1. thepete

    Help me build my new computer

    I'm looking to buy a new computer. I like to play games but I'm a pretty casual gamer, I don't care for/want/need super-duper-uber-graphics and specs. To be honest I probably can't tell the difference. That being said, I do like to play the latest games when they come out but I'm mostly into...
  2. thepete

    Distance apparently isn't everything

    Check out the leaderboard from South Africa and the 2013 season opener on the European Tour. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/season=2013/tournamentid=2012094/leaderboard/index.html?showLeaderboard=Y Looks alright. Wait, what? -3 62?! Severe rains has forced them to shorten the course...
  3. thepete

    Race To Dubai final (spoilers)

    ET tour final going on atm in Dubai. Sergio just made 4 pars, 2 bogeys, a triple and still shot -8.
  4. thepete

    What's this? (TM)

    Photo of Jamie Donaldson. Sure looks like a TM logo on that, but it isn't an old Burner is it? It looks a bit different than the first Superfast. Must be something new that's coming?
  5. thepete

    Trackman's Ten Fundamentals

    Was googling around for some info on Trackman (especially relating to club path) and found this neat pdf: http://www.trackman.dk/download/newsletter/newsletter7.pdf Obviously there's a ton of data that probably just creates confusion but there were some points that I found interesting. #5...
  6. thepete

    What to trust? (Launch monitors)

    I did a ball fitting yesterday with Bridgestone. It went very well, since I found out that a) HEX Black which I'm gaming is optimal for me and b) it was kinda funny to see the rep try to come up with a Bridgestone ball that would be a better fit. Anyways, one thing stood out: the numbers on the...
  7. thepete

    Kikkor unboxing

    Got my Slyders and Tour Class shoes today. They are so darn comfortable. I'm about to head to the grocery store in my new Kikks. I love that they don't look like golf shoes, yet they feel comfortable and durable like other brands. The tournament shoes. Practice shoes.
  8. thepete

    Super Hybrids

    I've been looking a bit at Adams' Super Hybrids and I'm intrigued by them. I've been pondering replacing my 3W with a hybrid of some sort since I sometimes struggle getting the hangtime I want from the deck. I reach the par 5s just fine but have trouble holding the green. I'm going to test some...
  9. thepete

    AimPoint app

    Has anyone tried this app? Would make life a lot easier when you map greens for tournaments. http://www.aimpointgolf.com/
  10. thepete

    Making my own new R11 shaft

    I've got a Diamana Blueboard sitting around in an FT Tour and I wanna stick it in my R11. First I need an R11 adapter - I guess ebay is the best choice, any seller in particular you guys recommend? Most Euro-based ones are shipping from China and that seems like a good way to get a bogus product...
  11. thepete

    New TaylorMade balls, Penta TP5 & Penta 3

    Was poking around at the TM website and they've put up info about their new balls. http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/balls/penta-5-ball http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/balls/penta-3-ball
  12. thepete

    The 2013 Swing

    I played my last tournament about 7 weeks ago and after that I took 4-5 weeks off and did no golf whatsoever. Only thing I've been doing is the start of my winter program in the gym. Strength, agility, balance, explosiveness etc in a 22 week program. Currently in week 5 of it, doing...
  13. thepete

    Practice should be fun

    So I played around a bit today.
  14. thepete

    New R11 & Burner drivers for 2012

    The annual equipment show is going on in Sweden this week, so I'll translate from a (Swedish) blog: "The R11 will have a bigger head, probably 460cc and also more options for adjustability. The Burner will probably have a slightly shorter shaft but according to sources they'll still try to keep...
  15. thepete

    Joe LaCava to caddy for Tiger

    Just announced on Sky.
  16. thepete

    Need help with a new shaft

    In recent weeks I've started to drive the ball quite...short. We've played tight courses so it's been more about hitting the fairway than hitting it far. I hadn't really thought much about it until last week when I noticed how much distance I've lost. I spent some time with Flightscope today and...
  17. thepete

    Automatic Putting/Coreputting

    Has anyone tried this? I recently went back to a short putter but tried to tweak my fundamentals. One thing I really like about his (Marius Filmalter) idea of putting is that you essentially put your elbows against your body and putt with your core. I tried it today and immediately tied for my...
  18. thepete

    A must for all who own an R11

    Really dorky but I love it. Never drinking my morning coffee from anything else. Ever.
  19. thepete

    Can somebody please explain this to me? Rules/putters/grips related...

    As some of you know, I recently got a SeeMore SB-1 bellyputter. I couldn't get exactly the length I wanted without going through their custom shop, waiting for shipment/assembly etc, so I got a 43" from a pro shop here in Sweden and just have to lengthen it to 45" which is what I want. I asked...
  20. thepete

    SeeMore SB-1 unboxing

    I got a wee package from SeeMore today. Now I just need to lengthen it by 11 inches :act-up: Huge thanks to SeeMore, they were very nice and easy to work with!

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