1. barryboymunro


    I’ve always been a flipper and play to a decent standard but I’m making a real conscious effort to have my hands leading the club face at impact but I can’t quite get it. Any advice or drills to work on having those damn hands ahead at impact? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. barryboymunro

    Golo S rust?

    Hi, I have a Golo S that I hardly use and I noticed some small light brown spots on it, two areas. Is this rust on the black finish? How would I remove it? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. barryboymunro

    Biomatch Golf

    Sorry if this has already been posted, I did search and found nothing. My friend recently got this done on his clubs and thinks it’s amazing. He scored his first ever under par round and got an his first ever ace since he got the system installed last week. Most likely a coincidence but the...
  4. barryboymunro

    Good on the range crap on the course

    Hey guys, Needing some advice. I practice quite a lot, more than I play probably and I practice well, hit the ball well but when I get on the course more often than not I am having terrible rounds. My ball striking is so inconsistent with fatting it or thinning it, slicing it the lot. I need...
  5. barryboymunro

    M6 & Swingweight

    Hi, I am going to knock 1inch off my M6 which will drop the club 6 swingweight points. How much weight would I need to add to the head to get it back up those 6 points? Does anyone know what the weight of the screw in the back of the M6 is? Thanks Barry
  6. barryboymunro

    Wild driver fitting

    Looking for advice. Went for a driver fitting today as it is one of the only areas I’ve not been properly fit. My driving is usually pretty good with my bad shot being a pish right but today it was wild, I was all over the place but mainly left. My own driver (original M2) was showing nearly...
  7. barryboymunro

    Vokey issue

    Can anyone tell me if they’ve had a similar issue with their vokeys? Mine are starting to get small holes in them all over the head. It’s almost like they are porous. They were not all bought at the same time so it’s not from the same batch as such. Titleist asked me to send them in for a...
  8. barryboymunro

    Vokey D grind substitute?

    Hi guys, I done the online fitting for SM7’s but ideally I’d rather the SM6 as the price point is more attractive. They fit for the D grind in the 58 but what grind would this be on the SM6? Just an M or something else? I’ve reached out to Titleist but not got back to me. Thanks Sent from...
  9. barryboymunro

    Mi Putting Template

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried this, reviews are really good. https://youtu.be/LzvQiNsFcPs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. barryboymunro

    Taylormade warranty

    Hey guys, Sorry if this has been discussed before. Bought an M2 5 wood and the shaft cracked (nothing to do with TM or a dodgie product) and I managed to get a replacement shaft. Called TM who said they’d send a new ferrule out to me but nothing ever arrived. Called them back today and they...
  11. barryboymunro

    M2 fairway ferrule

    Hi, can anyone tell me the size of ferrule I need for a 2017 M2 5 wood? Going to put the stock shaft in. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. barryboymunro

    Gullane 1

    Played Gullane 1 today, Scottish Open was held there in 15 where Fowler won and it's there next year. Enjoyable course, narrow fairways, deep bunkers and winds off the sea make it a really tough track! Got paired with a gentleman from San Francisco and he was a delight to play with. Sent...
  13. barryboymunro

    TEI3 Screws

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if these screws are the right ones for a TEI3? https://www.accu.co.uk/en/cap-head-screws/165060-SSC-1-72-3-16-A2-BL Thanks in advance
  14. barryboymunro

    GPS Distance differences

    Sorry if this has been answered but completed a search and could not find anything. I was having a round with the mother-in-law the other day and she has a Garmin GPS watch but there is also GPS in the carts. The differences in distances between the cart and watch are pretty huge and she only...
  15. barryboymunro

    Current set up

    Hi guys, Just a few pictures of my current set up, nothing too fancy but all play well. Putter can change from one in the bag to 3 others depending on what greens I'm playing. 52 wedge is actually Bent to 50. Only changes I may make are wedges and possibly 5 wood. I chop and change from the...
  16. barryboymunro

    Swing thoughts?

    I'm currently having major issues with my over the top swing that I've started to do amongst other flaws. My coach is stripping me back and building the swing back up and he's started me on the gate drill and on the half swings. I've been away working on this for a few weeks and whilst I dont...
  17. barryboymunro

    Worth buying Nike irons & storing them?

    Guys, I was just wondering if anyone thinks there will be value in picking up say a set of new Nike Vapor Pro irons, storing them and selling them for a healthy profit a few years down the line? Might be a complete waste of money but since they are selling so cheap it might be worth a punt...
  18. barryboymunro

    Is this genuine?

    Hi, guy selling this Scotty for a crazy price and he's not sure if it's real as it was a gift from a family member. What do you guys think? I think the shift bands are wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. barryboymunro

    Dual balance my putter

    Hey guys need a bit of advice, I've searched and can't find anything specific. Picked up an almost new Futura X5 putter for a steal & would like to dual balance it. I'll get my weight and new grip etc but do I need to lengthen the shaft? It's sitting at 34inch so can I just put a weight in the...
  20. barryboymunro

    Orlando courses

    Hey guys visiting Orlando at the end of the week and looking for some suggestions on courses to play? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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