1. NoShanks

    What is the best looking golf shoes of all time?

    Like the title says....look wise only, not comfort.
  2. NoShanks

    How soon is too soon to put up Christmas decorations?

    With Halloween over, and Christmas around the corner, I saw on Facebook one of my friend had already put up their tree and start decorating for Christmaswhich I thought was absurd. We generally wait till the weekend of thanksgiving to put anything up. But I feel a week before thanksgiving is...
  3. NoShanks

    If you could recommend a top 5 song playlist for someone who never cared for music for 30+ years, what would it be?

    As some of you may not know - I am hearing impaired and I got a cochlear implant a year ago and was activated in November 2018. Before the implant, I never cared much for music since its just a blast of loud noises in my hearing aid ear that I have severe to profound hearing loss thanks to...
  4. NoShanks

    How Apple Could Crush Netflix, Spotify, and Disney Plus With a $25 Per Month All-Inclusive Plan

    https://www.inc.com/jason-aten/how-apple-could-crush-netflix-spotify-disney-plus-with-a-25-per-month-all-inclusive-plan.html?cid=sf01002&fbclid=IwAR2sChY2za385Byqy6jscb67KbHyAJHMJUIovv7OAt4A4NpIg7HZs8Q-KmI&fbclid=IwAR1kvLjY6Zu4cp34_Di3QT32XZD1pP9GifriNNY3U2NYamZKMnp3Sk9y7dY Thoughts on this...
  5. NoShanks

    What's your unusual food combination that may surprised others on how good it tastes?

    Like the title says! For example, some may put cheese on apple pie, or jam on grilled ham and cheese, or peanut butter on eggs, or have a cinnamon roll with chili. What's yours?!
  6. NoShanks

    What do you envision future golf to be like?

    It's such a broad question but to be more specific, I will ask this in several time periods. No need to respond to all time periods but curious to hear your thoughts on what you think can happen in the game of golf way into the future. 2020-2050 2050-2100 Fast forward rapidly: 2100-2500+...
  7. NoShanks

    What's your golf bucket list?

    What is your golf bucket list? Can be anything from playing a specific course to hole in one, or playing with someone, attending events, etc. Mine in no order: Attend the Masters Play at Pebble Beach Play at Bethpage Play Bandon Dunes Play at the links overseas (St Andrews, Carnoustie, etc) Get...
  8. NoShanks

    If you could bring back one club from the past

    What would it be? For me, I would love to see taylormade burner 3 wood to come back today. That thing was the most fun and easiest 3 wood I’ve ever hit off the deck.
  9. NoShanks

    If you could be a club builder for any major OEM...

    Say, you become a high level club builder. You build clubs for tour players and travel around the world. Which club manufacturer would you love to build for and why?
  10. NoShanks

    What’s your top 5 movie of all time?

    Like the title says :) I’m still trying to narrow down my top 5.
  11. NoShanks

    Modern Warfare

    Anyone looking forward to this game October 25th? played the demo and loved it. Back to the roots; no flying, wall running, colorful corny outfits, and annoying emotes. in my opinion, should be the best cod since mw2.
  12. NoShanks

    NoShanks Journey to the 2019 Grandaddy

    Hi everyone! NoShanks here, the #10 winner to the greatest event of all time - The Grandaddy! First, I'd like to thank THP, JB, GG, and Callaway for this amazing opportunity! So I had some time to process what just happened and things started to calm down a tiny bit and figured it was a good...
  13. NoShanks

    What 2 months (back to back) are the slowest/longest months out of the year for you?

    For me, its January to February. I live In Ohio and usually can golf through October to early November before hanging up the sticks and then I get a huge itch to want to golf after christmas. January to February are brutal months for me that feels like forever and usually the peak of winter up...
  14. NoShanks

    For Sale FS Srixon Z-Forged 4-PW

    Hi - For sale: 1) Srixon Z Forged 4-PW KBS $ Taper X. Standard L/L/L Bought from Srixon back in May. The shaft was an exotic upcharge. Used for about 7 rounds and 2 range sessions. In excellent shape and condition with minimal bag chatter. $785 Shipped. $650 Shipped OBO
  15. NoShanks

    What Show series finale is your favorite? [spoilers]

    As a note, this thread may contain spoilers if you have not watched the shows mentioned here. With the GoT finale, there has been a lot of backlash on how it ended. I can understand how some people may hate it. But for me I thought it was ok, not the best, just average. It got me thinking...
  16. NoShanks

    2020 Masters ticket application has started

    https://tickets.masters.com/en_US/ticket_info.html Not sure if this is posted anywhere but wanted to share it. Good luck! Here’s to striking out 7 years in a row!
  17. NoShanks

    If you could be a professional golfer during a specific time period, what era would i

    What era would it be in? I personally would love to be a professional golfer during the Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer years. How about you? What era would you like to play in?
  18. NoShanks

    WTB Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4

  19. NoShanks

    FS: Ping i20 irons 4-AW

    KBS Tour in X stiff. Standard length lie with black dot. Came straight from ping. In great shape with lots of life left. $200 shipped. No trades. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. NoShanks

    Anyone game the 718 mb?

    How do you like it? Looking for new MB’s and Titleist 718 looked the best for me at address more so than the mizuno mp18 which I was surprised. The mp18 was too fat and chunky looking for my taste but felt great. I just loved the look at address with the 718 and how it inspires my shot vision...

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