1. J4U

    Festival Of Trees...a tribute to my nephew TY

    The darkness has moved to cloudy with some light over the past couple years and I'm very thankful. I appreciate your help along the way and to celebrate what would have been your 29th birthday. Your dad is out this way on business. We will play Denver's version of Utah's Fox Hollow, your very...
  2. J4U

    Whiskey Thread

    Vanilla Crown is not bad
  3. J4U

    TEASER Dream Foursome with OGIO is coming in 2020

    Peeps and wild card known. Outstanding OP
  4. J4U

    Which OEM "won" 2019?

    To me Hogan, TM, and Cobra, but I'm weird like that.
  5. J4U

    How long do you keep your vehicle

    Second to last trade in had 254K and 15 years. Last was 4 years and 76k. This one took the lifetime warranty on it. Will be a while. Always make out better than a lease due to mileage obviously, but also work it to limit the new STB price drop off the lot.
  6. J4U

    Irons with a higher ball flight

    FTw Black Hogan's, KBS TourV Your welcome
  7. J4U

    Mizuno MP-20 Irons

    MP to MB...Nice transition and very little scarring[emoji106]
  8. J4U

    Happy Birthday ScoFoBG!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. J4U

    Is Swing Weight Necessary?

    I don't care what they call it, but it needs to have a place in the build process...imo. Granted most people can't tell the difference, let alone between 1-2 points. However, there are some of us that can. I Pole Vaulted my way through college and you better believe I could tell a difference...
  10. J4U

    Personal Best Thread!!!!!!!

    Well done indeed!
  11. J4U

    Toughest Tee Shot For Amateurs? The 2014 Morgan Cup Opening Tee Shots

    Memory Lane and it was a good one. Even though we don't have the full media bit from the event, this kinda sums it up. Nerves are real, but when you get down to it...it's all good. THP peeps make it, and it doesn't matter.
  12. J4U

    The Happy Thread

    Gave a little bit of the Magic Mike...congrats
  13. J4U

    Mizuno MP-20 Irons

    One of these days I'll get mine out too. The lower flight would be good. Setting up next to my gamer this thing needs to go on a diet, but performance counts...verdict still out.
  14. J4U

    What is Your Green in Regulation Percentage?

    50% down 8% from last year. Not enough on course time or practice.
  15. J4U

    LIVE UPDATE THREAD 2019 Ultimate Weekend of Golf with True Temper

    Safe travels once you get home. Waiting for second flight here at home as first flight out was cancelled. Hope to get to see them in action soon.
  16. J4U

    2019 Ultimate Weekend of Golf with True Temper Travel and Extra Rounds Thread

    This reminded me of a video starring MHG, but no rewind needed. Sorry Randy, still chuckle about that one. Have fun gents!
  17. J4U

    What Loft Is Your Driver?

    Several options at 8° and a 4° when feeling good. Only one in the bag at a time though.
  18. J4U

    Mizuno MP-20 Irons

    2I HMB [emoji3581] 3 or 4-PW MB and drop a wedge or not... Maybe
  19. J4U

    Mizuno MP-20 Irons

    Knew that was coming, well played

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