1. ^dub^

    Jimmy Walker Anniversary Present to Wife

    Top Golf of course. Yeah, marry that girl! http://www.cbssports.com/golf/eye-on-golf/25304473/pga-tour-golfer-takes-wife-to-top-golf-for-10th-anniversary
  2. ^dub^

    Pilot-less Airplanes

    This is a pretty fun discussion in pilot circles and I thought it would be interesting to get non-pilot opinions on the topic. Would you get on an airplane controlled only by computers with no pilots in the flight deck? One pilot? Would ticket price make a difference? How do you see the...
  3. ^dub^

    Driving the PCH Tips Faves

    So I'm surprising the GF and taking her on a drive up the west coast from Seal Beach all the way to Bandon, OR. Anybody with some secret special tips, spots, or favorites along the 1 and 101....fire away! Yes, the destination is all about me. #secrets She'll understand? :angel:
  4. ^dub^

    Steve Elkingtons Sweet Tour Ride

    This is......incredible. I hope JB and GG strike it rich and get one of these for the road!! Imagine this thing in THP wrap!? https://screen.yahoo.com/pro-golfers-enormous-2-story-184801839.html
  5. ^dub^

    Hartford Baseball Team VOTE (Yard Goats!)

    Hartford, CT is getting a new minor league baseball team and they are letting a vote decide the name. This article breaks down the choices and is pretty entertaining. http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/3/4/8150743/hartford-yard-goats Vote here...
  6. ^dub^

    Choose your Vacation

    So it's -4 (-20 wind chill) here in Chi town, and I'm out. I can... A. go hang out with my brother at Bandon Dunes (60 and sunny) and practice with my new clubs, and play, mostly free of charge B. go to Roatan, Honduras (80 and sunny) and SCUBA with a hot flight attendant (note: flight...
  7. ^dub^

    Lee Westwood saves millionaire from drowning.

    Great work Lee! Selfless, quick action. http://golfweek.com/news/2015/jan/21/lee-westwood-saves-life-colin-davies-barbados/ I mean, if you're gonna save someone, might as well be a millionaire!
  8. ^dub^

    First Round of the Year!! Wait..what?

    Just moved to WI and got to play my first round of the year yesterday! (getting back into the game after being away for school/work/single parenthood) I walked 18 and was way too aggressive and quick in the beginning. Really felt it on the last three holes. OB all the way down the right side...
  9. ^dub^

    Today's 5am Albatross Hello!

    Hi there THP! I'm Warren, (affectionately known as "dub" or "dubya" by friends) your brand newest and shiniest Albatross! I am so glad to donate! What a great website, i'm awash and overwhelmed with new and improved information. Hope to see me in Myrtle Beach next year?! Great work THP...

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