1. Afizzle2100

    Afizzle2100’s Grandaddy Prep Extravaganza

    Welcome THP, As you may or may not know I was selected to participate in this years Granddaddy in December. I am super grateful and super blessed to be selected. My goal is to take you along with us as much as possible, while hopefully really bringing some historical perspective on past...
  2. Afizzle2100

    How many courses can you remember off the top of your head?

    I was driving to my office this morning and thinking about my round of golf yesterday. I played a course I hadn’t played in 7 months, but a course that I used to play at regularly. as I was running through my shots I began to realize that I can recall every hole there vividly without having to...
  3. Afizzle2100

    Anyone have experience with Pinehurst?

    July 10-17th I will be going on a trip to Myrtle Beach with my family. My daughter has never been to the beach. Should be very fun. I plan on playing plenty of golf with the extra babysitters. If anyone lives in the area I’d love to get a round in. We are driving down from Indiana. It’s 13...
  4. Afizzle2100

    Ultimate Sponsor Best Ball! Who wins?

    I saw this post on Instagram from Vary Golf. It was asking if we had the major brands in a best ball with their top 2 athletes who would win. If you can’t see the contenders, they are below. Team Ping: Tony Finau and Tyrell Hatton Team TaylorMade: Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson Team...
  5. Afizzle2100

    Sports Betting Chat

    Understandably many people may not be interested in this thread as sports gambling isn’t legal on a federal level yet, and many states haven’t passed laws allowing it. However, it is legal in my state of Indiana so I gamble here and there and I know others on here do too *cough* @thewilderside...
  6. Afizzle2100

    Photo Heavy Post a picture of what you are leaving for Santa tonight

    Pretty self explanatory, if you still leave sweets and treats for Santa or the reindeer post away. My two year old and I made these a few hours ago. Sorry in advance if this is already a thread I didn’t see one.
  7. Afizzle2100

    What’s your dream golf job?

    Let’s say a magic golf genie is at your service and you are able to pick any job related to golf. Do you have a dream golf job or brand you would work for? Personally I would love to work in R&D or as a club engineer for a major golf brand. I’d probably choose Callaway, however I also think it...
  8. Afizzle2100

    Go to store or website for Golf Apparel deals

    It’s the beginning of a new golf season. You’ve gone a year of rocking the same go to polos. You’ve completely sweat through your hats. You need to get some new gear. You arent looking to splurge though. You are looking to hunt some bargains. Let’s say you tapped into the shoebox cash so the...
  9. Afizzle2100

    Famous Golfer Stories

    So I was thinking back on one of my most regrettable stories in golf today and was wondering what everybody’s most memorable story regarding a Golf Celebrity is! Mine is quite unforgivable. It was Summer of 2019 and the U.S. Senior Open was at The Warren Golf Course in South Bend, Indiana. My...
  10. Afizzle2100

    Are There Females Here?

    Are there any girl golfers on here? Have they ever been a part of the experiences? it’s hard to tell from online profiles but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen another active female user in my tenure here other than @GolferGal . Obviously there are girls interested in golf, but obviously there is...
  11. Afizzle2100

    Morgan Cup 2013 Interview

    Was going down a THP wormhole on YouTube when I stumbled upon this news segment. My takeaways/questions from the video. 1. A THP event at Pawley’s had to have been so fun! Pretty cool the local news station picked this up. With the coverage it really makes you feel like a Tour Player even more...
  12. Afizzle2100

    Man kicked off course for wearing black socks

    https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-black-socks-white-socks-controversy?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=golfdigest&fbclid=IwAR1Q5x-bvrqBPEt9mB9w3Chr2TQ-dHXuVUQV2_C6GmOxvG8WNfVog0UuO5Q I’ll let y’all read for yourselves but this is so ridiculous. It’s Australia and weird...
  13. Afizzle2100

    No Laying Up Podcast

    I’ve been listening to the No Laying Up (NLU) podcast for the past year now. It’s in my opinion the best golf content podcast out there. I’ve dabbled with the golf channel pod, the foreplay pod, and Erik Anders Lang. They all have their moments and I usually tune in depending on guest but the...
  14. Afizzle2100

    Range work

    I played ironwood golf club in fishers, in a couple of days ago and my friend. He snapped a lil video of me and I thought I’d share for some advice. This was our 14th hole of the day my favorite hole on the course. 425 par 4 with water on the entire left side. it’s about a 275 carry on the...
  15. Afizzle2100

    Big time thank you @Pkorf

    Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to @PKorf for hooking me up with this bag. The one I was using was more destroyed than a port-o-pot at the Indy 500. It literally had 0/7 zippers for the pockets. I posted in the market place that I was looking to purchase a bag from someone to put to use and...
  16. Afizzle2100

    How do you recover from a bad round?

    I went and played fox prairie in noblesville, IN. Awesome course, challenging from the tips but very fun. I had a great time and came out even money with my friend at the end which is always nice. However I played like absolute dog crap on the back 9. I went 42-53 for a 95. I was just happy to...
  17. Afizzle2100

    WTB- Golf Bag

    My previous bag is 10 years old, very worn, and now all of the zippers are broken on it. Looking for something 125 or less. Looking for something that’s, durable and lightly used. Don’t really care about the divider, but do want a decent amount of pockets/ storage. Prefer a stand bag but would...
  18. Afizzle2100

    Allow me to reintroduce myself, MY NAME IS

    Howdy y’all. My name is A-A-Ron. All around fun guy. Father, sports fanatic, degenerate gambler, advertiser, and hacker extraordinaire. I’m an 8 handicap. Play 3 times a week. Usually one day I’ll shoot 78 and one day I’ll shoot 90. Never fails. Every week. By far the worst part of my game is my...

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