1. Cjgolf25

    Do you keep the same shaft when upgrading?

    I know it's never a good thing to compare what the pros do but its no secret that most of them tend to stay in the same shafts when they upgrade their equipment. When they do make a shaft change, golf nerds like us start talking about why, especially when they have been in the same shaft for a...
  2. Cjgolf25

    PGA SS vs Club Champion Fitting

    Looking at a new driver this year and wanting to get a fitting done. I am looking at either going to the PGA SS to do their tour van fitting or going to Club Champion. Wanted to get feedback on those that have done one of the other. Your thoughts on the experience, the price, value, and were...
  3. Cjgolf25

    First Responder Games 2019 Tampa Golf June 12-13

    Curious to know if any first responders in Florida are coming to Tampa for the first responder games and playing in one of the golf events. I signed up for the handicapped event which will be played at Fox Hollow Golf Club for Round 1 and Buckhorn Springs Golf and Country Club for Round 2. Im...
  4. Cjgolf25

    Wedge Fittings

    Quick question; looking to upgrade my wedges for 2019 and really looking hard into SM7. I want to do a wedge fitting and thought about going to the PGA SS for it but I have reservation about doing an indoor wedge fitting. Every fitting I have ever done has been indoor but I have never done a...
  5. Cjgolf25

    I’m Still Alive (Auto Accident and Recovery)

    In order to understand how I got here, I have to take you back to the night of July 12, 2018. As some of you know I am a police officer down here and Florida and I presently work the night shift. The night of the 12th was like any other, I had just gotten back to the station with some Taco...
  6. Cjgolf25

    Cjgolf25 - WITB

    Finally getting around to doing this post. My bag has not changed since 2015 with two exception, driver and putter. I’m still gaming my gear from Legacy. It’s hard to part with any of it, mostly because it’s a reminder of one of the greatest weeks in golf I have ever experienced, but changes...
  7. Cjgolf25

    Shaft Adaptors

    So I have decided to do some experimenting with different shafts and am in need of a Callaway adaptor. Naturally I looked on eBay and every single one I see uses the term “OEM Quality” which leads me to believe it’s not an authentic Callaway adaptor but rather an aftermarket adaptor. Has...
  8. Cjgolf25

    #THPCallout Cjgolf25 vs CobraX51

    Calling you out bud, let's have a hell of a match. Location: Bloomingdale Golf Club Date: May 21st Time: 12:25pm Tees: White Match Play Callout Record: Cjgolf25 (0-1) CobraX51 (0-0) Handicap: Cjgolf25 15.7 - CobraX51 17
  9. Cjgolf25

    My return to THP

    Some know me and probably many don't, but i have been away for sometime. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way of the game I love and this amazing website. I have not picked up my clubs or played a hole in about 4 months. Sure i have had a random trip to TopGolf but that hasn't been...
  10. Cjgolf25

    #THPCallOut - Wake I'm comin after you! - 5/7

    Location - Huntington Hills Golf and Country Club Date and Time - May 7th, 7:42 AM Tee Time Tees - Gold- Par 72- 6553 yards Stakes - Loser will be the winner a hat of the winners choosing from the pro shop with the loser signing the hat over to the winner. Tale of the Tape - WITB for Wake...
  11. Cjgolf25

    Low spin driver shaft

    Currently in the market for a new shaft for my J815. My current one is producing to much spin and robbing me of some precious distance. Right now its between an Aldila RIP Alpha 60 or a Fujikura Motore Speeder 661. Anyone have any experience with these and if so, what head did you pair them...
  12. Cjgolf25

    Ever wear golf clothes for business casual?

    I never get the concept of business casual. I either over dress or under dress. Today is my first day at my nee job for a PD and due to the shortage of uniforms everyone was told to come in business casual for orientation. They specifically said button up or polo. Totally forgot to pick my...
  13. Cjgolf25

    FS: Ping i20s, Tour Gorge Wedges and Tour Issue S400 wedge shafts

    Well my wife is forcing me to clean a little house so here we go. First up is a set of Ping i20s (Blue Dot) 4-PW with CFS X-Stiff shafts. These are standard length and loft. I have had these in play for 2 seasons. SOLD!!! Next I have 2 Ping Tour Gorge Wedges (Blue Dot) 50° and 54°...
  14. Cjgolf25

    Idiot tries to retrieve his golf ball from under a gator

    http://thechive.com/2015/06/18/idiot-tries-to-retrieve-his-golf-ball-from-under-a-gator-video/ You can't teach stupid.
  15. Cjgolf25

    How could this happen? (Friend's RBZ)

    So I got a text message from a good friend yesterday and he sent me the above pic. Quick biography, he is an avid golfer. I got him hooked onto the game when we were both at training in Virginia. I took him out with me and he became hooked. He takes very good care of his equipment and is no...
  16. Cjgolf25

    Morning Round before the U.S. Open (Tampa Bay Area)

    Looking to see if any THPers in the Tampa Bay Area want to play Sunday morning before the final round of the U.S. Open. I don't have a course in mind yet, but I'm open to anywhere. I would like it to be early morning as I know it is Faher's Day for many plus I want to watch the final round.
  17. Cjgolf25

    Poll: USGA lifts cellphone ban, do you agree?

    The USGA will be lifting the cell phone ban for the 2015 US Open. First I will say that I wasn't aware of any ban to begin with. I assume the rules at the U.S. Open was the same as any other PGA Tour event, in that you can only use cell phones in designated areas. USGA will have four...
  18. Cjgolf25

    The Claw at USF (University of South Florida) - Tampa, Florida

    Introduction The state of Florida as a long tradition of producing NCAA National Champions in many sports and that includes golf. While you do have big schools such as Florida State and The University of Florida that are quite competitive, Tampa has a school that has seen success in recent...
  19. Cjgolf25

    Is my new move causing me to come over the top (Video)

    Hello Freddie, Can you please take a look at my swing. I recently started working on pointing the toe down the line in my back swing. I introduced it for the first time at the Live Driver Test and was pleasantly surprised how well it performed. I recorded some driver swings too look at it a...
  20. Cjgolf25

    Lost/stolen 58 degree wedge

    I will try to keep this short and sweet as I'm still very upset. I decided to go and play 18 holes with a few friends of mine and use this opportunity to get some practice in for #THPLegacy. One the 8th hole I hit an approach shot that finished right into a grenade bunker. I used my 58 to...

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