1. VA. Vince

    New Bern, NC

    Tell me everything you know. I have 2 places we are looking to move to and this is one of them. Work, people, lifestyle, golf and everything you know to share.
  2. VA. Vince

    Driver versus Iron swing

    My last 3 rounds I have hit on average 70% of the fairways off the tee. Now the problem, I average 3 GIR per round. I know my swing is an ugly mess and my biggest flaw is balance. But with an iron in my hand, I hit either draw, straight or a baby fade. I am at a point of just not knowing where...
  3. VA. Vince

    Box of putters

    I cannot remember if I had posted this picture. It is from Golfdom in Tysons Corner VA. I took it a while ago when I purchased My Seemore.
  4. VA. Vince

    FS - Miyazaki Kusala Indigo and 2 Cleveland Classic Heads

    The Indigo is the 56S (stiff) and measures from tip (raw no adapter) to the end of the grip 43 1/2". Shaft is in good shape, maybe some excessive sanding at the tip to remove glue. $75 and the Cleveland head is thrown in. Cleveland Classic head 270/12*. Head is $25. See pics.
  5. VA. Vince

    Striker Golf GPS

    New golf app out that for now is free. Please give it a download and try it out. It's a friend of my bro-in-laws that has done some cool stuff that no other app I have seen has done. It has GPS, group talk while on course, you can see each others scores on course and a ton more. It's free for...
  6. VA. Vince

    Are you an over the top swinger?

    I have been fighting this since I started playing. When I slow my swing down it's a world of difference but thats the problem, slow it down. For me it's a mental deal, swing hard! I have recorded numerous range sessions and when I swing at or below 80% I have a half way decent looking swing and...
  7. VA. Vince

    Thanks to More Gooder!

    When the new THP putter covers came out I was late to buying one. MG sent me a PM saying he will send me one and would not take cash or goods for it. Thanks again Chad, I do have your address now so something will be coming your way. BTW it's a badazz putter cover, Thanks again bro. Vince
  8. VA. Vince

    Tip Trimming or Tipping

    Iron shafts Parallel- Is it fair to say you do not need to tip a parallel shaft, only cut the butt end for desired length? Taper tip- Only trim if wanting to stiffen the spine and trim the butt end for length? Drivers/Wood Shafts- Only trim tip to stiffen the spine?
  9. VA. Vince

    Low spin head with Mid to High launch shaft?

    Cleveland Classic with a Miyazaki Kusala Silver, 12* head and I still produce a low ball flight. Is this because its a low spin head? I am looking for a higher launch, really just more carry. On monitors its saying 230 carry but real life its more around 200-210 with a lot of roll. I would...
  10. VA. Vince

    Voz Tee

    Just read this on Golf Digest twitter feed, interesting. Thoughts? http://t.co/4DgFNfFA Tap-in Talking
  11. VA. Vince

    Adidas Adizero shoes

    Bought these this weekend and played a round in them. Very comfortable and fit my foot great. Traction was absurd as usual with Adidas. One thing is the Tongue is sewed in and you can not pull it up to much, it was a bit tough to actually put the shoe on and I imagine it will get easier as the...
  12. VA. Vince

    East Bound and Down

    Searched and did not find a thread ( I did use the advanced MC search) Best show ever, I have seen a few episodes the past few years but decided to watch this year. KP is money!
  13. VA. Vince

    Slght to strong arc putters?

    I recently bought a Ping Anser #4 because of my putting stroke and the Ping putting app. Now my miss's are a push, do you think a putter with less toe hang would get rid of the push's? I really like this putter but missing 5 footers stinks. Previous putter was a TM Ghost, face balanced and my...
  14. VA. Vince

    Reverse C finish

    After 2 lessons I am coming to this finish after a swing. One thing I am feeling is my lower back hurting after a round. I still do not have all of my weight on my left side at finish, more like 70-30 left to right. My coach hasnt said anything about my finish so I am guessing its ok but its...
  15. VA. Vince

    The mental side of golf (my swing)

    The worst part about my swing is the "Over the top" downswing. I can play this way but want to have a proper swing. Practice swings are money but put that ball down and 1 out of 5 I hit perfect. I have a total of 8 lessons with 1 in the bag and 2 are going to be used for irons/driver fitting...
  16. VA. Vince

    Virginia outing #2

    Thought I would put it out there for round 2. Thinking about late April or possibly early May so if your down lets try and pick a date and a course. If we get enough players maybe do a team event? 18 or 36? Lets hammer out some details...
  17. VA. Vince

    Bettinardi Golf on Twitter

    Check out their twitter before the first half of the AFC game. Predict the scores for both games and win a Bettinardi putter cover.
  18. VA. Vince

    Club building/repair tools-Home shop tools

    I have read a few threads in this section about the tools/parts you would need to have a small shop in your house. I am cleaning out one of my rooms to turn into my home shop. I have never re-gripped or anything so what I need is the tools and parts someone would need to re grip, swap shafts and...
  19. VA. Vince

    Investment ?

    I have heard from a few people that have rolled there IRA's into real estate as an investment without being taxed. Have any of you heard of this? If it is legal than I am thinking of selling my house and buying something back closer to the city (where I was before) because my hours and drive are...
  20. VA. Vince

    Ping Anser #1 and 4

    Have any of you rolled either of these and if so how different are they? With the Ping putting app it keeps saying one of these 2 putters, I rolled the Anser1 this weekend at GG and did like it but I rolled a Seemore FJP I think and really liked that too. My stroke is on the edge between slight...

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