1. slimjim32

    Iron Lofts

    I’m not sure if this is the right place, if not please move.. For those of you that dive this deep into your irons, what do you base your lofts off of? Do you start with your highest wedge then try to make adjustments to your PW up, or do you set your PW loft then go up from there and pick a...
  2. slimjim32

    Wedge switch

    Who has made the switch from the standard set PW to a specialty wedge, like a 46* or 48*? For those of you that have, did you go back to your set's PW or are you still rocking the 46/48? Was there a major change in playing characteristics that you had to get use to (significantly shorter, more...
  3. slimjim32

    Trunk Organizer

    Does anybody use one of these? I have a pelican case that I am thinking about converting to use in the back of my rig as a storage device for my golf gear...extra golf balls, hats, tees, etc....just curious if those that use one feel it is truly necessary or if it is just kind of there.
  4. slimjim32

    Wedge setup

    What is your wedge setup and why? Are you set with what you have, or are you thinking of making a change or two? I play 3 wedges, 52*, 56*, 60*. I play the 52 from 80/90-115/120. I play my 56 from 80 down to chipping. And my 60 is really just a specialty club for me. I use it out of the bunker...
  5. slimjim32

    Repeatable stroke

    Other than continued and repeated practice, what are some drills or training aids you have used to help create a repeatable putting stroke? My stroke is all over the place, and I would like to fix that.
  6. slimjim32

    Time to get good

    It is time. I am going to be making a concerted effort to get as good as I can at this game. It will be hard and it will be humbling, but I know I have the necessary skills to be able to do this. I had one big goal for this year which was to become a single digit handicap, and I achieved it...
  7. slimjim32

    Ever received a lifetime ban?

    I saw this while scrolling through the inter webs. Could you imaging receiving a lifetime ban?
  8. slimjim32

    Portland OR Golf

    It's been so long since I have played golf in Portland, like 5+ years. I'm heading back up for leave here soon, and am looking to play a round or two (ok, maybe more). If any THPers want to or are able to join up, great. But my main focus for this thread is to find out how the courses are...
  9. slimjim32

    Whose responsibility?

    Another thread got me thinking. Who is responsible for growing the game of golf? Is it the tour pros, the local PGA Professional, the competitive amateur, the everyday player or someone else? I think the everyday player plays a very vital role in growing the game/helping get people interested...
  10. slimjim32

    Golfing family members

    Anybody have family members that were good at the game of golf? My grandfather was probably the best short game player I’ve seen, and played very well back in the day. He set a couple course records in college and was elected into the University of Oregon’s golf hall of fame. The first...
  11. slimjim32

    What amazes you?

    What about the game of golf amazes you? Either in a technical aspect, a gear aspect, the science involved.... I think one of the main things that amazes me about this game is how one tiny, minute change can have bigger consequences. Taking the club back even a millimeter off from your norm, can...
  12. slimjim32

    Callaway Tour Authentic Glove

    Got to play with this glove today. While the size of the glove was a little loose for my liking, this thing feels great. I like my golf glove to feel a little snug, and with a little smaller size I would definitely game this glove. Callaway has made a glove that can easily compete with the FJ...
  13. slimjim32

    NEW Arccos Grips

    I know there is an Arccos thread, but I thought this would be better placed on its own so as to not get lost within the post. I got an email from Arccos today saying they now offer Lamkin and Golf Pride smart grips. I recall hearing people wish they offered the grips in other manufacturers or...
  14. slimjim32

    My TPI

    Has anyone used and had success creating their own fitness routine through the My TPI website? There seem to be a plethora of information on that site as related to fitness, and am curious just how legitimate it is.
  15. slimjim32

    Golf Digest Instruction

    Have any of you used the instruction/tips from a Golf Digest magazine? If so, did you get results from it? I was really struggling with my chipping and during my search of the inter webs, a link for Butch Harmon via Golf Digest populated. I was REALLY struggling so I figured why not. Well, I...
  16. slimjim32


    Now that the PGA Championship is over, am I the only one who is relieved to not be seeing the Warning sign non stop? We get it, the black course is hard and there is a warning sign. How many times do they have to show it? I personally think it was a little overdone from the media, clothes and...
  17. slimjim32

    Camp out for golf?

    Listening to Michael Breed this morning and he was talking about Bethpage Black and there are people that will camp out over night for the CHANCE to play the course. No guarantee. But it made me wonder if there was a course that members here would be willing to stay overnight at for the CHANCE...
  18. slimjim32

    Too much?

    I was practicing yesterday and my first 50 putts were all relatively good while using my putting plate for proper start line. But as time went on I started to really struggle with my start line. I kept hitting the front right peg telling me my putter face was open at contact. I hit the front...
  19. slimjim32

    The Perfect Putter

    Has anyone used this putting aid before? If so, what are/were your thoughts on it? http://www.theperfectputter.com/ I like that it gives you the line for the putt, then you know you are to blame for misses. But it IS a very expensive training aid.
  20. slimjim32

    Grip strength

    When gripping your putter, do you find that your grip is equal between your hands? Or does one hand have a stronger grip than the other. I have found that I have much better distance control when I have more pressure in my right hand than compared to my left.

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