1. Tywithay

    Review Kinetixx Velocity Shafts

    It'll have a Callaway tour flat adapter (y)
  2. Tywithay

    Mizuno ST-G220 Driver

    Looks stable
  3. Tywithay

    TaylorMade Golf Acquired by Korean Investment Group

    This year has been extremely successful for the golf industry, so this move makes sense. Buy low, sell high. Be interesting to see what Centroid has in the cards.
  4. Tywithay

    Could a Shirt Change Your Life? Introducing Forme

    Eh, went ahead and ordered one of each. If my HSA wants to fight it, I'll just get a doctor's note. Interested to see how these help with my posture and neck pain, specifically.
  5. Tywithay

    Could a Shirt Change Your Life? Introducing Forme

    If my HSA covers it, I'll order one today. I've spent thousands on chiropractors and massages, and nothing has helped long term. Looking forward to trying this.
  6. Tywithay

    Review Kinetixx Velocity Shafts

    Curiosity got the better of me. Blue D30+ incoming.
  7. Tywithay

    Where Do You Purchase?

    I'll take advantage of sales at various online retailers. Typically, I'll order directly from the manufacturer, if possible. Easier to get custom options going that route.
  8. Tywithay

    Fiercely loyal to your golf ball?

    I'm pretty much a ZStar guy, but as new stuff comes out, and even the Zstar itself gets updated, I keep trying different balls. Chances are, I'll stick with the ZStar, but I don't want to limit myself and leave performance on the table.
  9. Tywithay

    For Sale Titleist Tsi2 Driver 9*

    Price dropped to $380
  10. Tywithay

    Too windy yesterday

    That's a light wind around here during the summer. Last round I played was 40mph gusts and it was miserable. Oddly enough, it doesn't bother my ball flight as much as it bothers me.
  11. Tywithay

    What should We Give Away?

  12. Tywithay

    DIY Super Speed Stick Training Weights

    I bought a clone version off diamondtour. Wish I would have thought of this instead. Have pretty much an unlimited amount of scrap metal at work.
  13. Tywithay

    What cigar did you smoke today?

  14. Tywithay

    For Sale Titleist Tsi2 Driver 9*

    Ttt for the weekend crowd
  15. Tywithay

    Cobra KING Supersport 35 Putter

    Slicker than snot on a glass doorknob. I'll hit one at that price.
  16. Tywithay

    SWAG Putters Thread

    Ended up selling my Grogu. Really wanted a gamer from this release, but couldn't justify holding on to it. Still may hunt down a Vader at some point.
  17. Tywithay

    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    I put the B21 up against a Tsi2 and it was really not even a competition. Both at 9* and I struggled to get the Tsi2 airborne. B21 was hitting long, high bombs. I think if I upped it to a 10 or 11 Tsi2, with a different profile than the Hzrdus Black, maybe the Tsi would shine. Not really worth...
  18. Tywithay

    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    I've been using an OL 4H Speedzone with the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 85. What an unbelievable combo. Might be the most consistent club in my bag. Love the forged tec OL, but have struggled with the 5 iron. Been considering trying a RAD in the 5 spot. Also just added an OL Snakebite 60 to...
  19. Tywithay

    For Sale Titleist Tsi2 Driver 9*

    Wanted to love this driver. Sadly, it didn't love me back. Minimal range and indoor use. Sole has some very faint, typical scratches. Crown is clean, no skymarks. Has the Hzrdus Black RDX in 6.0 flex, with a MCC grip. Includes matching headcover and wrench. Asking $380 shipped within the US48.

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