1. Caper

    FS: Srixon Z765 Driver & F45 3 Wood

    I've got a couple of Srixon clubs for sale. Srixon Z765 Driver 10.5* with stiff shaft. I'd say it's easily 7.5/10 condition wise. There is a nick on the toe (pictured) not seen at address. Asking $180 plus shipping obo. Srixon F45 3 wood with stiff shaft. 8/10 condition. Asking $50 plus...
  2. Caper

    WTB: Srixon Z565 Driver

    Looking for a Srixon Z565 driver. 9.5* head with either a stiff or x-stiff shaft. Prefer the stock Miyazaki shaft but open to others. Want something in very good used condition, no skymarks. Have to be willing to ship to the great white north. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  3. Caper

    WTB: 2014 Ping Rapture 13* 3 Wood

    Looking for the club in the title in a stiff or X flex. PM if you've got one to part with. Thanks.
  4. Caper

    Teaching Opportunities in the US?

    Hey folks, just wondering if there are any teachers out there or if anyone knows what the teaching scene is like down where most of you are in the States. It is something I have been thinking about the past while, and though I am not ready to pick up and go tomorrow, it is something I would...
  5. Caper

    Custom Knitted Headcovers

    I am looking for some feedback here. My mother is nearing retirement and is trying to think of something she can do from the comfort of home and make some money. She had made me a set of headcovers for Christmas a few years ago and I absolutely love them. I have never seen anyone on the corse...
  6. Caper

    PING G20 - Should I Pull the Trigger???

    So I literally JUST bought a Bubba G20 5 days ago and have not hit it on course. I found a regular G20 online today, used for 4 rounds and the guy is selling it because he doesn't like it as much as his TaylorMade. He is selling it for $130 shipped (he said he doesn't know what it is worth as...
  7. Caper

    My First Official Handicap

    I just signed my girlfriend and myself up for our first ever official RCGA handicap cards. I have always kept track of it using a site called Mobile Golf Stats which was obvs not an official site. Now we will be eligible to enter more tournaments and keep more accurate stats. It is renewable...
  8. Caper

    How Often Do You Wash Your Balls?

    Just wondering how often everyone on THP washes their golf balls. I am not a huge fan of cleaning my balls. I used to wash them all the time, then something changed for whatever reason. I never wash them in those special machines made specifically for your golf balls. I either rub it in my...
  9. Caper

    WTB: TaylorMade R9 3 iron KBS Stiff

    Looking to buy a single TaylorMade R9 3 Iron with KBS Steel Stiff Shaft. Have a 3H but not as comfortable with the hybrid in my hands as I am with an iron. Will buy new or used.
  10. Caper

    FS: R11 Driver, Burner SFT Ladies Driver, Raylor 3H, Krank 3&5 Woods, and more!

    Hi THP, I have several items I am looking to unload since my girlfiend and I got some new clubs and gear this year. Please note prices listed are not set in stone (feel free to make an offer) and do not include shipping from Canada Might be interested in trades as well. Here is the list...
  11. Caper

    TaylorMade Foray into Hockey!?!?

    Just received this email. Can honestly say I did an triple take: "CCM Hockey and TaylorMade Golf, share the same passion for delivering high performing equipment played by the most demanding athletes, using technical and innovative approaches. As a result, CCM has entered into a multi-year...
  12. Caper

    Ladies Driver Length

    I just bought a Ping G20 and at the same time my girlfriend who has a TM Burner SF2.0 got her driver regripped. When I took it from her to put in the car, I noticed the drivers are the same length!!! I think the G20 comes in at 45.75 inches, making the SF2.0 the same. She has always had...
  13. Caper

    How High Do You Tee Your Driver

    Generally, I tee the ball up so that maybe 1/4 of the ball is above the face of the driver, probably less. The driver usually skims the grass when I swing in order to make perfect contact. I have played golf with hundreds of people and I still have not one person who tees the ball as low as I...
  14. Caper

    2 Person Scramble Tips?

    I just signed my girlfriend and I up for a two person scramble. It will be our first scramble together and I am wondering if you all have some tips for us so we can maximize the fun factor and maybe play well too. She plays to a 34 hcp and I am a 9. Any idea how handicap is calculated for net...
  15. Caper

    LASIK Surgery Today

    Hey everyone. I am going in this afternoon to get laser eye surgery done on both eyes. I am feeling a bit nervous and excited at the same time. While they do not guarantee that you will no longer need to wear glasses or contacts, that is the end goal. I went in for my pre-op yesterday and I...
  16. Caper

    SwingBox - the Indoor Golf Net

    I came across this on YouTube the other day. It is called the SwingBox and is supposed to be smaller than any other hitting net, ideal for indoor use and provide immediate visual and audio feedback. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it, used it, or even heard of it. Looks like it might be...
  17. Caper

    My Golf Town Let Down

    Alright. Where to start. I had already expressed on here my intention to forego adjustability in my next driver so I was pretty excited to go to Golf Town today to test out some of the latest and greatest in non-adjustability. It is not everyday I get to go to a place like this since the...
  18. Caper


    So I am probably getting a new driver in the next couple of days since I am going somewhere I can test clubs. I have had an R7 CGB Max and now have an R11. The last time I had a driver that wasn't adjustable was about 6 years ago. The next one I am getting is definitely not going to be...
  19. Caper

    It Has Been Far Too Long!!!

    Hey all, I was on here for a few months last year and loved everything about THP! I went away before the end of the summer to a new job teaching in Northern Manitoba. Unfortunately there was no internet where I was and I am just getting back home. I was itching to get online and check out the...
  20. Caper

    Holy Water

    I am playing a course that I have never played before on Friday. I took a look at the scorecard and almost fell off my chair!!! 16 holes have water hazards and a few have 3 or 4 of them, all in play. It is a very short course, coming in at just under 6,400 yards at the tips, and 5,800 yards...

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