1. LargePhil

    The Order of the Golden Keyboard

    Sorry that I missed the big day, but, JB is the first member of "The Order of the Golden Keyboard". 75,000 posts. This is the milestone that we should all strive to attain. It is absolutely fabulous to see JB. You are a tribute to your dream. Thank you for all you do.
  2. LargePhil

    PGA Superstore Subscription

    I extended my PGASuperstore membership to include the annual paid subscription. It is $99 per year and includes unlimited 30 minute sessions in the hitting bays. Since I have been chosen for a couple of tests, it seems like a good value. I wondered if anyone else had tried this? It is nice to be...
  3. LargePhil

    Question about lie in 3 woods

    I have a question that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Why does the 3 wood usually have the flattest lie in the bag? Usually one to two degrees flatter than even the driver. I have checked this with numerous manufacturers to confirm my findings.
  4. LargePhil

    Thank you jlukes

    Just wanted to let everyone know what a great purchase I made from jlukes. I bought an X-Hot Pro from jlukes and he threw in the X-Hot cap as well. He shipped it immediately. The transaction could not have gone better. Thank you.
  5. LargePhil

    Is Nike seeing it.

    How much impact do you think Rory's poor play is having on the Nike Golf brand?
  6. LargePhil

    Full Handicap tournaments - Where do you use your USGA handicap

    With the friction between the USGA, PGA of America and the PGA Tour, I thought I would ask how you use your USGA handicap or membership for that matter? It is fairly difficult to find a full handicap tournament. I play in one or two per year. I use my handicap to negotiate on the first tee...
  7. LargePhil

    How hard do you swing?

    I swing about 70%. This gives me about a 27/9 tempo. I feel it let's me have room to jump on a club if I am caught in between. I was wondering what other THP'rs thoughts were. I hadn't seen this discussed and I searched for it. Tapatalking
  8. LargePhil

    How tall are you?

    This may sound like a stupid topic, I get asked this about 20 times a day. So let's turn the tables. Just to start I am 6'9". Does anyone else remember Bill Walton claiming to be 6'11" because he thought anyone 7' was a freak? Tapatalking
  9. LargePhil

    New to THP but, a longtime hacker.

    Hello, I am Phil. I live in the mountains North of Atlanta and play a few times a week. Glad to be here. Really nice site.

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