1. Golfers Anonymous

    What’s your lie?

    Looking through club specs got me to thinking about this. Do you know your typical lie as in do you specifically ask for a certain lie if not getting fit? If you do, do you ask for a specific degree or up/down 1 or 2 degrees? Below is the lies for some of the OEM’s 7 irons and how they vary...
  2. Golfers Anonymous

    CONTEST Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme

    Since I had previously won this driver off of THP from last years Morgan Cup (Thanks again Team Paradise) and recently came by another driver (😁) it only seems right to send this one off to another THPer. So here are the requirements: • Must be an AC Member • Post what driver you will be...
  3. Golfers Anonymous

    Preference in Face Angle at Setup

    Curious as to everyone’s preference if any on face angle at setup before the shot. Do you change between Driver, Woods, Hybrids, and Irons?
  4. Golfers Anonymous

    Review CaddyDaddy Enforcer

    Wanted to start a thread and do a review on my recent purchase through CaddyDaddy and extend it through my upcoming trip to Vegas in the :UST: Shaft Up Experience. Really want to mention the great deal offered to THPers by using the code: THPtravel. This is a code good for 10% off your order as...
  5. Golfers Anonymous

    Ping Hoofer 21'

    Purchased the Ping Hoofer 21' bag from Budget Golf and it arrived today so decided to post my thoughts, as well as Pings listed features. Per Ping: 5-Way Top Divider 5.5 lbs. 22 Litres Pocket Volume 11 Pockets Convertible Strap (Backpack or Single Strap) Available Colors - Black, MultiCam...
  6. Golfers Anonymous

    Course Changes

    Curious as to what physical course change or changes you would make to your home course or courses to make it in your opinion more enjoyable. Curious to as if it is a specific hole route, bunker layouts, rough cut height or the like. Already assuming all the golfers play fast and the rangers are...
  7. Golfers Anonymous

    2021 Golf Bag Releases

    Are there any set release dates on new bag releases? I’ve searched quite a few stores and all the ones I’m looking at are sold out even on the manufacturers site.
  8. Golfers Anonymous

    Favorite Game Show

    As the title says what is your favorite game show? Post below to get to 7 million.
  9. Golfers Anonymous

    Favorite Type of Cart

    What is your favorite type of golf cart? Post below to help get to 7 million.
  10. Golfers Anonymous

    Your Home for the Holidays (Gifhy version)

    Post a Giphy describing your home during the holiday season to help get to 7,000,000 posts.
  11. Golfers Anonymous

    Favorite Root Beer

    As the title says: what is your favorite brand of root beer? Please vote and post if even just the name to get to 7 million!
  12. Golfers Anonymous

    Course Architecture

    Are you a fan of course architecture or not, is there a specific style of course design and layout you favor or never gave it a second thought. Do you have any favorite designers even just a course that really stood out. How’s your “home” courses layout (memorable or meh) any other thoughts?
  13. Golfers Anonymous

    Paintball Golf

    Would you even think of giving this a try? What would your armor be? Sadly I can’t definitely say that I wouldn’t, but I would not use my good clubs.
  14. Golfers Anonymous

    Pro Decision’s that didn’t pan out.

    I’m curious if anyone can think of equipment changes that pros have made that haven’t panned out like they had hoped? The ones that come to mind are Bubba’s previous ball change, and Ricky’s current ball change.
  15. Golfers Anonymous

    For Sale PING Rapture 3-wood 13*

    For Sale is a :ping: Rapture (pictured) 3-wood at 13*. Playing length is 43 1/4” at 60* measure with a Ping TFC 949 stiff shaft. Comes with factory head cover and a Golf Pride MCC standard align grip.$200 shipped OBO.
  16. Golfers Anonymous

    The Big Three.... No not them.

    UPS has been toying with me lately (ok, always) and got me to thinking how does the delivery services rate in your area? 🚐 1. Fedex (usually on time and packages in original shape, my Golfworks used to take 1 day but now takes 2 days to arrive but still in one piece. 3a. USPS (usually day...
  17. Golfers Anonymous

    Top 5 / Bottom 5 Players

    Thought this would be interesting reading a few of the other threads so here it is: List your favorite 5 players and then your least favorite players. No rules, any era, any tour. (@Jman you may use more if needed 😉) List any reason why as well. Top: Jack Nicklaus (18) Ben Hogan (Work ethic...
  18. Golfers Anonymous

    Have you ever had a Ball Fitting?

    Has anyone ever had an actual unbiased (non OEM specific fitting) ball fitting? If so what did you think of it, what did it involve, and was it worth it?
  19. Golfers Anonymous

    Strokes Lost?

    I have been wondering if any at all how many strokes you think you lose a round if following behind a slow group or vice versa being pushed by a faster group in a round. If so how many?
  20. Golfers Anonymous

    What is your shop set up?

    Just like the title says, I am interested in how your shops are set up. Whether it be for gripping, repairs or anything of that nature.

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