
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    FS: Matrix White Tie Driver Shaft, 60x4 - Stiff

    Title pretty much says it all. Very nice condition, had been used in a TM M1 but adapter removed. Shaft Length approximately a shade under 43 7/8" and with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip. Please see photos. Payment thru PayPal and NO F&F - accept Goods & Services only. Priced at Only $39.95...
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    FS by IDIOT!!! - BNIB Ecco Golf Shoes Size 9-9.5 (EU 43)

    Okay, my stupidity (carelessness) can be your gain. Bought these last week online (no returns) thinking I had bought a size 48 for my big old size 14 feet. WRONG! These are 9-9.5 US (43 EU). I own this model Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 in both a Black and a White (love 'em, even though retail was about...
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    WTB ( a longshot) : 20g Toulon sole plate

    Looking to fiddle a bit with my Columbus and hoping someone might have a 20g sitting around gathering dust. thanks
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    FS: A couple of Great R Hybrids - Srixon H65, Cleveland 588

    Cleaning out my stash of 4H clubs. 1 - Cleveland 588 4H (23° loft) in excellent condition with a $15 upgraded Black No. 1 Grip. Matrix Ozik Altus R Flex Shaft ; plays at about 39 3/4". Also includes original headcover. A super deal at ..... Only $29.95 Shipped CONUS 2 - Srixon H65 4H (22°...
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    FS: Shoes - G/Fore, TRUE, Puma (Size 14M)

    A couple of pics of the Puma soles/cleats.
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    FS: Shoes - G/Fore, TRUE, Puma (Size 14M)

    Mistah big foot, who do ya think you are?? :D Just 3 pairs of shoes for my fellow big-footed friends - A brand new, a like new and a gently used. 1 - G/Fore Gallivanter IV 4.0 BRAND NEW in box. Beautiful white pebble grain leather. Paid $179.99 plus tax. Yours for $139 Shipped CONUS 2 -...
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    FS (or FT) : 3 & 1/2 Dozen Cut Blue 4 Piece Urethane Balls

    CUT Golf Blue - Four Piece Urethane - 3 1/2 Doz. - 42 balls total. Better than Black Friday Pricing that was 15% off + $10 Shipping. Balls are Brand New Unused and in sleeves as received from Cut Golf, just not gonna make the cut (no pun intended). Three dozen ordered today from Cut would be...
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    Golf Pride Tour 25 Grips - in irons??

    Anyone tried using these 25g Golf Prides in iron(s)?? Would appreciate any thoughts/review you might have. Need to bump up swing-weight on a couple of irons and thinking these might be one way to move needle a bit. Thanks
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    FS: Set KBS Tour 110 R-Flex Shafts - 5-PW .355 taper

    A set for us mere mortals who use R - Flex shafts :-) Totally naked w/o grips and shipping with the KBS Shaft Labels that I never put on. These are in very good condition, please see pics of butts and tips. Lengths of shafts as shown (NOT playing length with heads) are as follows (approximate...
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    WTB - Srixon Z765 heads, 4-6i or just 5-6i ok

    Prefer heads only but at right price will consider shafted. I have Z565 heads in 4i-6i to trade if that is your preference. Thank you
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    FS: Couple of Sets of Nice New Grips - 6 White or 10 Black

    A "Too Nice to be on Page 2" Bump for the Holiday weekend. PLUS Price adjustment to offer special deal on purchase of all grips together. Pics of Red grips added
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    FS: Couple of Sets of Nice New Grips - 6 White or 10 Black

    Fourth of July Weekend Special - Take all 18 Grips for $38.50 Shipped!! Opportunity to try some different grips at fairly inexpensive price point. These great feeling grips from Iguana Golf are a nice firm tactile grip. If you like squishy or ultra soft grips for your clubs these are...
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    FS: Cobra Ltd & Cleveland Driver Heads, Set KBS Tour 110-R 5-PW

    Just a few items priced to sell. Don’t really "need" any trades but might consider a Set of R Flex Nippon 950s (.355 Taper), Yururi Wedges (already have the Gekkus), or a Yamada Putter. 1 - Cobra King Ltd Driver- HEAD ONLY w/ accessories; Adjustable 9°-12°; Excellent condition and comes with...

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