1. Jaybanks9

    Camaro ZL-1 1LE vs. Mustang GT350 vs. Hellcat?

    I had a 08 shelby gt500 and it was an awesome car. Now I have a 17 SS 1le and it's insane! This car handles amazing and flies. Here's a pic of my two toys. The times the 1les put down at tracks is impressive for the price. I like all 3
  2. Jaybanks9

    Cobra amp women clubs

    The wife and I were at golf galaxy today and I was showing her the women's clubs since she wants another set since she's playing on the set I bought her a few years ago without a fitting. She's 5'7 and her clubs seem a bit short. Her next set will be fitted. When I looked at the amps they were...
  3. Jaybanks9

    Caddies and laser rangefinders?

    When the guys are playing at the masters this week can the caddies use a laser rangefinder without slope during actual rounds? Do they have to go around with the laser and map it out during practice rounds or just by walking the course?ive just never seen them using one, but guys have them on...
  4. Jaybanks9

    Hooking it

    I have a r11 with the stock blur stiff shaft. Whenever I try to hit it hard since I bought it, it results in a hook. If I baby it it's decent. Could this be that the flex is too weak? I've never had this issue. Never even hit a hook before this driver
  5. Jaybanks9

    Kingsmill river course

    Friday I'll be playing kingsmills river course. The same one the ladies have their fifth major on. Anybody played here or have any advice?
  6. Jaybanks9

    Something I doubt I'll witness again

    I was playing today with a buddy at my local course. It was a 492 yard par 5 with trouble all along the right side, green slopes front to back with a three foot hump of about 45 degrees in the front of the green. The guy I was playing with double eagled from 190. Great shot! I got to say, super...
  7. Jaybanks9

    Just need to vent

    My sister is 23 and going thru a rough time. She wasn't feeling well for about a year and doctors couldn't figure it out. She went to the er with a headache that had her in tears and they performed a MRI. When they did they found a couple tumors on her brain. They put a drain tube in the tumor...
  8. Jaybanks9

    DJ's president cup atvs

    Does anyone know if the white blue and red Adidas atv dj is wearing for the president cup will be available to the public
  9. Jaybanks9

    TaylorMade bag is complete!

    Finally completed my bag this afternoon! I went in with every intention of picking up an r11 5 wood. I play the r11 driver and 3 wood, plus the irons. The 5 wood was going to replace a 2 hybrid Nike slingshot. I decided to hit the r11 5 wood and burner hybrid. The 5 wood was about 5 yrds longer...
  10. Jaybanks9

    NFL breast cancer awareness

    Please do not take this thread the wrong way. Just a thought I had yesterday and not trying to be insensitive whatsoever. There are room for both. With every October being breast cancer month the NFL has a lot of pink accessories to raise awareness. I know men get breast cancer as well as...
  11. Jaybanks9

    Great in-laws

    My bday was last weekend and the inlaws brought me a divot tool back from st andrews. I'll post pics later. My question is does it stay in the bag or do I use it since mentally it feels like a good luck charm lol. It has two ball markers with it which is pretty cool too
  12. Jaybanks9

    Duck hook

    I've been hitting my r11 great since I bought it, but the last few 18 has been struggle. I normally hit driver 260-270 with a slight fade. Last week I started hitting a baby draw after working on my irons a lot. Loved the flight! Then today out of the 12 times I hit driver, there were about 8...
  13. Jaybanks9

    Sleepy Hole Golf Course

    Has anyone else played here? It's in Suffolk, va. It's always in good shape and a great course if you don't want to worry about seeing any houses. It's a great layout. Carries over water off the tee and on approach shots and the nicest 18th in the area when the sun goes down. Heard it's in great...

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