1. J4U

    Epic Flashback or Apex Total Recall?

    Have you ever played a course once, maybe twice...and came back weeks, months later and knew what was coming up hole to hole? Tera is always amazed at how I can remember courses, holes, and what is coming next. Or better yet, what is the best approach to the hole in front of you or what may be...
  2. J4U

    My Journey with the Callaway XR16 5 Degree Driver

    Having the swing flaws that I do and a high ball flight, I've always searched for the club/shaft that would help in bringing it down. Improvement has been made with correcting this but it's not as much fun as trying the easy way out. I'm posting this to log my journey into the unknown and for...
  3. J4U

    what do you do when Comparing Numbers on Sims when looking to UPGRADE

    With all the talk about hitting new equipment looking for signs of improvement from numbers...do you bring your gamer with you to get a baseline? Is it something you go off memory or previous fitting numbers or what you expect to see? How about bringing your gamer ball with you for this...
  4. J4U

    Top Golf Coming to Colorado

    Found documents for construction on a 64K sq ft building on Easter street in Centennial, CO. Just so happens the site is slated for a Top Golf and is not too far from the driving range I use. Should be an outstanding location for them close to the tech center....and me!
  5. J4U

    FS: SeeMore X2 Putter (USED) $150 CONUS

    OK...I did go a little overboard in obtaining some practice clubs. This one I am especially glad I did as the CS shaft does not suit me at all. My putter performance with my actual Morgan Cup piece was well below sub par (except for one putt on hole 18). I am keeping my staffer to let my son...
  6. J4U

    FS: Cobra Bio Cell 3/4 Hybrid Stock Stiff (Used) $60 CONUS

    Another club used leading up to the Morgan Cup...not the actual staffer. This is one of my favorite clubs to hit! This has two wraps of blue tape and will come with an iomic grip in black. Head cover and wrench included.
  7. J4U

    FS: Cobra Bio Cell + Fairway 3/4 (Used) Stiff $100 CONUS

    Used the month leading up to the Morgan Cup. Prefer the D+ combo that came with my Staffer. Head cover and wrench included.
  8. J4U

    FS: Cobra Bio Cell + Driver-Stiff Shaft (Used) $180

    Same goes here...not Morgan Cup material. However, all of the clubs being posted today were used in my practice rounds. So there's that...ha. Standard off the shelf with the flex being Stiff. The stock shaft was never put into play and still has wrapper on the grip. Head cover and wrench...
  9. J4U

    FS: Cobra BioCell + Irons 4-PW,GW $300 CONUS

    In case the thought crossed your mind and were going to get a hold of a Morgan Cup set of irons...sorry, these were purchased to play with the month leading up to the event. They are a great set and will surprise you in how easy they are to hit. I'm saving my Staffer set to continue playing...
  10. J4U

    FS: VC Black SC100 (Used) $140 CONUS

    Another shot at a great piece of range tech. Used a handful of times...looks brand new. Sticker on the remote you see in the pic has since been removed.
  11. J4U

    FS: GameGolf NIB $180 CONUS

    Thought I would post this one more time to see if anyone wants a great deal on a NIB...never opened...tech piece. Almost thought of keeping it since the Android app came out...but now up for grabs.
  12. J4U

    FS: GameGolf System 1 Used/1 NIB - SC100 Mint

    EDIT: FIRST & FINAL Price drop Good Saturday afternoon and here's to hoping some of you want some good deals on some golf tech. I won't go into much detail about the product since those that would be interested probably already know the skinny about these items. I will be leaving for D.C...
  13. J4U

    Chopping wood to somewhat of a swing...help

    Has been a long two years in the making, but after getting started and busting out in IOWA...something had to be done. I've always said video is evil, simply because it shows me what is actually going on...and it's bad! I decided to go do a swing evaluation and this is where I was in November...
  14. J4U

    WTB - Cobra Amp Cell Lady's Driver/FW/Hybo...in PINK

    My girlfriend has started taking lessons and really wants to improve and hit the course with me. With as much fondness I have for the Cell line, I thought looking for some of that goodness in her favorite color would be a great surprise. With wanting to keep it budget pricing, scouring the bay...
  15. J4U

    Happy Birthday Kc720

    Thought you could escape not getting a thread didn't ya!
  16. J4U

    Matrix Shaft Give-a-way

  17. J4U

    Thank You, doesn't do it justice Cookie....

    ...especially after coming home from New York and a lot of 16hr+ night hours! I get home last night and couldn't even think straight, but wake up LATE this morning and remember their is probably a package waiting for me at my mailbox. Drag myself up and about because this temptation had me...
  18. J4U

    Christian w/Callaway Just Blew My Mind

    Was wondering where I should put this and decided he needed his own thread! I went to see if some shafts had arrived (NO) and found out that I had an unexpected package. I had gone to GS a few weeks ago and Callaway had a demo tent outside and I was able to hit all the XHot product...
  19. J4U

    Recoil Shafts

    Searched, but may have overlooked something. Any feedback about these?
  20. J4U

    Gravity Bike World Cup Series

    Was cleaning out some files while installing an SSD drive on my main system and found this from years ago. Something a little far out there as far as hobbies, but for a couple years three of us were really into it. There was a small venue at the Bronco's stadium and we got to talking with the...

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