1. Toddo

    Trade in question

    I have found a new M4 driver to the specs I want at Dicks Sporting Goods. Will they allow you to trade clubs towards the club you want? Thanks for anyone’s help!
  2. Toddo

    WTB TaylorMade M6 iron

    Searching for LEFT hand TaylorMade M6 5 iron with Atmos 5 regular flex graphite shaft. Thanks in advance!
  3. Toddo

    HiToe Wedge

    I have a 60 degree wedge that I am contemplating bending to 58. How would the bending affect the club?
  4. Toddo

    Interesting finds at Wally World today

    Went to my local Walmart today and found TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x for $39.99 per dozen and Titleist Tour Soft white and yellow for $31.45/ dozen. Thought it was interesting to see those there.
  5. Toddo

    Ecco Golf Shoes

    I’ve always been told to go up to your sneaker size on golf shoes. I wear an 11 in Ecco everyday shoes, so should I go up a size or are the golf shoes as comfortable at your regular size?
  6. Toddo

    Graphite Iron shafts and wedges

    I am changing from steel to graphite in my irons. Some have told me they don’t graphite all their wedges. Your opinions?
  7. Toddo

    WTB: Graphite Iron Shafts

    I'm contemplating putting graphite shafts in my Rocketbladez irons. Looking for .370 regular flex if anyone has some out there. Thanks!
  8. Toddo

    Golf shoe help for a diabetic

    I currently wear Foot Joy leather shoes but they give me a lot of pain now in wearing them. Should I try to get an insole that helps diabetics or go to an athletic type of shoe?
  9. Toddo

    KBS 90 Tour Stiff Steel

    I have a chance to get Speed Blade irons with KBS 90 Tour Stiff shafts. I've been playing Rocketbladez with 85g regular shafts. Are the KBS shafts super stiff or moderate? Thanks for the help!
  10. Toddo

    New irons or woods?

    I am on a limited budget but thinking about either upgrading JetSpeed woods for M2 or Rocketbladez to Speed Blade irons. Which is the better option?
  11. Toddo

    FS. LH Yes Callie Putter

    This great condition putter was acquired in a trade but never set foot on a course. It's 32.5 inches with Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip and Yes putter cover. Cost is $ 50 which includes shipping. Message if interested.
  12. Toddo

    Iron dilemma

    Trying to make a decision on whether I should get my Rocketbladez irons bent two degrees upright or get fitted for Speed Blades. Thoughts?
  13. Toddo

    FS: LH Ping G30 14.5 fairway and 22 hybrid

    Both clubs were purchased at a demo sale. They have the 419 shaft in R flex and were lightly used. No head covers and no wrench for the 14.5 $225 for both or $125 for fairway and $100 for the hybrid.
  14. Toddo

    I want to fall in love with my G30 fairway and hybrid

    But I can't seem to right now. I have the 419 shaft in my 14.5 fairway and 22 hybrid and love the looks of them. However I don't have the consistency as I do with my Jetspeed 15 fairway and 19 hybrid. Any thoughts?
  15. Toddo

    To Ping or not to Ping

    I just bought a Ping G30 14.5 fairway and a 22 hybrid. These two clubs are nice additions and it has me beginning to think after using TaylorMade for a number of years to switch to Ping. Pros and cons if you please!
  16. Toddo

    Ping G25 or G30 irons

    Beginning the process to make switch from Taylor Made to Ping. Those of you who have played either G25 or G30 irons what say you? Those are the irons I am thinking...Thanks!
  17. Toddo

    Dear CBS

    Don't like the new golf theme music..go back to the Yanni theme from the last several years or back to the pre Yanni theme music from 2001-02...Otherwise everything else is fine! Sincerely, Golf fans of America
  18. Toddo

    Dear Fox Sports

    First of all, get rid of the damn NFL on Fox music to open your coverage...second of all, you all have a looong way to go to match the others. Thanks USGA for letting them have the US Open instead of NBC who is the best at it...now you know why I won't be renewing my membership after being a...
  19. Toddo

    JetSpeed fairways

    I know there's probably a link to a thread on these clubs, but just purchased a 3 wood and would like to know some of your impressions if you have had a chance to hit this club. Thanks!
  20. Toddo

    Spiked or spikeless shoes

    I have been seeing a lot of good end of the season deals on spiked and spikeless shoes. I have been thinking about going to the spikeless ones, but am afraid they would wear out quicker than my spiked ones which have just completed their fourth season. Pros and cons if you will please? Thanks!

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