1. hambone1023

    CONTEST 2nd Golden Ticket for the 2020 Morgan Cup

    Sick contest! Driver: Cobra SZ 9* Tensei CK Orange 60g stiff GP Tour Velvet Fairway: Cobra SZ HZRDUS Smoke 60g 15* stiff GP Tour Velvet Hybrids: 3h/4h Tensei CK Blue 80 stiff GP Tour Velvet Irons: King Forged Tec 5-GW Recoil 110 F4's GP Tour Velvet Wedges: Cobra MIM 58*/54* Nippon Modus Tour...
  2. hambone1023

    Best Movie Candy?

    Goobers for sure. I love those damn things. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. hambone1023

    What Heads For These Shafts

    Black PTx Pro's
  4. hambone1023

    CONTEST Golden Ticket for the 2020 Morgan Cup

    Entry: A profound bucket list experience for those that love great comradery, gear, competition and memories. My #1 choice for 2020!
  5. hambone1023

    What To Give Away

    You have any utility irons laying around? My bag is well stocked to be honest and that’s all I need. Thanks THP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hambone1023

    CONTEST EIGHT WINNERS: Tiger Woods 82nd Win with Bridgestone Golf

    I'm in. Tour B XS for me too! Thanks!
  7. hambone1023

    ZBeekner4’s Journey to the 2019 Grandaddy

    Congrats brother! Welcome to the NE. @BriMac..... I'm here buddy. We will tee it up soon!
  8. hambone1023

    What's been the highlight of your season?

    Shaft Up #1 was pretty sick. Great company with @justincredible , @JB , and @DannyLe and two amazing courses. That fra diavolo was something special. I finally got to play a bit more this season and my cap is finally in the single digits. Of course it got there just in time for the season to be...
  9. hambone1023

    PING G410 Plus LST Driver

    Went from the G30-400lst-410lst and couldn’t be happier. Each step seemed to improve my game. The 410 sounds and feels great. I went with the Tensei Orange stiff and love it. Distance wise it’s about the same for me or maybe a bit longer than the 400 although finds fairways much more often...
  10. hambone1023

    informal poll - your iron shafts - steel or graphite?

    Graphite recoil 110’s. Absolutely love them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. hambone1023

    PING G410 Hybrid Review

    By far the best hybrids i have ever hit. Easy to launch and the stock Alta shaft suits me well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. hambone1023

    CONTEST Contest: New Forum Moods - 2019 Grandaddy of em All

    I chose Livin' in Paradise! Work has been kicking my a$$ the past two months but I am blessed to have such a great job. Thankful to have a career that is rewarding and something I enjoy. Also blessed to have this forum and the friends I have made on here. Blessed and loving it...that's why I am...
  13. hambone1023

    FS: DJI Osmo Pocket

    For sale is my basically brand new Dji Osmo Pocket. Used this twice. Just do not have the time to invest in learning how to use it right now. Will throw in the 128gb sd card as well. $325
  14. hambone1023

    FS-Foot Joy Oakmont Polo-Large

    $30 shipped conus Great condition large polo. Fit runs a little bigger than your standard large polo. I would say it runs between a large and xl. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. hambone1023

    WTB: Ping G400 stiff shaft

    Looking for an alternate stiff shaft for my Ping G400. Low spin, low-mid launch if possible. Hzrdus black would be my first choice if someone has one laying around. Thanks
  16. hambone1023

    WTB: Set of game improvement irons under $175

    Looking for a decent set of GI irons for my nephew. Right hand and stiff flex. Ok to send me PM with pictures. Let me know what ya got! Thanks
  17. hambone1023

    FS: Ping G30 LStec 9* w/ Ping Tour Regular shaft

    Mint condition. Comes with a tool, head cover and newer GP Align grip.--$200 shipped -would trade for a Scotty Newport as well

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