1. rjb01camaross

    New Cobra Club line to be announced tomorrow 11/17

    Judging by the Carbon track system in this tweet, my guess is this is apart of the F6 line to replace the FLY-Z lineup for 2016. Looks like the carbon track will work like the front to back weight system like in the M1. Tomorrow will be an informative day for sure. Looking forward to the details...
  2. rjb01camaross

    Orlando area golf on 20 November

    Hey guys, I'm heading over to Orlando for a long weekend with the family on the 19th and looking to play a round on the 20th. I'd prefer an early round if possible. If any THPers would like to meet up and play, post up and we can get something on the books.
  3. rjb01camaross

    WTS: Mizuno JPX EZ 4-GW

    For sale is a slightly used set of JPX EZ irons in excellent condition. I won these used in a contest locally and took them to the range once. Let me know if you want more pics. Price: $300 plus shipping. My zip is 33771 to estimate shipping cost. I can ship USPS,FedEx, or UPS upon request...
  4. rjb01camaross

    Note Caddie Golf App

    Looks like there is a new golf app on the horizon. This one is taking a different approach then most I have seen since the idea is to create nots for a course. The real cool thing to me is the green features that can be drawn out. Here is a link to check it out. http://www.notecaddie.com
  5. rjb01camaross

    Good news for Tampa area hackers!

    While driving home to day I noticed this sign I drove up to the building and they are currently in the process of getting everything setup. It's great that there will be another solid custom fitting option in the are. There business model closely resembles Club Champion from what I can tell...
  6. rjb01camaross

    Looking for some insight and tips for my swing

    Freddie, here are a few swings from today the last time I played. My main miss all around in my game is hitting thin shots. To combat that I am trying to aggressively get in my left side so I don't hang back. Any advice on things I can do to get better are much appreciated...
  7. rjb01camaross

    Myrtle Beach area golf on a budget: May 10-15th

    Hey guys, just like the title says, I am looking for some course recommendation for the Myrtle Beach area. I am trying to stay with $75 and under rounds since this isn't a golf trip, but the wife gave me the "ok" to bring my clubs and play two or three times while we are there next month. Its...
  8. rjb01camaross

    TMAG Throwback Hats

    I'm not sure if the TMAG throwback hats their tour players are wearing are an indication of anything to come in the future but it sent me down memory lane. Here re is the first golf shirt given to me as a kid First Driver Just seeing those hats on today's Honda Classic coverage...
  9. rjb01camaross

    Best place to get custom fit in Tampa?

    Hey guys, I have been researching custom fit locations close to me and found two so far. Golf Repair Center(Bob Van Sweden) and Duffys Golf Studio. Anyone had any experience with either? I went by the GRC and talked with Bob who seems really knowledgeable and a great guy to work with to get this...
  10. rjb01camaross

    Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

    I just saw an ad for a new rangefinder from Bushnell called the Tour X. There wasn't a lot of detail given but it seems like it offers slope when you want it and you can disable this feature for tournament rounds like the Leupold GX-4I2. Anyone else seen this or heard anything?
  11. rjb01camaross

    Local Tampa area golf course gets torn up by vandals

    Sometime last night a pair of guys in a truck drove onto local Tampa area golf course Rocky Point. It's sad to see people would do something like this. During their joyride the truck flipped and one of the suspects left a wallet behind so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before they catch...
  12. rjb01camaross

    Measured the swingweight of my woods and came away surprised

    Yesterday I was playing golf and got paired up with a couple local guys and we had a good chat about golf clubs and swingweight. One of the guys who swings a G15 with a mid 70's shaft ask to check out my driver and 3wood and immediately with both he is surprised by how heavy they are compared to...
  13. rjb01camaross

    Any Network Engineers or administration admins around?

    Hello all I am transitioning from active duty service back to civilian and looking at going to school locally for networking/system admin. This career especially on the engineering (Cisco) side seems to be a hands on job. Consisting of running cable and working with switches and running cables...
  14. rjb01camaross

    FS: Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 Driver and 3 Wood

    Hello guys and gals! I am listing for sale two extra clubs that I have laying around. The driver is a 9.5 loft RBZ Stage 2 with 50gram stiff stock shaft and 3wood is RBZ Stage 2 with 60gram stock stiff shaft. The adjustment tools will be provided with the driver and both stock head covers. For...
  15. rjb01camaross

    Countdown to 2015 releases?

    I know a few of the THP staffers recently went over to the west coast to get some insight into a few companies 2015 lineups, so it gave me an idea. In order to preserve the embargo date. How about a post listing the company, item, and date information will be released to add to the excitement...
  16. rjb01camaross

    Relaxed Rules of Golf

    On Morning Drive today the crew pushed out these seven relaxed rules and had Ted Bishop show his support. Here they are. #1 Maximum score is double par #2 Penalties are all one stroke #3 Limit ball search to two minutes #4 Improve unfortunate lies #5 Conceded putts allowed #6 No Equipment...
  17. rjb01camaross

    Bayou Club/Feather Sound/River Hills membership in the Tampa area

    After reading through and getting involved in the Clubcorp thread, it really got me thinking about an advertisement I remember seeing on tv for membership at these three clubs for $99 a month with no initiation fee. I have been deployed for a few months so this may not still be the deal thats...
  18. rjb01camaross

    Cobra AMP Forged Irons Opinions

    I havent seen a offical thread started on these yet and I know there arent any stores around me that have them to test yet. If anyone has tried them or currently gaming and would like to share there opinion I am interested. I am looking to get back into a forged club and these are the last ones...
  19. rjb01camaross

    WTB: Nike VR Pro Combo CB Iron Set 4-PW Stiff shaft

    I am looking for a set of Nike Vr Pro Combo CB Irons. Stiff shaft. Standard L/L/L are fine. I have a brand new Calloway RAZOR FIT driver, Calloway GBBII drive, and Taylormade R11 3 and 4 woods, if the seller is interested in being apart of the deal.
  20. rjb01camaross

    NIKE Pro Combo CB Iron Lofts?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what the 3-PW lofts are on the NIKE Pro Combo CB Irons? I tried NIKEs site but no dice there. I even emailed them but havent heard back yet. These seem like the next set for me but want to make sure the lofts compliment my ballstrikeing. Thanks!!

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