1. Shook

    WTB X Hot Pro sand wedge

    Wanting an X Hot Pro sand wedge. Prefer steel over graphite; prefer stiff flex.
  2. Shook

    WTB: Nike Method Core Drone Putter

    35 inches in length. Preferably with a head cover. The going rate on eBay seems to be $65-80, so ideally I'd like to pay less than that.
  3. Shook

    Golf Shirts vs Regular Shirts

    Yesterday I ran to play a quick 9 after work. I had my usual work shirt on (a button down short sleeve semi-casual), and its usually comfortable at work so I decided not to change into a golf polo. By hole 3 the shirt was sticking all over me due to sweat, and it felt like it was tugging on me...
  4. Shook

    NGA and Gateway Tours Merge

    Saw this press release and found it interesting. Having a mini-tour cover the whole country would probably generate more interest & sponsors. Anyone thinking of joining, or just generally happy about the news? http://www.ngatour.com/news/264#.U48jBsso4m8
  5. Shook

    WTB - Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie

    The book that came out a couple months ago. The local library doesn't have it, and its still more than I want to pay on Amazon. The B in WTB can be buy or borrow :)
  6. Shook

    FS/FT Nike VR Forged Split Cavity 3-PW

    My old iron set for sale. Nike VR Forged Split Cavity 3-PW, DG S300 shafts. Stock Nike grips, except the 5iron, which has a generic black rubber grip. They were purchased new about 1-year ago, and used for about 15 rounds and a few range sessions. The 5i was purchased separately and most of its...
  7. Shook

    Hornet attack on European Tour

    Anyone see this? Its crazy. http://www.golfdigest.com/blogs/the-loop/2014/04/european-tour-player-attacked.html
  8. Shook

    FS - Amp cell hybrid, FW, and driver shaft

    First - Amp Cell 3-4 wood. Used 5-6 rounds and a couple range sessions. Some face wear, but in great shape. Stock regular flex. Stock Cobra grip. Comes with head cover but no wrench. $70 shipped OBO. SOLD ($40) - Amp Cell 4-5 hybrid. Has lots of face wear and a couple small paint chips on...
  9. Shook

    Shook's swing

    Swings: http://youtu.be/ZdCRt_CQymM My first time posting a video here. A couple things I noticed: my takeaway starts a bit with my hands; my right leg gets too straight; and I think I'm rotating my hips too much. Any thoughts/advice/drills are appreciated.
  10. Shook

    Working the right muscles?

    I recently made some swing changes, and after a range session my glutes were sore. I've never had that happen before. Are they sore because I shouldn't be working them, or are they sore because they're finally being used properly?
  11. Shook

    Clubfitting session 2 - encouraging!

    I went for my first club fitting in November. I was disappointed in the launch monitor results, because I thought I'd had a decent swing developed. My driver swing speed was only 85-87 on average. Worse yet, the monitor showed I was coming out-to-in a whole 8° on average. My stamina was bad too...
  12. Shook

    FS/FT Cleveland Classic XL Custom - Kusala Blue shaft

    For sale is my Cleveland Classic XL Custom with a Miyazaki Kusala Blue 72x (X-flex) shaft. 9 degree base loft. I bought this used in September and used it for about 5 rounds, but it spins too much for me. Cleveland stock grip. Standard length I believe. Face shows little wear (has stickers on...
  13. Shook

    Music on the Golf Course Good or Bad?

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet...
  14. Shook

    US Amateur Public Links

    If you haven't heard, it's being discontinued after the 2014 season. That's too bad, in my opinion. It was nice to see a national tournament for those of us that have never been able to afford to join a private club. I know it's not the most popular tournament (searching the THP forums revealed...
  15. Shook

    Question from my fitting

    Last Saturday I finally went in for my iron fitting. I got on the launch monitor with my Nike VR Split Cavity 6-iron and my shots were all showing 125-135 yards total distance. However on an actual course my 6-iron is my 150-160yd club. I asked the pros doing my fitting about this difference and...
  16. Shook

    Mystery Science Theater (MST3K)

    Anyone else doing a marathon today? I started off with "Mitchell." Popping in "Mole People" next.
  17. Shook

    Odyssey's business plan

    This is something I've been wondering lately. Why hasn't Odyssey branched out to make any other types of clubs? They have the name recognition and tour exposure, so if they decide to build a driver they'd have no problem selling it. Why do you think the owners of Odyssey have chosen not to expand?
  18. Shook

    Cleveland 588 Custom Driver Preview

    Cleveland kept their word and sent me free stuff for keeping this a secret :) Got a hat, towel, socks, and a SmartSquare marker!
  19. Shook

    Birdieball Putting Greens

    got my 18 footer today!
  20. Shook

    Are there ceilings?

    I was pondering lately about potential and how far one can really go. Can someone make it to the PGA tour if their golf game isn't like all the other pros? I know Jim Furyk was told that he would need to change his swing to be a pro, but it turns out he made it work. So here's a list of...

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