1. wam78

    For Sale Wilson Staff Model CB, 5-pw

    Beauty of a set irons for sale today. I’ve been a big proponent of these guys on this forum. These have 5 rounds and 2 range sessions. I am having a second set built with different shafts as a combo set with the blades. These are in fantastic shape. Very soft feeling irons in a compact...
  2. wam78

    For Sale Callaway ‘18 X Forged 24* UT

    Shipping USPS unless buyers wants otherwise. One item for sale today. Callaway ‘18 X Forged 24* UT $130 OBRO Accra iCWT 105x shaft Lamkin sonar grip with plenty of life left Minimal use. Has a little bag chatter but it’s in great shape for it’s age.
  3. wam78

    For Sale Ping G425 5 Wood

    One item for sale/trade today. Will ship USPS unless buyer wants otherwise. Trade bait: tsi2 or tsi3 15* fairway in stiff, kbs $ taper 130 4 or 5-pw, Evnroll er7b 34” Ping G425 5 Wood $old Alta slate cb 65s with arccos 2 rounds / 2 range sessions Not looking to separate head & shaft Comes...
  4. wam78

    Cobra KING Tour Irons with MIM Technology

    This is the one iron set I keep thinking about. Really enjoying my Wilson staff cb’s, but I can use a little more forgiveness. When I tested the MIM irons, they took me by surprise how consistent they were. Also, the profile of this iron at address is hands down the best in its category...
  5. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    You might be looking at the end of May or possibly June with Wilson if you ordered direct. So many companies are back ordered due to parts, especially certain shafts.
  6. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Yeah, the tungsten in the toe makes a pretty big difference in stability. I never found it to alter the club through impact though. If anything, they are way more forgiving than they should be with such a compact shape. They felt good when I tested them. For my first round with them using a...
  7. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    After my round yesterday, I can say these are in the bag for the season. They are so soft on center strikes with a strong ball flight. The feel reminds of my old apex pro double dots. Easy to flight and work the ball. They just feel so damn good! Still need to dial in my distance gaps, but...
  8. wam78

    ACCRA I Series Steel Shafts

    Accra did an awesome job with this shaft. They kept their signature smooth feel in a shaft that plays so stable. It has no business feeling as smooth as it does for how it plays.
  9. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Curious to hear more feedback. Getting out to play later this afternoon. These guys are in competition with my beloved bridgestones to see who gets the bag this season. I’ve been incredibly impressed so far. What I love about these staff model cb’s is the transition from hosel to leading...
  10. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Yeah, I had them checked when they were built. All set to Wilson standards. 7i came in at 34*.
  11. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Was only able to get them to the range 1 time. Hoping to play either tomorrow or Monday am. Have to say, from 1 range session they are impressive. Super smooth through the turf, feel very solid and surprisingly forgiving for their size. My miss is thin and they handle it very well. Very...
  12. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Here are a few pics after I had them built last week.
  13. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Here is 1 more pic of the 8i head. Looks like almost zero offset. Dropped them off today to get built up right by my local shop. Waiting on some bb&f ferrules to arrive.
  14. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    Just because...
  15. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    I just picked up a set of barely used heads. Excited to get them built and give them a test run for the bag this season. I came away very impressed when I tested them a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly forgiving for such a compact shape. Also, I highly encourage people to hit the D7 forged...
  16. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    They should not be overlooked when it comes to testing irons. Very solid feel and compact look at address. Powerful flight as well. Especially for having traditional lofts.
  17. wam78

    WTB Wilson Staff Model Blade 8-PW, heads only preferred

    Looking for some clean heads. Please no browning or excessive wear marks. Will considers shafts as well. LMK. Thanks!
  18. wam78

    For Trade Tour Issue Callaway ‘19 Apex Pro Double Dots 5-pw

    Looking to trade or sell a clean set of tour issue apex pro double dot irons. Will ship through UPS unless buyers wants different. This is my second set. Picked these up second hand and only played 1 round with them. My original set had some patina set in pretty fast. These don’t seem to be...
  19. wam78

    Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

    I hit these today for the first time. Very very impressed. So much so, they are getting heavy consideration for the bag this year. An iron this compact should not be as forgiving. Great performance out of traditional lofts. Surprised the hell out of me!
  20. wam78

    Bridgestone Bringing Irons?

    Bridgestone has made some of the best irons I've ever played. From previous Tourstage models mr23 us spec, precept cb, 709 mc, ts 201, z101, to Bridgestone j40, j15 and tour b. I mean, they have produced some incredible products over the years. Some of my favorite shape irons of all time...

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