1. wam78

    For Sale Callaway ‘18 X Forged 24* UT

    Shipping USPS unless buyers wants otherwise. One item for sale today. Callaway ‘18 X Forged 24* UT $145 OBRO Accra iCWT 105x shaft Lamkin sonar grip with plenty of life left Minimal use. Has a little bag chatter but it’s in great shape for it’s age.
  2. wam78

    For Sale Ping G425 5 Wood

    One item for sale/trade today. Will ship USPS unless buyer wants otherwise. Trade bait: tsi2 or tsi3 15* fairway in stiff, kbs $ taper 130 4 or 5-pw, Evnroll er7b 34” Ping G425 5 Wood $old Alta slate cb 65s with arccos 2 rounds / 2 range sessions Not looking to separate head & shaft Comes...
  3. wam78

    WTB Wilson Staff Model Blade 8-PW, heads only preferred

    Looking for some clean heads. Please no browning or excessive wear marks. Will considers shafts as well. LMK. Thanks!
  4. wam78

    For Trade Tour Issue Callaway ‘19 Apex Pro Double Dots 5-pw

    Looking to trade or sell a clean set of tour issue apex pro double dot irons. Will ship through UPS unless buyers wants different. This is my second set. Picked these up second hand and only played 1 round with them. My original set had some patina set in pretty fast. These don’t seem to be...
  5. wam78

    For Sale 18 Callaway X Forged UT 24*

    Hello Fellow Golf Nerds! Will ship through UPS unless buyer requests a different method. Post office is struggling at the moment with getting things to people on time. Callaway 18 X Forged UT 24*, Accra iCWT 105x, Lamkin Sonar Standard Grip $150 shipped Has a half season of use. Little bag...
  6. wam78

    For Sale Mizuno M Craft I with Stability Tour

    **PRICE DROP** One item for sale today. Will ship through UPS as the post office is not awesome at the moment. Unless buyer prefers different. Open to trades: NP2 style putters, plumber’s neck mallets, flow neck mid mallet, apex MB’s 8-pw heads only, pretty open to options. Shoot em over...
  7. wam78

    For Sale Cobra Speedzone Big Tour

    For sale today is a Cobra Speedzone Big Tour 13.5* with hzrdus smoke yellow 6.5. In excellent shape with very minimal use. No original headcover, but will ship with knit headcover. $150 shipped.
  8. wam78

    For Sale Custom Cushman Raw Carbon C&C 1.0

    For sale or trade is a Cushman C&C 1.0 $385 David Cushman is a boutique putter maker out of Coronado, CA. He makes incredibly solid feeling putters and does all the work himself. Great guy to work with. This just does not fit my stroke at the moment. Similar to a laguna head shape. Really...
  9. wam78

    WTB M6 Driver 9* head only

    Looking for a clean, mint to very good shape m6 driver, head only preferred. If it's with a shaft we can discuss. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  10. wam78

    For Sale Sweet gear: Bridgestone Irons, National Custom Works & Scratch Wedges, Toulon Las Vegas

    Hello All, Making room for new gear. Shipping USPS priority CONUS only. Feel free to text me for quick responses @ 202-615-0275. Open to package deals. Would prefer cash, but open to trades. See trade list below! On to the goods. Trade interests: 4 hybrid: cobra speedzone, 818 h2...

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