1. tomahawk18

    Drinking on the course?

    Do you like to drink on the course or not? If you do, is it always, sometimes, rarely? Also, what is you favorite on course beverage?
  2. tomahawk18

    Do you believe in miracles?

    As many of you know, my wife beat cancer last year as a result of a molar pregnancy. It is very rare, and left us with the prospect of potentially never being able to have children after the 27 weeks of chemo. She was healthy again, but health came at a price. (A group of us around here...
  3. tomahawk18

    Thank goodness I didn't get selected for the MC!

    Went to the emergency room yesterday morning at 3:30 am a sharp pain in my abdomen and ended having an emergency appendectomy. It was ready to burst, so they rushed me into surgery. I am super sore and have 3 incisions in my belly button, side and low abdomen. Everything went good and I just...
  4. tomahawk18

    Happy 2 years to my wife

    Hi all. Two years ago today I married my best friend. Milissa is the best thing that has ever happened to me and everyday makes me a better man. We have been through a lot in our 2 years of marriage including the highs of thinking we were going to be be parents, to the lows of battling...
  5. tomahawk18

    Stuck in Phoenix

    I had a biz training in Phoenix this week and was supposed to fly back to Seattle this evening. Not so fast... Seattle had a foot of snow, an ice storm, and most flights have been cancelled. I'm stuck. Just checked into a cheap hotel in Phoenix, and am booking a tee time for tomorrow. Could...
  6. tomahawk18

    Diet and workout time...

    As most of you know, my wife has battled cancer this past year. It has been taxing on both of our minds and bodies. When she started chemo I was 250 lbs and in decent shape, and as of this morning I am 267 lbs... YIKES. We both shut down our normal workouts and concentrated on fighting the...
  7. tomahawk18

    So.... I bought a boat!

    With all that my wife and I have been through over the past year, I figured a present to "us" was in order. My lovely wife has been wanting a boat for quite a while now and so finally I told her we should start looking. You see, I had been resisting the urge for some time since I have owned...
  8. tomahawk18

    Dream golf trip June 11-14

    Myself and two of my buddies are taking a little golf trip to Oregon next week. We will also be meeting up with Dr Teeth for a round. On June 11th we play Pumpkin Ridge (with Dr Teeth), June 12th we play Bandon Dunes and Old Macdonald, June 13th we play Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails. June...
  9. tomahawk18

    NFL resumes football operations!

    The NFL has instructed teams to resume football operations today. Free agency and trades could resume as early as Friday. Good news for football fans.
  10. tomahawk18

    Mohawks, THP, and the "C" word

    I know this is a golf blog, but I am partially writing this for therapy. I have been pondering whether or not to write this thread for a couple of months now, but have ultimately decided to share my story. My wife and I, along with our families, have been dealing with the dreaded "C" word for...
  11. tomahawk18

    Golf, Weather, Location, and Handicaps

    I was out playing golf Saturday in the 52 degree drizzle and started thinking about golf in the NW vs nicer areas, and how it effects handicaps or scores. I have played 3 rounds this month and the conditions have all been the similar. Saturday, the course was wet, and playing crazy long...
  12. tomahawk18

    Bandon Dunes Purchase

    I was at a charity auction with my family over the weekend and they had a trip to Bandon Dunes as one of the items. It was a trip for two with 2 nights in the Lily Pond rooms, and 4 rounds of golf at any of the courses with no restrictions. Total value $1650. Bandon is about a 7 hour drive...
  13. tomahawk18

    Finishing good rounds!

    Last month I was playing Ka'anapali on Maui from the Blue tees a few days after the Senior Skins Game was there. I started with a double on one, bogey on two, but then birdied 3 of the next 6 holes. Made the turn at 1 over and was 2 over through 14. I started thinking, "I am on pace for a...
  14. tomahawk18


    Hello from Seattle.

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