1. Nuevo_eph

    FT: Old Albatross Club Hat

    Not sure if anyone is interested in this hat but I'd like to pass it along to someone on THP instead of the local thrift store. I've become one of those guys too busy for golf and haven't played in a while, but my kids now do! So I was curious if anyone has a youth "cool" hat like a Puma or...
  2. Nuevo_eph

    Elfego Baca Shootout (One Hole, Off a Mountain Top in NM)

    Hi all, I had a crazy gold weekend that was certainly out of the norm so I felt I had to share it with you. In my little town of Socorro, NM, we hold an odd contest where we tee off the local mountain top. It's in conjunction with a large annual tournament but it is different than any tourney...
  3. Nuevo_eph

    What to do with your belly putters going forward?

    In light of the ban, I'm curious if any of you have plans to modify your existing belly putters into traditional putters, just change your stroke (but not anchor) and use your existing putter, or to just buy a traditional putter. I have both style of putters and am currently using a traditional...
  4. Nuevo_eph

    Spinning out when starting downswing with left heel

    I'm now starting my downswing with a left heel plant (I'm a righty) and I love it. A lot. I feel it gets me in a great impact position and I'm comfortably striking the ball almost every time with a wonderful tempo. It worked well for a week... Now I am spinning out with my shoulders and...
  5. Nuevo_eph

    WTB: Mashie M4 RH Stiff

    I miss my M4 and my friend that I sold it to won't give it back. I have a RBZ 5 iron stiff, +1/2" that could be a trade but I'm willing to buy a stiff RH M4. Any out there?
  6. Nuevo_eph

    Twilight Supernova Lighted Balls

    Damn, I just discovered these too late to order for an upcoming night golf tournament, but they look great. The continuous lighting (and for 8 minutes) is a definite improvement over the tracers they also sell. Anyone use these? I've had good luck with the tracers knowing that they are not...
  7. Nuevo_eph

    FS: Tour i(s) balls, ladies Callaway shoes, putter grip

    A few items for sale, all prices include shipping. I have a skinny belly putter grip around here somewhere but can't find it. Callaway Tour i(s) balls. One dozen. I was recently given these and don't play them. SOLD Callaway Ladies Shoes Chev UL. $20 These are super nice, lightweight, with...
  8. Nuevo_eph

    The Rope It?

    I'll admit - I'm intrigued but I figure this would get old after a while. But at $25 you have to admit it is priced well. www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITYbPgj7R2I
  9. Nuevo_eph

    Trying to Become a Mid-handicapper Club

    At the risk of running slightly parallel to the "Trying to Break 90 Club" I'd like to start a new club around the goal of becoming a mid-handicapper. Becoming one is my current goal as I've whittled my handicap down each period and am sitting on the cusp of dropping below 20 - my goal at the...
  10. Nuevo_eph

    Aaargghh!! I'd like to kick the butt of whoever trashed one of our greens last night.

    Just venting, but my wife and I were out on a run this morning and stumbled across a damaged greed. Apparently someone took a cart or Gator and was doing powerslides around and ON our 16th green. Ripped up turf and inch-deep tire tracks right down the middle. God, that pisses me off and it...
  11. Nuevo_eph

    FS:Adila Voodoo SVS6 w/R9 adapter, Ladies Callaway Shoes sz 8, Jumbo Winn Putter Grip

    Some random stuff gathering dust (literally), with all prices including shipping to CONUS: Adila Voodoo SVS6 (that's stiff) with an R9 adapter -GONE-. I tried this in an R9 SuperTri and an R11 in the hopes of lowering ballflight. I saw a difference but ended up buying a different driver. It...
  12. Nuevo_eph

    WTB - Burner 2.0 5 Iron Stiff

    Title says it all. I've realized how much better I hit my 2.0 6i than I do my M4, that I should look into trying out the matching 5i. Right-handed.
  13. Nuevo_eph

    Counterweight or counterbalance on a putter

    Not letting my acetone debacle hold me back on fiddling with my clubs, I decided to counterbalance my putter a bit. I recently picked up a used Rife putter here and loved the feel and ability to lag my putts with it. However, that was just a week or so after the greens at my course had been...
  14. Nuevo_eph

    WTB: Orange Whip Training Thingamajigger

    Figured I might as well put this out there in case anyone has one sitting around now that the off-season is over. PM if you would like to sell your Orange Whip off.
  15. Nuevo_eph

    Reconnecting my torso and waist on downswing to avoid pulls

    Hi Andy, I'm currently seeing a pro to fix an issue that just started on Friday. It is killing me and my confidence I'm a big believer in a Hogan, rotary-type swing where I concentrate on turning my torso back and initiating the downswing with my hips turning towards the target. It seems that...
  16. Nuevo_eph

    This week's "Shaking Things Up" outing

    With a fair amount of traffic on the first thread about playing from ladies tees I figured I'd post what my work group is doing each week for our informal 8 man outings. Chime in if you have any games going and give some feedback on how it went. I doubt I'm the only one who likes trying out new...
  17. Nuevo_eph

    Shaking things up - playing from the ladies tees

    In an experiment that is sure to be harder than it sounds, my informal work scramble group is going to all tee off from the ladies' tees tonight. It should make for an almost entirely new experience. I'll chime back in with anything informative after the fact. Eph
  18. Nuevo_eph

    FS Three Burner 08 High Launch Hybrids, +1" (3h, 4h, 5h)

    Since I'm going to consolidate my bag I'm jettisoning these guys as a set. I purchased these last year, with a one inch butt extension. As you'll see they have seen a lot of action and show some wear, including some blacked in sky marks while I spent the summer teeing off with them. As such...
  19. Nuevo_eph

    Anyone use a high-trajectory driver?

    I've shelved the driver for being naughty again and have focused on teeing off with my SF 5W. I'm just absolutely amazed well that guy has been treating me and I'm seriously thinking about getting my next driver to be a HT Superfast and cutting it down an inch. It's a bit embarrassing to swing...
  20. Nuevo_eph

    Free Burner 2.0 6-Iron Giveaway

    Details here: http://www.taylormadegolf.com/burner/events.aspx Hopefully some of us get one. Updated with this info: "poking around a bit I see that it helps if you input the following: current clubs are 1/2-5 years old, handicap 5-20, buy 4+ times a year, play TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra...

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