1. thewilderside

    Targeted launch monitor numbers with the driver?

    Is there any kind of guide / sheet out there that breaks down what generally you want to see for launch angle and back spin numbers with your driver? I was looking at numbers on the monitor today and realized I don't know if what I'm seeing is good or bad.
  2. thewilderside

    CONTEST Year supply of Chrome Soft X

    Stumbled across this on the interwebs. https://1.shortstack.com/7R1Jzh?fbclid=IwAR1Re2MuN67GX2Di62EYgOU2Fgk40szRlsjQAGArhglt0hukLhygssG6zME
  3. thewilderside

    2020 Chrome Soft vs. ERC Soft

    I fell in love with Triple Track last year, specifically in the Chrome Soft. However, I have a penchant for losing golf balls at an alarming rate at times. When I saw that ERC Soft also had the TT it piqued my curiosity about possibly dropping down a bit in price range for this coming season...
  4. thewilderside

    Ben Hogan News?

    Just saw this. Anyone have any ideas? Maybe the new Edge Irons?
  5. thewilderside

    Least favorite book to movie spin-off

    Sort of piggybacking off of the favorite movie thread with this, but as the topic says what's your least favorite book to movie conversion? For me it's hands down the Jack Reacher movies based on the Lee Child series. I can't get over casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, if you've ever read any...
  6. thewilderside

    Titleist and Pinehurst

    It's not in the cards for me but saw this on Twitter and thought it seems like something a THPer could take advantage of. Seems like a solid deal Jan - Feb, two people, $699 per person.
  7. thewilderside

    For Sale Taylor Made M4 D-Type 9.5* Stiff

    I'm selling my Taylor Made M4 D-Type with a Matrix MFS X5 White Tie in stiff flex. Purchased new last year, but the Callaway B21 is the driver for me. Club has been used a fair amount, but still has plenty of life left. Also comes with generic TM head cover. Asking $150 shipped CONUS.
  8. thewilderside

    Packing for your golf trip

    When you're packing for your trip, do you go with placing trust in the airline to get your luggage there or do you pack as much as you can into your carry-on bags? Southwest allows a carry-on plus a second bag as long as it fits under your seat. Should I put as much as possible in these, and...
  9. thewilderside

    Warm/Hot and Rainy

    What's your go to outfit for a round of golf that's going to be warm but likely rainy as well? Do you go standard shorts and polo, and throw on a rain jacket for the rain or do you have a specific top/bottom you like to wear?
  10. thewilderside

    Effect of adding weight to driver head?

    Hi all - I'm looking at changing out the weight in my Big Bertha B21 driver because I don't love the feel of it being so lightweight. Aside from the feel, would you expect any change in performance of the driver if I just went to the heaviest weight I can find (15-18g is what I've seen)?
  11. thewilderside

    Recommendations for new golf shoe?

    Looking for recommendations for new golf shoes. Would like to keep it under $100, open to spikeless but they make me nervous (about grip) having never worn them, and I walk most of the time I golf.
  12. thewilderside

    How far in advance do you book your flights?

    With an early November trip coming up (thanks again THP :)) I'm wondering how long I should wait until I book my flights? Do you get them booked right off, or wait until 2-3 weeks out before booking?
  13. thewilderside

    Soft Case on Southwest Flights?

    Planning to bring my golf bag on a Southwest flight, but paused when I read this: Golf bag in hard-sided golf bag carrying case provided by Passenger, including clubs, balls, and shoes. Hooded golf bags or golf bags in a soft-sided carrying case provided by the Passenger will be subject to...
  14. thewilderside

    Do you take dry swings?

    I don't get to golf everyday, much to my chagrin. However, I will randomly throughout the day take "dry" swings trying to create muscle memory of whatever swing key I'm working on at the moment. Am I insane?
  15. thewilderside

    Why are my club heads snapping off?

    I'm playing 11 year-old Burner 2.0 irons that are extended by 1". That doesn't seem very old, and I've been hitting them pretty well, but in the last 3 weeks both the 4-iron (pic below) and 5-iron heads have snapped off at the range. Neither strikes that snapped the heads were notably poor...
  16. thewilderside

    Golf Galaxy Custom Specs

    Does anyone know how the custom length and lie work is done when ordering from Golf Galaxy? Is it done by the club manufacturer, or is it done by Golf Galaxy? Does anyone have any thoughts on Golf Galaxy? I'm curious as they have the JPX921 and *seemingly* I could get an additional 15% off by...
  17. thewilderside

    PTX Pro vs. Mavrik Irons

    As some of you may recall my wife recently gave me the green light to purchase some new irons. After much research I had honed in on the PTX Pros from Ben Hogan and the Z5 series from Srixon. I was fortunate enough to have a fellow THPer let me take some swings with the PTX Pros and I...
  18. thewilderside

    Pick it apart

    I was lucky enough last night to not only take some swings with some irons I'm looking to buy, but the kind fellow (@GraniteRoost) also snapped a few pics of my swing. Clubs are shorter than I'm used to, but figure I'd throw these out there and see if anyone sees anything glaring I could work on?
  19. thewilderside

    Ben Hogan PTX Purchase Help

    So the wife gave a full greenlight to buy new clubs and after reading countless reviews I've decided I'm going the Hogan route. I have a few questions that hopefully some of y'all could offer insight on. First, as an improving mid-high handicapper (16-18 depending on day) am I overshooting...
  20. thewilderside

    Switch to Mid-size grips?

    I've played a standard size grip forever, and frankly barely knew of the existence of different grip sizes. I recently hit a friends driver with a mid-size grip and loved the feel of it. I wear a men's large glove, and my miss leans toward a fade/slice. Generally speaking, is there an impact...

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