1. buckeyewalt

    Adams Tight Lies

    Just saw the informercial on the Adams Tight Lies. Looks like they are starting to make somewhat of a comeback pretty much the same way that they started the first go-round. Interesting design!
  2. buckeyewalt

    New PXG Irons

    The original PXG 0211 have been sold out...and the "new" PXG 0211FB will be released soon: They are forged!
  3. buckeyewalt

    Face Balanced Putters

    I thought that face balanced putters are just that..face balanced. Just saw a real cool video where all face balanced putters are not alike. Sometimes when I test a putter out and it's face balanced and if the putter doesn't work out or I don't like it, it might be because of the CG placement...
  4. buckeyewalt

    Distanza Shaft

    So far I really haven't found anything better than the G400 MAX driver in terms of forgiveness and distance. My problem is my distance. My SS is in the low 80's and I have had the Alta CB 55 shaft as the original equipment. Good shaft, no issue OK distance(225-230), but nothing outstanding even...
  5. buckeyewalt

    Bounce In Irons

    I thought I would share this because I usually don't see that much on iron bounce other than wedges. In the last 10 years I've had 3 sets of irons. My last set was PXG 0211 which I basically bought un-tested except for a 6i that I purchased from PXG as a "tester". I was very impressed with the...
  6. buckeyewalt

    Android/Apple Google Covid Tracker

    Sometime this past week, google installed a tracker on smart phones that have a Google platform which almost all do. Although the tracker is not activated(?) you can opt in and it will alert you to all people around you who have tested positive for COVID 19. To see if you have the tracker: Go...
  7. buckeyewalt

    Raw Faced Wedges

    I thought I would give the MG2 58/11 raw wedge a shot since my best game is inside of 100 yards. I was thinking that the raw face would give the wedge more spin/bite on the ball. What I found out was that the raw face did almost nothing for me. By nothing I mean if the grass is wet from the dew...
  8. buckeyewalt

    Fan Tracking Has Come To The Memorial

    Looks like they are going to be tracking fans at the Memorial to make sure that distances are met. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/memorials-safety-plan-includes-tracking-fans-movements-badges?utm-tags=golf1304000&mi_u=662C751E-6525-4392-9D71-5B9E29C36B30
  9. buckeyewalt

    Garsen Putter Grips

    A guy that we were playing with had one of these on his putter, and it really felt great and puts your hands in the ideal position for a good stroke. I never heard of them so I'm asking the THP'ers if they have any experience with this line of grips. https://www.garsengolf.com/
  10. buckeyewalt


    For all those that cook, grilling or otherwise, there is a company called Spicelogy that has virtually every spice you can think of and some exotic spices as well at some decent prices. I purchased several items from them and have been totally satisfied. This is a chef owned business so I guess...
  11. buckeyewalt

    Happy Pizza Week

    Starting today (Sunday, January 12) it is National Pizza Week. I love Pizza. My favorite is thin crust, pepperoni, extra cheese and anchovies, you could toss in some banana peppers with that.:love:
  12. buckeyewalt

    Somthing New From Heinz

  13. buckeyewalt

    Hybrid One Length?

    In commenting and entering the OL challenge, I had some time to look back at my testing of the OL and some of the comments that were made in the challenge post related to my own experience. Seems like everyone(most) were on board with the OL in the 4-7 irons, but several including myself had...
  14. buckeyewalt

    Titleist Prestige Golf Balls

    Received a few e-mails about these balls which are "designed" for the Japanese market. Has anyone tried them good/bad? They are selling for under $24 dz. I really know nothing about them. Product Features Multi-layer core. New Soft High Power ZG inner core. 352 Dimple Design - Staggered...
  15. buckeyewalt

    How Can You Tell If You Have The Right Putter Grip?

    Can different grips produce different results? The reason I'm asking is that I took several putters out just to roll them and got different results and comfort levels from each grip. I always thought that as long as the grip is comfortable that it should be OK, guess that's thrown out the window...
  16. buckeyewalt

    Looks Like Kucher Is At It Again

    I like the guy, a good golfer that has been good for the game of golf, but lately his name has been in the news and not for good reasons. This is his latest. He took "loose impediments in the sand" to the fullest extent...
  17. buckeyewalt

    Do You Every Go Back To Your Old Irons?

    For the last several months my irons have been a mixed bag of hits. So I decided to go back to my old 714 AP1 with steel shafts and have found that not only do I these better than my CF16, but more accurate as well. So I'm in the process of re-gripping all of my AP1 irons with GP MMC+4 grips. I...
  18. buckeyewalt

    Plus and Star Markings On A Callaway Ball

    Got an e-mail from a company that is selling brand new Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X with graphene. The ad states: "These brand new balls (NOT logo overruns or X-outs) are Callaway's "Tour Select" versions—very special balls provided only to Callway's PGA Tour pros (including the elite...
  19. buckeyewalt

    Stroke Lab Shaft

    Looking at a chance to buy a Toulon putter with a stroke lab shaft. This was a tour putter but wasn't used by the player. The question I have is are these shafts counter balanced? I'm not too keen on counter balance and the seller doesn't know. Just looking some input on the stroke lab shafts.
  20. buckeyewalt

    Hot Sauce

    Don't know if anyone in here is interested indifferent hot sauces but I got some of this Bacon Me Crazy hot sauce that is just amazing. Made some brats and put this stuff on and wow was it ever good. My wife who thinks an ice cube is too spicy wouldn't even smell it!! Anyways, the have a bunch...

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