1. kdjmu1

    Costas and the Ultimate Island Getaway

    I know it's not golf related, but they are awesome glasses and it's a freaking island trip! Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll repost https://fb.costafan.com/bud/index?r=costa
  2. kdjmu1

    WTB: Seemore Si5 with Whistle shaft

    Looking for a reasonably priced RH model. Length isn't an issue, as I'll prob be cutting it to 31 or 32 inches anyway. Saw one on the Bay, but thought I would ask in here as well in the event I don't get that one. Thanks everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  3. kdjmu1

    Women's Golf Getaway at Kiawah Island

    I know there are quite a few female golfers among the mass of guys in THP, so I wanted to share a link for you and also for the guys that may want to send their wives/girlfriends on a nice golf trip. Kiawah Island is having a "Golfing Gals Bootcamp" to include stays at the Sanctuary, golf...
  4. kdjmu1

    New Golfshoesonly.com Contest. Free Nike FI Impact Golf Shoes

  5. kdjmu1

    FS: Wedges and Woods

    moved to ebay. Please close
  6. kdjmu1

    THP Mallet Cover?

    Was there ever or will there ever be a THP Mallet putter cover sold? I would love to get one, but the blade style doesn't look to fit the 2-Ball putter I currently game and/or the Scotty Kombi-S I have on the way. Thanks!
  7. kdjmu1

    SLDR Fairway Wood

    Anyone else see the pics online of the SLDR fairway wood at the Tour Championship? Looks pretty good. Seems to be a smaller head than a lot of other offerings at the moment, which I like. Looking forward to trying that bad boy.
  8. kdjmu1

    New Guy From Charleston, SC

    I've posted in a few forums of late, but thought I would formally introduce myself anyway. My name is Kevin, I am originally from Southern Virginia, but migrated to Charleston, SC almost 8 years ago. I graduated from James Madison University (JMU - Go Dukes!). I currently work as an Senior IT...
  9. kdjmu1

    Sweaty Palms Much?

    Not sure if many of you struggle with this, but living in the south, I'm constantly dealing with sweaty hands. I just wanted to share a couple items I have found that really help me and see if anyone has other suggestions. I really enjoy the Iomic Sticky grips. Pricey, but they really do...

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