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    Would you sacrifice distance for consistency?

    Played 36 holes last Saturday and had one mission in mind, "stop trying to kill the ball off the tee." Result... lost about 40 yards off the tee but walked away with an average of 80% FIR for both rounds. I'm pretty impressed with the results, but the ego maniac in me is having trouble coming...
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    What do you do about chipped paint on your club heads?

    I saw the post about cleaning club heads and it got me thinking about this. My 3-wood has quite a few "idiot marks" that I'd like to repair. The paint is chipping in places and it's such an odd color of paint, that I've been considering taking it to HD to have them match the color so I can...
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    Lefty headcover

    How about one for us lefty golfers :) A big oversized and clearly identifable left hand. :)
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    Anyone Own Tiger Woods 2010 for the Wii?

    I'm not sure if this should be under "Golf" or "Hobbies," feel free to relocate if I'm wrong! :) I wanted to see who owns it and what your thoughts were on whether it you think it's a hindrance, help, or neither to your golf game?? It has that new "motion plus" sensor that's supposed to make it...
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    Do you have a power color you wear on the golf course?

    Back in May, Tiger Woods hosted a web talkback and someone asked the question about why he wears red on Sundays. His mom told him because he was a Sagittarius, it was his power color. After the webcast, I did some research and found out that Leo's power color is orange and found myself buying...
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    In need of a new glove - any recommendations?

    Aside from the Bionic glove... What do you guys think is a good one? I was hitting my brand new custom TM Burner Irons today and the grip tore through the glove I was wearing (not to mention my opposing thumb).. whaddya think?
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    Orlando, FL - Free Golf Day, July 27th, 2009

    This is for all you fellow O-towners, free golf at four courses on Monday, July 27th.
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    Ever wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep?

    What's your early hours routine when this occurs? I fell asleep reading the kid a book, work up at midnight and now I'm finding it difficult to get back to sleep, totally sucks.... so I'm presently catching up on my threads :)
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    What's your favorite Fiction novel/sci-fi/fantasy novel

    Heading to Georgia on a road trip and looking for a good book to listen to. The folks in the car collectively enjoy fiction/sci-fi/fantasy.....
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    Need help with the punch shot!

    Can you provide a good setup and drills for hitting a punch shot?
  11. OrlandoGolfBlog

    Golf & Yoga

    Anyone make Yoga a part of of your golf fitness routine and if so, what impact has it had on your game?
  12. OrlandoGolfBlog

    Any Homebrewers out there?

    Picked up this awesome habit about a year ago, LOVE IT! Me and a couple buddies started our own Homebrewery and call ourselves "ThreeFellasBrew." :) Back in February we had our first annual Chili-Brew Fest, where we got a bunch of friends together for a chili cook off and beer tasting! It was...
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    Checking in from Orlando

    Hey everyone, Referred here by a friend, I live in Orlando, love to golf and blog about it. Try to play at least once a week and love playing golf with new people. If you ever wanna hit the course, shoot me a message and if I can, I'll join you!

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