1. McKillian

    Talking to a hook?

    So I had sort of a breakthrough today, I almost controlled the ball both draw and fade. I´ve taken lessons which mostly have dealt with my stance and spineangle - now I´ve topped/thinned/shanked you name it through bucketloads of balls and now I´ve come out of it with a new stance and better...
  2. McKillian

    Zuca sportbag?

    My oldest daughter has a birthday coming up and she really want one of these sportbags (She´s a figureskater). She´s had a good skating season so of course we´ll get her one. I can get this in Sweden for around 230$. Is there anyone on THP that´s got connections or know if there´s a better way...
  3. McKillian

    In the rough tune borrowed by toy company

    Just sitting on the couch with the laptop, the kids are watching the Boomerang channel and what do I hear? The In the rough tune! Some toy manufacturer stole it!! I didn´t get it at first, I was like "did I click on an old episode of in the rough on my computer by accident???? Funny.
  4. McKillian

    Mystery speed-plug??

    Hey, Saw this weird speed-aid yesterday at a golfshop. Don´t know the name of it on account of trying to keep track of my two youngest kids inside the shop. I can describe it and how its supposed to work, maybe anyone has seen and tried it? Ok, its a weight plug of maybe 50 grams formed as...
  5. McKillian

    Spotify invites

    So its time for you guys over the pond to get into spotify. I have 8 invites to give away. Just pm me with you email and you´re good to go!
  6. McKillian

    Got a good tip from a pro golfer on wedges

    Here´s a drill I got from a pro golfer on connecting solid with wedges and short irons. Take an alignment stick and put it through the butt-end of your club or hold it along the shaft in your grip. The stick forces you to keep your hands in front of the ball making you connect solid on the ball...
  7. McKillian

    Thoughts and prayers to Norway!

    Yesterday tragic events in Norway has lead to at least 84 dead on an Island near Oslo, the capital of Norway by a lunatic(Anders Behring Breivik 32 yrs old). At roughly the same time Oslo was rocked by a bomb againts the parliament building killing people. This is called "The most trying...
  8. McKillian

    Some rangetesting

    Had a nice time yesterday at the range with some driver testing. I hit five drivers alongside my 4DX and left the range with more questions than I arrived with. Of course I´m more likely to hit my own driver better than new ones but still. The ones I hit was: Cleveland launcher, TM superfast 2...
  9. McKillian

    Lowest spinning drivers

    Which, in your opinion, are the lowest spinning drivers? Are there some stats on THP somewhere?
  10. McKillian

    Drill for not hitting down on ball with driver

    Went to try out the new Cleveland drivers on a trackman monitor today. Was very imressed by increase in SS, but still hitting way too steep on the ball with driver. SS avg: 107 mph Launch angle: sub 1o degrees Carry:210-220 meters Spinn: ridoncolus..... I want to bottom out the swing arc...
  11. McKillian

    Blame Canada?? Or who do you blame for the weather?!

    For awhile now the newspapers have had the need to blame someone for the weather here in Sweden. We´ve had "the extreme cold Russian weather/Blizzard/whatever", "the extreme cold Polish weather" and now we´re blaming the Danes for "the extreme Danish thaw weather". Winter in Sweden is usually...
  12. McKillian

    Heavy club for streching and swing speed??

    I´m on a mission to try and extend the arc in my backswing(and increase SS). I´ve seen this training aid a few times but never tried it. It comes in different length and weight, usually with a training grip. Has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts on this?
  13. McKillian

    300 yards or bust!

    This is one of my new year resolutions: Next year I´ll be driving the ball 300 yards. I´m going to do it even if it kills me! Background: I used to be a pretty long hitter but last couple of years I´ve been dropping lenght due to lack of physical fitness and shorter and shorter swing. This has...
  14. McKillian

    Buying real estate in Florida (or other states)?

    Hi, I´m currently pondering to buy a house in Florida. I´m not a US citizen (Swedish), what are the do´s and don´ts regarding buying real estate in the US or more specifically Florida. Which particular areas in Florida would you recommend? Help me guys!!

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