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    Cart Path Only

    Certain holes at our course drain really great, others not so. We began our round last week by being told in the pro shop that the course was cart path only. OK, we have a golf membership and we respect the course and try to abide by all the rules. Hole #12 is a long hole, and me and my two...
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    WTB Old TM Fairway Rescue #3

    Would like to buy old Taylormade Fairway Rescue #3, graphite shaft, regular flex. Please PM me if interested. Thank you.
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    Almost a Disaster

    First hole on Monday. It requires an iron to a dogleg left. I hit my usual 5 iron, but shanked it (something I haven't done in years). It was a line drive straight toward the head of my 92 year old playing buddy who was waiting to tee off about 20 yards in front of us at the "red" tees. He...
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    Water Situation

    With this Pandemic, I don't see golf courses offering drinking water on the course anytime soon. I carry two thermos(es?) when I play, one with gatorade, and one with water, and if I ration properly they might last 18 holes. In the past, on particularly hot/humid days I could go through 6-8...
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    58 Year Drought Over - HIO

    Played today. On the 8th hole of Ocean Acres GC, I hit a 7 iron into the par 3. It was 135 yards, bounced twice and I heard it hit the pin. I told one of my playing partners that I did not see the ball on the green, and kidded that it might be in the hole. We walked to the pin and the ball...
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    WTB: Senior/Light Flex Driver Shaft w/Opti Fit Connector for Rogue Driver

    Want to try a Senior or Light Flex shaft in my Rogue Driver. The Regular Flex seems to work OK, but I'd like to experiment with a softer shaft. Please PM if you have one to sell.
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    TeeLess Driver Infomercial

    According to Notah Begay, unless you're cranking your driver 270 yards, your equipment is holding you back from playing your best golf and you need this driver! I just love infomercials!
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    Golf Course Greed

    My buddies and I pay a yearly fee to play golf at a nearby course. The fee allows golf with cart, monday thru and including friday. They have another membership that allows play 7 days a week, which costs more, and we don't need since we don't golf on weekends. We've continued this 5-day...
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    WTB/WTTF - TM R7 CGB Max HT Driver

    Looking to buy or trade for a Taylor Made, regular flex, R7 CGB Max, HT (high trajectory) Driver. PM if you have one that you want to sell.
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    Izzo - great customer service

    My Izzo Swami gps unit "died" last week - probably from sitting in the bag for a year without use. I charged it the night before the round, but during the round it just stopped, and the screen went blank. I sent Izzo customer support an email explaining the above, and that it was definitely...
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    Kohl's Big and Tall Clearance

    Once in a while I find some great bargains at Kohl's. Yesterday I bought two Haggar long sleeve polo shirts (save them for the cooler weather), originally priced $55 each, marked down to $11 each, and on clearance for $5.50 each. They only had two in my size or I would have bought a few more...
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    Callaway Pre-owned Customer Service

    I ordered an Odyssey Works Big T Versa putter a couple of weeks ago. It was supposed to have the black powder coated shaft. When it arrived it had a regular steel shaft. I called customer service, and said the putter was not what was advertised. Within minutes another putter was on its way...
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    WTB/WTTF Callaway XR #4 or #5 FW with Senior Shaft

    I've got some TM fairway woods to trade, or depending on condition can spend around $100. PM if you have anything you want to part with. Thanks.
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    Out For The Year

    Last Friday I underwent an L4/L5 Spinal Fusion, along with the removal of a Synovial Cyst at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Everything went great, but the recovery takes a while, and it won't be until next Summer some time that I'll be swinging a club again. Thanks to...
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    Good Cigar Deal (Not Free or a giveaway)

    Saw this deal from Holts, if anyone is interested. 5 assorted Rocky Patel cigars for $12 includes free shipping. If this doesn't belong here, please close it, or I will if I can. www.holts.com/RPDEAL
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    WTB - Driver shaft Senior Flex - .350 tip

    Looking to buy a senior flex driver shaft, .350 tip to reshaft my r7 CGB Max driver. A shaft pull is perfectly fine. I did an awesome deal with Overcomer last year and got 3 shafts, but now I'm in need of another. thanks.
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    NJ Golf Show in Somerset, NJ

    Some friends and I plan to attend this Friday. Does anyone have any links or info on getting discounted (or free) tickets? thanks
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    WTTF R7 CGB Max Driver Headcover

    I've got a bunch of assorted headcovers (some new), mostly TM that I can trade for a decent-shape TM R7 CGB Max driver headcover. PM me if you have one that you want to trade.
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    WTB RBZ Stage 2 5HL Reg Flex Fairway Wood

    WTB TM RBZ Stage 2 reg. flex 5HL (21 degrees) fairway wood. Will probably have to be $ (personal check) as I don't have much to trade - a bunch of misc. used headcovers, a couple of wooden-shafted clubs, etc..., just random stuff. PM if you have one you'd be willing to part with. Looking to...
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    WTB Senior Flex Driver Shaft

    All done - thank you. I have an old TM Burner 2007 (a spare driver) that I would like to re-shaft with a senior flex shaft. I don't know a lot about shaft diameters, but I think the tip is .350. If you have one you'd like to sell, PM me. thanks,

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