1. AnthonyC

    Would You Do Your Own Club Work?

    yes I used to work in a pro shop when I was 14-22
  2. AnthonyC

    Messy burrito or not messy burrito

    not messy, so I can eat it in 2 minutes or less haha
  3. AnthonyC

    Old PC games

    @tomcat Oregon Trail yes! hahaha I played Doom, Starcraft, Diablo 2, X-wing vs Tie Fighter, Sim Golf, SIm City 2000, Roller Coaster Tycoon. I would still play all of those if I could. I need a PC.
  4. AnthonyC

    My workout Today

    Go get em brother! I'm all about circuit training calestenics. I stick to the main academy workout: pushups, pull ups, sit ups, squats (and variations of same) with run, swim, climb cardio too. Just started doing spin classes too, super tough. Keep going!
  5. AnthonyC

    What is the best looking golf shoes of all time?

    Black and white saddle shoes, like what Billy Horschel wears
  6. AnthonyC

    Particular Golf Ball or Not?

    I have the ball that I play regularly, but I love trying new stuff because it keeps the game fun and new.
  7. AnthonyC

    Cuban Food Thread

    We have a few good spots in NJ, mainly because this state is such a cultural melting pot. However, the best I have ever had is Ana's Cuban Cafe in Key West, near the southernmost point. I go there everyday for breakfast when we visit, which is one week a year. The cortada coffee is amazing...
  8. AnthonyC

    Live Update Thread: 2019 Small Batch Experience with Project X

    Mark emailed me last night with a design and I love it. Cannot wait to post the real deal. And no, no previews.
  9. AnthonyC

    What's Your Favorite Major

    The Open, when the wind is strong and the sky is gray.
  10. AnthonyC

    What's At The Top Of Your Xmas List - Golf Related or Not

    New couch, washer/dryer, kitchen table. golf: new irons
  11. AnthonyC

    What do you collect?

    Disney Logo golf balls....which has turned into any logo golf ball.
  12. AnthonyC

    My Restored Putter

    oh yea, and the stuff on your site is amazing.
  13. AnthonyC

    My Restored Putter

    The ball marker you made has been quite the conversational piece on the golf course. Thanks again.
  14. AnthonyC

    My Restored Putter

    Uncle Peter awesome job! @Space Bandito what's your custom company name again?
  15. AnthonyC

    Live Update Thread: 2019 Small Batch Experience with Project X

    I've been striping mine; a couple tweaks to the swing after some lessons and it is wonderful.
  16. AnthonyC

    What's your mount rushmore of Italian dishes?

    Chicken parm meatballs and sunday sauce broccoli cavatelli fettuccine / pesto alfredo with chicken
  17. AnthonyC

    Which OEM "won" 2019?

    @McLovin They are basically revolutionizing the golf ball and the process of fitting for one.
  18. AnthonyC

    Which OEM "won" 2019?

    Tough, so many good companies with great releases. I say a tie between Callaway, Cobra, and bridgestone. Runner up: Ping

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