1. Tywithay

    For Sale Titleist Tsi2 Driver 9*

    Wanted to love this driver. Sadly, it didn't love me back. Minimal range and indoor use. Sole has some very faint, typical scratches. Crown is clean, no skymarks. Has the Hzrdus Black RDX in 6.0 flex, with a MCC grip. Includes matching headcover and wrench. Asking $380 shipped within the US48.
  2. Tywithay

    Thor Hammer Putter

    Saw this on IG today and couldn't resist sharing. He really outdid himself this time.
  3. Tywithay

    For Sale Fujikura Ventus Red 6X w/Callaway adapter

    Put a few range sessions in with this shaft and as much as I wanted it too, it didn't beat out my gamer. Shaft is still in mint condition. Has a brand new MCC +4 Align grip and a Callaway adapter. Plays at 46" so it could still be trimmed to standard and/or tipped. Asking $230 shipped
  4. Tywithay

    For Sale NIB Payntr X 001F Golf Shoes Sz12

    Ordered these from the preorder and received the wrong size. Reached out and got a couple emails, but nothing really happened, so I'll cut my losses. These are the white version (obviously, from the photo). Size is UK11/US12 (I ordered a US13). I tried them on to see if they'd fit, but otherwise...
  5. Tywithay

    For Sale Swag Putter Covers

    Thought about gaming a couple of these, but decided to stick with a different one. Still sealed and pretty sure I have the stickers around somewhere. Gold Jacket/Green Jacket Asking $115
  6. Tywithay

    For Sale Taylormade M5 Titanium 3 Wood 15*

    Brand new, never hit. Right hand, stiff flex Tensei CK Orange, standard length. 15* loft I do not have the original headcover, but will include either one of the Craftsman covers pictured for free, if you want one. Asking $215 shipped in the US48
  7. Tywithay

    For Sale Titleist TS2 18* 5 wood

    Bought this more as an experiment, but I'm sticking with a hybrid instead of the 5w. I bought it used, and used it a handful of times. It's still in good condition, but does show signs of use off the deck. As the title states, it's an 18* 5 wood. It has a Tensei AV Blue 65 shaft in stiff flex...
  8. Tywithay

    For Sale Cobra Supersport 35 w/ Stability Tour shaft

    This is the Cobra 3D printed putter with the Sik face. The shaft has been upgraded to the $249 Stability Tour. It has a couple very small marks, but nothing that will affect playability and nothing visible at address. It looks and feels great, but didn't benefit my game versus my normal gamer...
  9. Tywithay

    For Sale Bettinardi Studio Stock #3

    This putter is brand new. I've just decided over the winter that I will continue to use a traditional blade. This is RH and 33". Everything is stock. It has an oversized Lamkin Deep Etch grip. Also includes the stock Bettinardi headcover that came with. Asking $150 shipped
  10. Tywithay

    Most important club to get fit

    As the title states, which club do you think it's most important to get fit? Obviously, the correct answer is all of them, but which specifically is most beneficial? Putter is used most often. Driver has the biggest potential for disaster. Irons offer 7 or 8 opportunities to be dialed in or...
  11. Tywithay

    For Sale Tour Striker Planemate

    Bought this when they first came out, but have never really had a chance to use it. With a one year old little girl, I'm just lucky when I get to play at all, let alone dedicating time to practice. Everything that originally came with is included, save for the box. I don't believe I kept it, but...
  12. Tywithay

    How do you cope?

    Ordered a set of irons Jan. 2, but they had a 4-6 week backorder. Feels like that was about 3 months ago and it has been 3 weeks. Now I keep seeing all the new releases and my eyes are wandering. How do you pass the time waiting for your new clubs to arrive?
  13. Tywithay

    For Sale Callaway Mavrik 4H 21*

    This is a demo club that was never actually hit. It does have some light shop wear, but nothing that really sticks out and certainly nothing that affects playability. Face is mint. It's right handed, has a 6.0 Project X Catalyst 75 shaft at standard length, and a standard Tour Velvet grip...
  14. Tywithay

    For Sale Swag Golf Masters Skull Cover

    Bought a new gamer, so I don't really need this one sitting around. Excellent condition, no rips, snags, etc. Asking $100 shipped US48
  15. Tywithay

    I Hate Thieves

    Ordered a Cobra hybrid this week. Mail usually doesn't arrive until 330 or so in the afternoon, so I ran some errands this morning. Get a notification that it had been delivered while I was at the grocery store. Got home not even 15 minutes later and there's nothing on the porch. Don't really...
  16. Tywithay

    For Sale Callaway Mavrik 9* Driver Head

    As the title states, this is the 9* standard Mavrik head in excellent condition. RH and includes the tool and matching headcover. Asking $185 shipped US48
  17. Tywithay

    Set of 13 Green MCC +4 Midsize Grips

    Bought these for a backup set and I no longer have said set. They're all brand new, in the plastic. All are midsize MCC +4. Asking $55 shipped in the US48
  18. Tywithay

    Ventus Black 6S - Callaway adapter

    As the title states, I have for sale a Fujikura Ventus Black 6S with Velocore. It has a factory installed Callaway adapter that will fit any of their recent offerings. It has a standard Callaway Tour Velvet Align grip. It measures 44.5" Asking $205 shipped in the US48
  19. Tywithay

    FS: New Level 1126 Forged 4-P

    Bought this set recently with the intention of playing them this spring. Was fortunate to receive another set of irons, so these are no longer really needed. They are brand new and have never been outside. As title states, this is the 4 thru Pitching wedge. They are stock length, loft, and lie...
  20. Tywithay


    Hit this about 10 times on my indoor green and it's just not for me. Grip, face, everything is in immaculate new condition. It's 34" and includes the stock headcover. Asking $130 shipped

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