1. DMoney79

    Elbow issues? Does swapping to graphite iron shafts help?

    I have been battling tennis elbow(top) not golfers elbow(underneath), but tennis elbow. I had talked to JB at the ShaftUp at Olympia Fields about swapping to graphite in my irons. It seems to never get better and has been going on for 3-4 months now. Anyone with experience out there let me...
  2. DMoney79

    FS/FT: Garmin G80 Approach

    Want to sell my barely used Garmin G80, just haven’t used it enough to justify. Works perfectly and is a Really neat system with launch monitor built in that is very accurate and fun to see your numbers. It also has thousands of courses and does all the distances to flags. Only trades would be...
  3. DMoney79

    Unoffical Contest for my adventure-Shaft Up 3 at Olympia Fields!!!

    Here we go Shaft Up 2 is in the books and if you didn't follow along well your loss here is the link: https://www.thehackersparadise.com/forum/showthread.php/115479-Live-Update-Thread-2019-Shaft-Up-2-with-UST-Mamiya THP and UST continue to bring the forum unbelievable event one after another...
  4. DMoney79

    WTS: Taylormade Original One 11.5*

    WTS Taylormade Original One 11.5* w/Project X yellow 6.0 HZDRS just didn’t fit in my setup asking $375obo shipped to the lower 48. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. DMoney79

    Expecting our first!

    Hello THP! I’ve been sitting on this for a while now because of fear and superstition. My wife, Missy and me are expecting our first child she is 20 weeks pregnant at this time. As some of you know we have been trying for a long time. We are truly blessed and hopefully happy healthy baby boy...
  6. DMoney79

    Atlanta Area Chat

    I think its time we started a new Atlanta area chat and get together thread. I am as guilty as any other of us for not really coming together like we really attempted to do last year. Let's try to the best of our ability to get together and play some golf. Maybe a new thread will infuse some...
  7. DMoney79

    WTB: Stiff or Xstiff hybrid shaft

    Looking for a 3 iron hybrid shaft something graphite maybe Aerotech, UST, Paderson or surprise me D$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. DMoney79

    FS-KAENON polarized sunglasses and Taylormade M4 10.5* driver

    Don’t sell many things on here but here we go. Not interested in any trades maybe on the sunglasses. 1st: Kaenon polarized G12 lenses grey Seaweed Jetty. Great sunglasses I just have 6 pair and these are going unused. No scratches in like new shape. Asking $125obo 2nd: Taylormade M4 10.5*...
  9. DMoney79

    3 Wood Help

    I’m in the market for new 3 wood and need some help with the decision. Which three wood really caught your eye and produced for you this past season and why. Looking for one that’s easy to get launch and I like the look of a little deeper profile. Thanks for the help! Sent from my iPhone...
  10. DMoney79

    WTB-UST ATTAS X flex with Ping adapter if possible

    Looking for an UST ATTAS Xflex 6 or 7X with Ping adapter if possible. Let me know what ya got... D$
  11. DMoney79

    Flighting wedges

    I played a round with some fellow THPers last weekend and I was driving the ball well, thanks G400. I had a lot of wedges less than full shots. My score would have been much lower last weekend but my wedges just didn't pull their weight. I need help flighting wedges down I've always hit them...
  12. DMoney79

    Travel Thread: Ultimate Club Testing with Titleist

    We can coordinate all travel plans here for the upcoming event. I am driving to Orlando Friday morning about a 6 hour drive, and can pick anyone up from the airport if needed.
  13. DMoney79

    WTB-Cleveland HiBore 2-wood

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but was wanting a Cleveland Hibore 2-wood. Shaft doesn't matter or just head would be fine. Thanks D$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. DMoney79

    Golfnow VIP Trip Sweepstakes

    Saw this thought some THPers would like a trip to Scotland https://golfnowvipgolftrip.com/
  15. DMoney79

    WTB or WTTF Ping G SF TEC 3 wood

    Looking for a Ping G SF TEC 3 wood with stiff or x-stiff will also take just the FW head. Let me know what you got thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. DMoney79

    WTB: Callaway GBB Heavanwood FW

    Looking for a Callaway GBB Heavanwood FW stiff or xstiff flex...
  17. DMoney79

    WTB: Ping SFTEC 3 or 4 wood stiff or xstiff shaft

    Looking for a Ping SFTEC 3 or 4 wood in stiff or xstiff flex. Let me know what you got...
  18. DMoney79

    Swapping to a softer compression ball in colder months?

    I watched some content from a YouTuber and he showed swapping to a lower compression golf in the winter months can increase distance like to know your thoughts on this... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. DMoney79

    WTTF/WTB Mizuno 825/850 PRO or nonPRO GW

    Will trade or buy 825/850 pro/nonPRO GW head or shafted doesn't matter as long as it's not a senior shaft. Dustin
  20. DMoney79

    FS-FT: Taylormade R9 TP B Stamped 3-PW, Taylormade R9 4-AW

    Up for sale or trade I have two sets of irons was going to make a combo set but decided to go in a different direction anyway 1st up Taylormade R9 TP B stamped 3-PW with Project X 6.0 shafts are in good shape with some lite bag chatter only major complaint is a rock ding on the PW which I...

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