1. vthokies20

    December Course Review - TPC Stadium Course at PGA West

    In early December I had the opportunity to play the TPC Stadium Course at PGA West, one of six courses at PGA West. As most of you know, the Stadium Course hosts a PGA Tour Event. This year, the event will be named The Career Builder Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation. In...
  2. vthokies20

    Longaberger Golf Club - Now "The Virtues Golf Club"

    For anyone that played in the Cure Event or know of the club in Ohio, Longaberger Golf Club is being renamed in 2016. Full article below for anyone interested in reading it... http://longabergergolfclub.com/golf/blog/posts/541/2016-transition-to-a-new-era---the-virtues-golf-club.html
  3. vthokies20

    Caddies - Worth It?

    I played a new course for the first time a few weeks ago. It was mandatory to take a caddie. However, my caddie was in his first few weeks at the course, and really didn't provide any valuable information. A lot of "Avoid the right side" when there is clearly water to the right. Or "Avoid...
  4. vthokies20

    How Often Do You Get New Grips?

    Title explains it. How often do you get new grips? I usually replace mine after every year.
  5. vthokies20

    Who Would You Watch On The Range?

    I'm pretty excited to attend the U.S. Open next year at Oakmont. It will be the first tournament I attend. I'm already starting to think about strategy for a day. I definitely want to spend some time at the range and watch some of the guys warm up. If you could pick one player to watch on the...
  6. vthokies20

    Golf Off-season

    For those of you that cannot play golf for the entire year, what does your off-season consist of? Do you use a simulator? Indoor driving range? Completely take a few months off? I usually put the clubs away for a month or two. I might practice putting/chipping indoors. We have an indoor...
  7. vthokies20

    New Tournament

    You are allowed to add one new tournament to the PGA Tour Schedule. You can pick any course, but the event will be played at that course every year. Which course would you pick? What would the name of the tournament be?
  8. vthokies20

    FS - New SeeMore GIANT FGP

    I now have two of these, so I'm hoping a THPer will be interested in one. Brand new still in plastic. 35 inches, standard loft and lie. Golf Pride Tour Classic Red Midsize grip; Headcover included. Asking $200 shipped CONUS. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  9. vthokies20

    FREE Wooden Golf Ball Display Case

    A few weeks ago, Rob (CAA_Beat) was generous enough to send me his Club Glove. I was blown away when I received it. It was a great gesture and I can't wait to put it to use. I'd like to return the favor to the THP Community and keep the generosity going. I would like to give away my Wooden...
  10. vthokies20

    Contest - Rory McIlroy Bose Prize Pack

    http://www.golfchannel.com/bose?cid=instagram-gc-a-bose-rory-081414 Pretty sweet prize package here. Good luck to all who enter!
  11. vthokies20

    Dixon Golf Balls

    Dixon was a sponsor for the last golf outing I played in. They were generous enough to provide each participant with a sleeve of their Dixon Earth golf balls. They also gave us a 10% off coupon to use online. I did some research on them when I got home, and was absolutely shocked at what I saw...
  12. vthokies20

    Reversible Golf Layout

    http://www.globalgolfpost.com/blog/a-reversible-layout-that-could-turn-golf-inside-out/ Not sure if anyone posted this already today, but a pretty interesting read. If any of you are in the Roscommon area, might be worth a try.
  13. vthokies20

    Dream Foursome

    Not sure if there is a thread for this already (may be older), but I wanted to hear everyones thoughts on their dream foursome. You can pick from current or past PGA and/or LPGA members. I would say Arnie, Lee Trevino and Paula Creamer, although there are many more that can be substitued...
  14. vthokies20

    Gambling On The Course - Groups Of Three

    Just wanted to see you thoughts about bets in a threesome. One of the games I always turn to is the 9's game. For those of you who don't know, the 9's game consits of 9 possible points on each hole (handicaps enforced). For a three-way tie, 3 points are awarded to each golfer. With all...
  15. vthokies20

    New Member from Pittsburgh

    Been a follower for a while. Love the site :good:and all the information available. Decided to finally join and see what I can contribute.

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